Paintball Strategy Tips for Beginners

texture5Everyone is a paintball newbie at some point. There are many things that players can only learn from experience on the field. However, just because you are just starting out doesn’t mean you should always have to lose! I want to share some key pieces of paintball strategy advice to speed up your learning process. New players should not have to be at a disadvantage when facing more experienced players. Put these strategy tips into practice and surprise your teammates and opposing players!

1. Don’t Give Away Your Position Too Soon

Always evaluate the risk of giving away your position before you shoot. As soon as you fire, expect every nearby player to immediately spot you and shoot back. Paintball guns can be pretty loud! It’s worth it if you think you have a pretty good chance of shooting someone out.

You don’t want to waste paint or risk revealing your position by firing at opponents that are too far away or covered. Stay quiet and work with teammates to move into a better position to increase your chances of actually shooting out the other player.

Another reason to shoot at a nearby opponent is to cause a distraction so that a teammate can safely move into a new position. Your attempted shot may also keep that opponent in that position so that they become vulnerable. Teamwork is the name of the game!  Though you might get shot out in the process, your teammate is now in a much better position to eventually shoot that opponent out.

2. Look for Opponents But Don’t Let Them See You

You have a huge advantage if you spot a hidden player before they see you. Remember to scan the field quickly and quietly to search for opposing players. You will learn how to do this quicker and quicker with experience. Do not look down too long or become unconscious of your surroundings. It only takes a second for someone to notice you when you look away and then you may be quickly ambushed by the other team! Even if another player does spot you first, staying aware of the space around you will allow you some time to react and run or seek cover.

3. Hide in Spaces with Good Coverage

Seek out hiding spots with good coverage so that you never expose more of your body than you have to. Those that have played on the field previously may have an advantage when it comes to familiarity with the field. New players should always walk around the field before gameplay to look for good spots if the rules allow.

When moving out of cover to scan the field, be careful not to reveal too much of your body. Nearby opponents are more likely to notice your full body than just your head and arms.

Another smart strategic move is to frequently change up the ways you move out of position. If you suspect that an opponent has spotted you, don’t attack directly from your current position. Change it up and run around the bunker to shoot from the opposite side if opportunity allows. Surprising the other players by popping up from an unexpected position may be enough to give you the upper hand.

dualsideshot4. Communicate and Use Teamwork

Paintball is first and foremost a team sport and working together can make or break a game. Even highly skilled players can be bested by beginners that have superior communication. Talk before the game to establish some type of strategy or plan. Figure out who should defend certain parts of the field and where each player should hide. Even the simplest of plans can help you team work together more efficiently.

During the game, communication can help your team execute plans. Let your nearby teammates know if you spot an opposing player or if you want to ambush someone. If you’re ready to make a run for it, let your teammates know so they can provide coverage for you. Tell your team when you shoot someone out so they can keep track of how many players are left.

Sharing this collective knowledge is what puts your team ahead and helps you win. However, make sure to keep it discreet and quiet so that the other team does not overhear.

5. Don’t Make Yourself Vulnerable to an Ambush

Playing it safe and hanging back too much won’t result in a very fun game. However, moving too quickly or rashly can expose you to unnecessary ambushes and cause you to get shot out early. The worst case scenario is a wall of paint immediately fired in your direction. Even if you aren’t fired at instantly, you will probably be spotted by everyone on the opposite team. They will soon plan an ambush or drive you into poor position. If this does happen, be sure to yell for your teammates. Maybe they can help you out of the position or provide covering fire.

A better idea is to take a few moments to think of a plan. Don’t play it too safe, but don’t move too recklessly either. Make a conscious decisions about your position and always try to think ahead. This is something that you will develop with experience, but at least staying aware of the possibilities during your first game will help you avoid the worst case scenarios.

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