What Is the Best Season to Play Paintball?

forest-1950402_960_720Paintball is a fun sport that you can play year round. So, when is the best time of year to book a game? Well, the answer depends on your personal preferences. Each season has its own pros and cons that can help or hinder you during your AC Paintball game in southern New Jersey. Check out some of these pros and cons below!



If you prefer playing in temperatures that are not too warm or too cold, Spring may be the best time for you to schedule your AC Paintball game. This is probably the greatest pro that attracts players to play in the springtime. It is also a great time to burn off some calories that you may have put on during Winter.

Game-wise, there is plenty of foliage to hide behind if you choose to play a game on one of AC Paintball’s wooded fields. If you learn how to utilize this coverage properly, you can gain the edge over your opponents.


One of the greatest cons of springtime paintball is the chance of rain. Rain can really make your AC Paintball game difficult. If water gets in your mask it can block your vision and the ground is slippery. This makes it difficult to move. The rain also makes the ground soft, so you leave footprints and it makes it easier for your opponents to track you. It is possible, however, to avoid the rain if you pay close attention to the weather forecast before scheduling your AC Paintball trip.

A few other cons worth mentioning is insects and allergies. However, there are ways to help deter these obstacles as well. You can bring bug spray or wear long sleeves so the bugs don’t bother you as much. If you have allergies, be sure to take some allergy medication and maybe bring a pack of tissues along.



Summer has many of the same pros and cons as spring. The weather is nice, except for the heat. However, like the cons for spring, there are ways around it. You can wear lighter clothing or bring a misting fan. Light clothing will make it easier for you to move about the field and allow you to move into various positions.

Summer doesn’t bring as much rain as spring. Therefore, the ground is harder and easy to move on. You won’t leave as prominent tracks, making it easier for you to hide. There is still plenty of foliage to hide behind at this time of year as well. Choosing to visit AC Paintball in the summer also gives you a chance to visit and relax on a nearby beach after your game.


The main con for summer paintball is the heat. You will likely sweat a lot which will make it difficult to grip your gun if you don’t wear gloves. The heat can also just take a lot more out of you and make you tired faster. You will also want to be sure to apply sunscreen often.

In the summer, the sun is high. The sun can produce glares which can make it difficult for you to see and aim properly. Like the spring, there is also still a fair amount of insects in the summer.



Fall is similar to spring but still has some key differences. The weather is nice, but a bit cooler than spring. There might not be quite as much rain as spring, but there can still be a decent amount. Fall is a good time to wear sweatshirts which give you a bit more padding than the tanks or tees you wear in the summer. Yet, they are still fairly easy to move around in.


When fall arrives in southern New Jersey the leaves begin to change colors and then fall to the ground. Easily fall can provide great scenery for you to play your game, but soon there will be less foliage for you to hide behind.

The dead leaves on the ground will also make it difficult to move around. When you step on the leaves, they will make a loud crunching sound which can give your position away if you are trying to hide. If you decide to visit AC Paintball in the fall, try to stay on the paths where there are usually fewer leaves. You may also want to think about playing on one of our speedball courses instead which have fewer trees.



paintball bacheloretteWinter is not the most popular time of the year for paintball, but that means there is more availability for you to get the day and time slot you want. While the weather will likely make things more difficult, there are many players who love a good challenge. If you really want to test your skills and endurance, a winter game may be best for you.

Some other positives are little to no bugs and less sweat. You also don’t have to worry about applying sunscreen as often as you do in summer.


Weather is typically the biggest con in the winter. Most people prefer warm weather to cold weather. Cold weather also means you have to wear more layers of clothing to keep warm. This makes it difficult to move around and can affect your game.

There is also no foliage to hide behind if you choose to play on one of AC Paintball’s wooded fields. Wind is another issue that can affect your ability to aim and can be annoying to deal with. However, if you are up for the challenge, you can learn how to adjust and improve your skills as a paintball player.  

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