Halloween Twists to Add to Your October Paintball Party

raven-988218_960_720Halloween is just around the corner. If you are planning on booking a party at AC Paintball sometime soon, you may want to consider adding a Halloween theme to make things a bit more interesting. There are multiple ways you can make your AC Paintball party a bit more festive. All it takes is a bit of research for ideas, a little initiative to make it happen, and some good friends to make your party fun.

To help you get started planning, AC Paintball in southern New Jersey has compiled this list of spooky and fun ways you can incorporate a Halloween theme into your paintball game.


Halloween is a time to dress up as one of your favorite characters. You can do the same for your AC Paintball game. You can dress up as zombies, ghosts, monsters or almost anything you want. Doing so can help add some authenticity to a scenario game or just make things more entertaining.

There are a few aspects you will want to take into consideration when choosing your costume. Paintball is a game that requires a lot of movement. Whatever you decide to wear, you should be able to move around easily. Before leaving for AC Paintball be sure to test that you can run, jump, crouch, and move your arms in all directions. Pay attention to footwear as well. Sneakers are often the best option. Checking the weather and preparing appropriately will also be helpful.


A large part of your AC Paintball experience is choosing which type of game you want to play. There are multiple basic games to play and even more ways to tweak them. For instance, if you wanted to make capture-the-flag more Halloween themed, you could use a witches broomstick instead of a flag.

You could also create your own game based on trick-or-treating where you go around collecting candy or tokens and try to collect as much as you can before getting eliminated. Whoever collects the most wins. You could even set up a scenario paintball game based on your favorite Halloween or horror movie. Just get together with your friends and brainstorm some ideas. You are sure to come up with something great!


female paintball playerOne way to make any AC Paintball more exciting is to give awards to your guests. Awards give people something to play for. It also gives them something to take home with them to remember your party. They will likely show it to their friends later and tell them all about the fun they had. It is a simple way to make your party a little more special and memorable. 

With some brainstorming, you can think of some great Halloween-themed award titles. For instance, you can make a “Count” Dracula award for the person who eliminates the most opponents or has the highest kill “count.” Since werewolves are typically loud and howl at the moon, you could make a werewolf award for the best communicator on the field. A ghost award would be a great title for the best hider or the player who is the best at avoiding getting hit.


After a few intense games at AC Paintball, your guests are going to want some snacks to refuel and gain more energy for more games. While it is easy to go crazy with the sweets at Halloween time, be sure to prepare some healthy foods. Oranges or tangerines can pose as small pumpkins with a bit of imagination. Grapes can be turned into eyeballs. You can also add stickers or paper cutouts to bags filled with various snacks.

Once you cover healthy snacks, you can add some tastier and less healthy snacks as a reward. You can use a Halloween cookie cutter to make cookies or rice crispy treats. You can cover cupcakes, pretzels, or other goodies with black, orange, and purple sprinkles.

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Once you have a plan, the final step is to book or confirm your party date and time. If you have any ideas you are unsure about, contact AC Paintball in southern New Jersey to ask one of our staff members any questions you may have. To schedule a game, follow this link: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

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