Tips for Recovering After a Day at AC Paintball

While it is important to exercise to stay healthy, a proper recovery can be just as important. Recovery doesn’t end with your cool-down. You need to take care of both your mind and body for the next few days after your workout.

AC Paintball’s packages include four hours of playtime. You and your friends can get quite a few games in. The longer and harder you play, the more you spend energy and work your muscles. Paintball can definitely take a lot out of you. With this in mind, you need to know how to take care of yourself after a long day at AC Paintball.

Rehydrate and Refuel

water-2105213_960_720The first step to recovering is to rehydrate and refuel. You lose a lot of water and energy during play, especially if it is a hot day at AC Paintball. Since our bodies are made of mostly water, it is important to replenish lost water and energy. Forgetting to refuel or rehydrate can cause you to feel weak or dizzy.

You can check out AC Paintball’s, “What to Eat Before and After a Paintball Game” to learn more about what the best food and drink options are. You will want to focus on foods that have plenty of protein. Chocolate milk has douche the carbohydrates and protein of other drink options and is one of the best options to help you rehydrate after a game.  Be sure to bring some snacks to refuel between games as well.

Light Activity

If you really work your muscles, then just sit around all day, you will get stiff or get cramps. To avoid this, you should do some light activity during the next few days to keep your muscles loose. If you need to go to the store, walk there if it’s close enough. Go on a relaxing bike ride or play Frisbee on an Atlantic City beach.

Take Care of Your Muscles

Other than light activity, there are some other ways you need to care for your muscles. Stretching or getting a massage, can help you keep your flexible so you can still move around well for your next AC Paintball game.  Swimming in a pool, soaking in a hot tub, or taking a bath can also help you relax your muscles.

Eating potassium-rich foods will also help. Potassium is part of every cell of your body and helps lower blood pressure.  Some good options include bananas, sweet potatoes, white beans, yogurt, broccoli, halibut, 100% orange juice, and cantaloupe.

young-422332_960_720Reduce Stress

If you are going to AC Paintball again or plan on exercising more a few days after your visit, it is important to recover quickly.  Stress can affect your ability to recover. Nerve-wracking activities can block your focus and use up the energy you need to recuperate.

If you work yourself too hard too often, it can be difficult to fully recover. Then you may feel tired and stressed on a daily basis. This will affect your ability to work and focus on important tasks. If possible, you should try to avoid stressful activities. Instead, try to rest and relax.

Get Good Sleep

Sleep is necessary to recharge your body. When you sleep your body processes and stores information. It restores muscle tissues and completes a variety of other restorative processes. You should get 7-9 hours a night. Sacrificing too much sleep over multiple days can weaken your brain and body. You need your brain power for more games at AC Paintball.

Once you feel rejuvenated you are ready to play another game at AC Paintball. You can schedule a game here: Remember to stay healthy and have fun playing at AC Paintball in southern New Jersey!

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