Best Strategies for Speedball

new jersey speedball paintball fieldOne of the most popular games, if not the most popular game at AC Paintball is Speedball. We offer two speedball courses in southern New Jersey. The first is the Speedball Tournament Field which meets tournament standards, and various types of bunkers. The other is the Hyperball Field which is AC Paintball’s smallest field which makes for fast and intense games.

Once you pick a field, you need to start strategizing. Every game is different depending on what field you choose, what game you choose, the layout of the field, and the players. You need to take all of these aspects into consideration when creating a plan. However, there are some basic strategies that apply to most speedball games. So, check out AC Paintball’s tips below!

Make a Plan

When you start making a plan, you will want to walk around AC Paintball’s field and pay attention to the layout of the bunkers. Figure out what each player will be in charge of and choose a path of bunkers each player can move to. Make a strategy for early in the game, mid game, and late game.  You may also want to create a backup plan.  This way you won’t run into each other or increase the chance of running into other issues.

When everyone knows what they are in charge of and can follow a specific plan, you will increase your chances of winning the game. There is potential that you will need to make adjustments based on what your opponents do. As long as you communicate those changes, you can still be successful.

Start Eliminating Early

paintball-1282159_960_720AC Paintball’s speedball games move fast. You need to take action early in the game if you want to gain the upper hand against your opponents. To accomplish this, you will want to start eliminating as soon as possible. As soon as the game starts, try to catch your opponents off guard. Many of them may be focused on getting to their planned location.  However, if your team focuses on elimination instead, you may be able to decrease your opponent’s numbers. This can give you an advantage for the rest of the game.

You may want to use your back players to focus on this task. That way the frontman and other players can focus on strategizing and moving up the field. This can also work as cover fire so your frontman can move safely up the field.

Protect Important Players

Since AC Paintball’s speedball fields are smaller, you have a better chance of getting hit. Therefore, you will want to watch your teammates back more often. If you have a specific player trying to pull off a risky move, make sure they have someone to follow them up the field as cover.

Teamwork is an important part of paintball. If your team can work together and communicate, you will increase your chance of achieving victory. Your team’s ability to coordinate with each other can be the difference between winning and losing.


Compared to most woodsball or scenario games, speedball involves more shooting. You will need to shoot often to both defend yourself and take out as many opponents as you can. Be sure you have enough supply of paintballs before starting a speedball game. If you join AC Paintball’s membership program you can save on every case of paintballs (2000 balls) you purchase.

Another helpful shooting technique it to snap shoot from behind the bunkers. Stay behind your bunker and use it to take cover. When you notice a good chance to shoot, quickly poke your head out, aim, and fire. Then immediately take cover again. This will help you stay protected, but allow you to eliminate players.


Not only will you want to shoot often, but you will want to move around often as well. If you stay in the same place for too long, you risk the chance of getting surrounded and eliminated. This is why it is important to plan a path ahead of time. Hop from bunker to bunker when you can do so safely.

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