AC Paintball’s Between Game Checklist

female paintball playerAt AC Paintball in southern New Jersey, you can choose a 4-hour morning session or a 4-hour evening session. This gives you plenty of time to get multiple games in. You likely won’t want to play for four hours straight, though. You will want to take decent breaks in between to rest and prepare for the next game.

We want our players to stay healthy, be happy, and have fun. To accomplish this, there are a variety of different tasks to complete between games. By following the checklist below, you can make sure you have a great experience at AC Paintball!


While it is not necessary to congratulate the other team, telling the other players “good game” shows good sportsmanship. You can compliment both your teammates and your opponents on great plays they made during the game. This is a great way to make friends at AC Paintball. The more friends you make, the more fun and success you will have. You can learn something from everyone, whether they are a beginner or a pro.


The best way to transition from exercise to resting is by taking some time to cool down. Stretching after an AC Paintball game is the best way to stay loose. You don’t want to just sit down right away. You will likely get stiff or dizzy. Start with some dynamic stretches that allow you to slowly return your heart rate to a normal pace. If you feel stiff, add in some static stretches as well.

Care for Any Scratches of Bruises

While paintball is a fairly safe sport that sees fewer injuries than soccer, hockey, and football, you may get some scratches. If you dive behind a bunker or don’t pay attention, you may end up with some bruises. These are minor injuries that don’t call for leaving the game if they are not bothering you. Between games is the time to wash them off and apply bandages. If you need help, talk to AC Paintball’s staff.

Rehydrate and Refuel

When you play paintball, you lose a lot of water through sweat. Our bodies are made up of about 60% so it is important to replenish any water you lose often. Be sure to drink plenty of water between games, but don’t drink so much that you upset your stomach.

apple-15687_960_720You will also need to re-energize. When preparing for your trip to AC Paintball, be sure to pack some healthy snacks to refuel. Some good options include fruits, veggies, and nuts. Try to keep it light and don’t eat too fast. You don’t want to weigh yourself down and be sluggish during your next game.

Dry Off

It’s always a smart idea to bring a towel to AC Paintball. Whether you are drenched in sweat or rain, drying off will make you feel better. If it is raining you can use the towel to cover your ammo and equipment. You don’t want to go into your next game with wet equipment. Wet hands make you lose your grip. A wet mask makes it difficult to see. Waterlogged paintballs do not work properly. To help ensure success, be sure to keep everything as dry as possible.

Apply Sunscreen

If you visit AC Paintball on a hot and sunny day, you will not want to forget the sunscreen. All of our fields are outside so you will be exposed to the sun for a few hours. Getting burnt will NOT make your paintball experience more fun. Make sure you apply often to protect yourself from the sun.

Check Your Equipment

If you want to be extra safe, you should also check your equipment. Make sure your marker is functioning properly and that no parts are loose. Make sure you have enough ammo to last a full game. If you need any help, one of AC Paintball’s staff will be happy to assist you.

Take Pictures

While not necessary, taking pictures allows you to capture the day as a memory. You can share the photos with your friends and family to show them all the fun you had at AC Paintball. Between games is the best time to gather your party together to get a group photo.

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