Making Paintball Your Hobby

Everyone needs a hobby. If you want something relaxing you can try knitting or drawing, but if you want something more thrilling, you should try paintball. Choosing paintball as a hobby is a great way to get exercise, improve your mind, and have fun all at the same time. It strengthens you in various ways and can teach you some valuable life lessons. So if you are in the market for a new hobby, why not schedule a game at AC Paintball in Williamstown, New Jersey. You can bring your friends or family along as well.

paintball-21021_960_720If you are considering paintball as a hobby, you may have plenty of questions. There are many aspects to consider. AC Paintball is here to help. After years of operation, we have heard many stories and opinions. From this experience, we can help you learn what to expect.

Cost Expectations

Paintball requires plenty of gear. You need a marker, ammo, power supply, a helmet, and optional padding. Markers can vary depending on the age, quality, and features. An average decent paintball gun will cost you around $100 – $300. Beyond that, you may want to consider attachments to improve the accuracy, speed, and distance of your marker.

A helmet will cost you about $50 – $150. The cost of ammo will vary depending on quality and quantity. If you are a heavy shooter, you will need more ammo. You will also want to think about maintenance to keep your equipment in nice condition.

If you are unsure about putting out the money before you know how much you like paintball, you can rent your equipment. View AC Paintball’s equipment and prices here: Frequent players should consider signing up for AC Paintball’s membership. Members can save with a discount on paintballs.

Time Expectations

With paintball, you can play as little or as often as you like. If you are busy, you can just play in your free time. On the other hand, diehard players may want to consider joining a league or playing weekly. If you are planning a special paintball event or want to play on a specific AC Paintball field, be sure to check availability and make a reservation.

paintball-1278895_960_720Physical Expectations

One of the first aspects beginners note is that getting hit with a paintball hurts. You can soften the blow with padding, but if you play often enough, you will get used to it. The more you strengthen your muscles, the more tolerant you will become.

Another common worry is injuries. Paintball is a physical sport with plenty of activity and high-speed objects. However, paintball is actually safer than many other sports. Paintball records fewer injuries on average than sports like hockey, football, and basketball. AC Paintball also ensures safety by checking our equipment often. We also supply referees to supervise our fields.

Social Expectations

If you are looking for a hobby where you can make friends, paintball is a perfect choice. Communication is an important aspect of the game. You will talk to a variety of different people throughout each AC Paintball game. Sooner or later, you are bound to make a friend, especially when you share an interest in paintball. With all the action, cool gear, and strategy, you are sure to have plenty to talk about as well.

Paintball can be fun for any type of personality. Extroverts will love having so many people to talk to and learn from. On the other hand, paintball can help introverts become more social. Even if constant interactions are not your thing, you can choose to play a more secluded position such as a sniper. You can be more social without getting overwhelmed.

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