5 Reasons to Choose AC Paintball for a Date

couple-1210023_960_720Looking for a unique date idea in the Williamstown, New Jersey area? AC Paintball is an out-of-the-box outing idea that will show your date that you are creative and imaginative. If you have been sticking mostly to the typical date ideas such as dinner and movies, paintball can help you shake up your routine and give your relationship and extra spark.

See Your Dates Personality

An AC Paintball date is a great way to learn more about your date’s personality. Since paintball is a team sport, you will get to see how they interact with and treat others. You will also get to see how they interact in a competitive environment or under pressure. Seeing how your date interacts when it’s not just the two of you can help you judge if they are someone you want to build a relationship with.

Gives You More to Talk About

Sometimes dates can get awkward. If you are just sitting alone at a table, you have to continually find something new to talk about. If you are lucky, you and your date will click and talking will be easy. However, if you can’t find something to talk about, your date will drag on with awkward small talk.

A date at AC Paintball can help eliminate the awkward small talk. Paintball is a sport that requires a lot of communication, so there is always something to talk about. If you are on the same team, you can communicate about your strategies and compliment each other on nice shots. If you are on opposite teams, you can try some flirtatious smack talk.

Good for Highly Active Couples

birthday paintball NJWhile some couples are happy to sit around, talk, and play card or board games, others want to get up and move around. AC Paintball is a great date choice for active couples. You are constantly running around, carrying your marker, and perform various stunts to avoid getting hit by a paintball. You can get a workout, all while having fun with your date.

It’s Thrilling

A paintball date is much more thrilling than the average date. It gets your heart beating and your adrenaline pumping. If you take your date to AC Paintball, they will likely think you are exciting and inspiring. They may even associate their fast beating heart with the feeling of being in love.

Remember when you were in elementary school and someone picking on you meant they liked you? A paintball date can work the same way. You can flirt with each other by picking on each other throughout the game. Many people find it sexy and attractive when you show your competitive side, so you can impress your date by being bold and daring. If you want to add more to the stakes, make a bet where the loser buys dinner.

Introduce Your Date to Your Friends and Family

While you may want to keep your first two dates to just the two of you, paintball is a great date for later in the relationship. You can use an AC Paintball date as a chance to introduce your date to your friends and family. You can find out how your date gets along with your friends and learn what your friends think of your date. Paintball is a great way for people to bond and get to know one another. You can bring together the people you care about most for a fun-filled day.

Schedule Your AC Paintball Date Now!

If a paintball date sounds like a perfect date for you, schedule a game now! AC Paintball is located just a short drive away from the beach, so you can have an action-packed day, then relax on the beach. AC Paintball rents all the equipment you may need so you don’t have to worry about planning out every single detail like some other date ideas. You are sure to impress your date with this unique and exhilarating date idea.

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