• Pros and Cons of Playing Pump Paintball

    pump paintball gunWhat is pump paintball and how do you play? If you’ve ever asked around about how to save money when playing paintball, pump was probably a big recommendation. Or, maybe you’ve heard the term on the field and are just wondering what is is. Let the following satisfy your curiosity of all things pump paintball:

    Pump Paintball Basics

    To “play pump” means to play paintball with a gun that includes a pump. This type of gun is much more simply designed than other mainstream markers used today. To use it, you must pull a handle back to load the paint into the firing chamber and cock the gun before every fire.

    The humble beginnings of the sport can be traced back to pump paintball guns. Pump was the original and first marker design and the only option back when paintball first started. Today, pump paintball has gained somewhat of a cult following. Though it is not played widespread, there are those that do enjoy the unique benefits and challenges it presents.

    You can use a pump paintball gun on most fields whenever you would like. You won’t need to get special permission from the referee or other players. You may be the only person playing pump and you can choose to do so based on some pros and cons.

    Pros and Cons of Playing Pump Paintball

    The simple design of a pump makes it a reliable, lightweight, and fairly accurate option that can achieve a reasonable distance. However, they were not intended for a fast-paced sport and offer a slow rate of fire and smaller tank.

    A little history: These guns were first made to mark trees and cattle, so there was no need for rapid fire. As a result, the guns offer a slow firing rate and must be pumped before shooting. This is the main drawback of the gun, but it can also be a positive aspect depending on your goals.

    For example, if you are trying to save on paint, a slow rate of fire would certainly help. It would also motivate you to improve your personal skills such as accurate shooting, because you will have less chances to make your mark.

    Reasons to Play Pump:

    • Save on paint and money on equipment
    • Would like low maintenance and simple equipment
    • Prefer a lightweight marker and tank for woodsball
    • Don’t need to shoot rapid fire
    • Possess good accuracy or would like to improve your accuracy
    • Would like to focus on skills with gun
    • Can be careful, cautious, and patient on the field
    • Play as a hobby and for quality experience
    • Play above a beginner level and already have solid communication and strategy


    Pump paintball is not recommended for speedball or those that need to shoot quickly. Anyone that is particularly competitive or wants the best in marker technology will also not benefit from playing pump. If you often shoot a bunch of paint in a general direction without paying much attention to aim, it’s definitely not a good idea.

    Should I Play Pump?

    Think about your goals on the field when choosing to play pump. This basic and inexpensive gun comes with challenges that are enjoyed by some and loathed by others.

    Are you just learning the ropes? You’ll want to focus on other aspects of the game before bringing a pump gun into the mix.

    Do you play to win rather than for the experience, and prefer paintball technology over a chance to improve your skills? There’s nothing wrong with this, but competitive players probably won’t find any benefits in pump.

    Are you an intermediate player with solid communication and strategy that is looking to focus on your skills and have a quality experience while saving money? If this sounds like you, definitely give pump a shot.

  • Cost Saving Tips for Paintball Players on a Budget

    10658860_496608440479653_4244368542241473132_oPaintball can get expensive. But you shouldn’t have to give up on the sport you love just because you’re running low on cash. Consider some of these ideas to keep you out on the field without breaking the bank.

    Invite Friends for Group Rates

    If you have a group of friends, classmates, or coworkers that are interested in playing paintball, you may be able to save money on admission. Check with your local field to find out about group rates.

    Here at AC Paintball, if you can gather at least eleven players and book a game in advance, the group organizer plays and receives a complete equipment rental for free! Though it may include some planning and group texting to figure out the details, a full day of paintball will definitely be worth it. We accept group appointments any day of the week.

    Get a Membership

    Find out if your local field offers memberships. Members generally pay an initial fee for benefits such as discounted admission rates and paint. Don’t have room in your budget for the fee? Ask friends or family to gift you a membership for Christmas or your birthday and you’ll reap an entire year’s worth of savings.

    AC Paintball offers a yearly membership for only $29.95. Members save 10% off all field admissions and lowest possible case pricing on field paint. If you play more than a few times a year, a membership is highly recommended. Savings are unlimited and only increase the more you play!

    Prioritize Paintball

    Make paintball a priority in your budget. Figure out how often you ideally would like to play: Every week? Once a month? A few times a year? Then make it a goal to get out to the field that often. Calculate your paintball costs and plan for that in your budget. Look for other areas where you can cut back financially if you’d prefer to play paintball.

    Save on Bulk Paint

    Paint is one of the biggest expenses in paintball. Most fields require that you purchase all paint from them for safety and consistency, so discount websites or stores are not really an option. However, find out if your local field offers and discount for buying paint in bulk. Then you can split the case with a friend or save the leftovers for your next game. AC Paintball offers bulk paintball rates discounted up to 50 percent.

    Play Smart to Conserve Paint

    Using less paint means you need to buy less paint, save money in the long run, and still enjoy the game. There are some simple techniques that you can practice to conserve paint. Pace your shots and don’t double shoot. Focus on developing your accuracy so you hit your mark the first time. Don’t pull the trigger until you’ve got a good chance of reaching the target.

    Another idea is to agree on the surrender rule or barrel tag. Get close enough to an opponent that you have a guaranteed shot and ask them to surrender or tag their barrel. That way they’re still out, but you don’t have to waste your paint on actually shooting them.

    Play Pump

    If you don’t have the patience to manually pace shots, playing pump would physically force you to. Though pump paintball guns are considered old-fashioned, they also come with a lot of benefits: simple, reliable, lightweight, and accurate.

    The need to pump the handle before shooting results in a slower rate of fire. A slower firing rate means you ultimately use less paint during the game and need to buy less. Playing pump can also help improve your technique: You need to be careful, cautious, and sure of your shot before firing.

    Use an HPA Tank

    Upgrade to an HPA (high-pressure air) tank. Most paintball markers come standard with a C02 tank. However, C02 costs money to refill while HPA tanks are generally filled with free compressed air at most fields. It will take an initial investment to upgrade, so consider asking for an HPA upgrade as your next birthday or Christmas gift if you need to.

    Join a Paintball Club

    If you’re in school, find out if there is a paintball club or team and join. Colleges often offer partial funding for registered clubs that comes from tuition fees, and give fundraising opportunities for the rest. If you school doesn’t have a paintball club, find out how you can start one.

  • Gifts for the Paintball Player

    If you are close with someone that loves paintball or is interested in playing the sport, your gift options are endless. From stocking stuffers to big-budget items, you’ll find something no matter how much you want to spend. Check out some of the best gift ideas for the paintball player this holiday season.

    winter paintball

    Paintball Clothing and Gear

    Paintball clothing and gear is an excellent gift for new or experienced player. Dark or camouflaged clothing and many layers that allow for comfortable movement is ideal for the sport. Purchase items from any clothing, sporting, or paintball goods store. Some options include:

    • Thermal Under Armour
    • Dark or camouflage sweatshirts
    • Zip-up, waterproof coats that aren’t bulky
    • Flexible Gloves
    • Beanie or hat
    • Waterproof boots or athletic shoes with traction and ankle support

    The gear item that we highly recommend for any player is a thermal lens. This is a pair of goggles that are double-lensed and insulated to prevent fogging. A thermal lens is especially helpful to those that want to play in the winter. If you’re looking to splurge, specially designed paintball jerseys and pants will also be sure to please.

    HPA Tank

    An HPA (high pressure air) tank is a great gift for someone that plays paintball often (especially in the winter). Most paintball guns come equipped with a standard Co2 tank. However, Co2 expands slowly in colder temperatures and often becomes delayed or jams up during the winter months. HPA tanks are an excellent upgrade to any paintball gun that operates efficiently and accurately during all seasons.

    HPA tanks can be a bit of an investment, which is why we’re sure any paintball player would appreciate one. Check out your local paintball store or favorite website to purchase.

    AC Paintball Gift Certificate

    giftcert_giftIf your favorite paintball player is local to Williamstown, NJ, AC Paintball gift certificates can be purchased on our website and are the perfect (and convenient) choice. Our gift certificates allow you to purchase packages that include partial- or full-day field access, complete rental gear, unlimited compressed air, and 100 tournament grade paintballs. This an amazing choice for the new player or even someone that wants to try paintball for the very first time. With everything included for an exciting day of play, all they have to do is show up to the field and be ready to have fun. Prices range from $29.95 to $49.95.

    For experienced players that already love ACP, the best deal is the gift certificate for a One Year Club Membership (only $29.95!) This would entitle the holder to discount pricing on field paint, 10% off all field admissions (except group rates), and 5% off all Pro shop purchases for an entire year. Another option is the Sunday “Full Access” Pass ($99.95), which entitles the holder to a full year of Sunday Day Flex Field Passes.

    Insulated Cooler

    Paintballs can become brittle and crack or shatter from cold weather and melt in the heat. For players that are just starting out, an insulated cooler is essential for keeping paint at the right temperature. During the summer months, this means loading it up with ice and keeping everything cool. During the winter, keep things out of the cold by ensuring the cooler is room temperature.

    Check out any sporting goods store to find a soft, insulated cooler suitable for every season. It does not need to be designated for paintball. Let the player know they can pack paint and other small equipment in the cooler until they need to use them.

    Stocking Stuffers

    Grab some of these smaller items that every player will need replacements of eventually.

    • Microfiber Rags
    • Pods
    • Lube/oil for the marker
    • Heat packs
    • Squeegees

  • Paintball Advice for Newbies

    paintball birthdayYour first paintball game is likely to be an exciting and fun experience. Whether you’re hitting the field for a work event, bachelor party, celebration, or just want to give it a try, you are in for a great time. Often new players ask us for helpful information or insider tips before their first game. While you can probably learn a lot more simply from experience on the field, here are a few key pieces of information every newbie should know:

    1. Don’t Be Fearful of the Paintball

    Never be afraid of the paintball. Getting shot for the first time is more shocking than painful. It hurts a lot less than expected, especially when wearing layers and pads. Remember that distance is a key factor as well and many shots are fired from far away. After the initial sting, adrenaline and excitement from the game will take over and you won’t even notice (if you are very worried about it, you can check out this blog for more details and advice: “Does it Hurt to Get Hit with a Paintball?

    It’s important to not let fear of the paintball keep you hidden in one spot the entire game. You will be very bored and probably still get hit regardless. Take a chance and make a move! Even if you get shot, you will have a lot more fun while doing so.

    2. Never Remove Goggles While on the Field

    I’ve got to get real for a second and give you some very important safety advice: Never remove your mask until you are in the safety zone. After the game, wait until all barrel plugs are in place. Getting shot in the face at a close range can be very painful and potentially dangerous. This is the number one cause of all paintball injuries. Do not ignore this advice and risk serious injury.

    3. Don’t Call Yourself “Out” Before You’re Sure

    Sometimes the paintball that hits you will bounce. The good news: you aren’t out unless it breaks and you have noticeable paint stain (generally the size of a quarter at most fields). If you feel yourself get hit, look to make sure the paintball actually broke before you call yourself out. Call over a referee for a paint check if you are unsure or can’t see the spot that it hit you. However, if you are covered in paint because a paintball broke near you (but not on you) you are still considered in the game at most fields.

    sideshot4. Remember the Objective of Each Game

    Pay attention to the rules and objective of the game because these can differ by type. Generally, woodsball is played capture the flag style and you’ll need to defend or rescue a flag while shooting other with paint and avoiding the shot yourself. This is probably the style you will play during your first game. However, there are many other game variations and special rules that may be played. Just make sure to follow along and remember the objective of the specific game.

    5. Make Sure to Have Fun

    Always remember to have fun! That is the primary reason everyone showed up to the field. Sure, paintball is competitive and you want to win, but don’t get so caught up in the strategy that forget to have fun. Don’t be so focused on your fears or anxiety of getting hit that you forget why you came. Also, if you are worried about looking like a newbie, don’t sweat it. Everyone is a newbie at some point! Take risks during your first game and you will learn, gain experience, and won’t be a newbie next time around.

    Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more paintball advice and tips!

  • 4 Tips for Cold Weather Paintball

    winter paintballAC Paintball keeps our outdoor fields open year round, through rain, shine, snow, or ice. Don’t let a little cold keep you indoors! Instead, use these tips to change up your paintball game in preparation for the winter weather.

    Maybe you’ve played paintball through the summer and fall and feel pretty confident in your skills. But once winter rolls around, you may find you need to adjust your game. The conditions presented by this season like snow and ice can pose more of a tactical challenge (Not always a bad thing; Look at it as an exciting way to improve your skills!). There are a few key things you need to do differently when playing paintball in cold temperatures:

    1. Pack a Room Temperature Insulated Cooler

    • Pack paint in an insulated cooler to keep warm
    • Use heat pack to keep paint warm in pod pack
    • Bring a squeegee in case paint breaks inside marker

    Just because the hot weather is long gone, doesn’t mean you won’t need your cooler any longer. Keep the cooler around (or find one with added insulation), this time to keep the cold out instead of in. Paintballs can just as easily shatter from the cold as they can melt from the heat, so aim for a room temperature inside your bag. Too much premature cold exposure can cause the paint to become brittle and prone to cracks or breaks with the lightest touch.

    Help prevent paintball breakage by keeping paintballs in the cooler as long as possible and loading your hopper at the very last minute. If you use a pod pack or vest, a heat pack can help keep the paint at a good temperature during the game. Wear the pod pack underneath your outer layer of clothing and carry a heat pack on your body. Try to avoid shaking your hopper unnecessarily once loaded. Bring a squeegee on the field to use in case some paint does shatter inside your marker.

    2. Have Patience with your Co2 Tank

    • Shoot less and at slower rate
    • Point marker up when not shooting
    • Upgrade to a HPA tank if you play often in Winter

    Co2 tanks may have some difficulty and delays functioning in the winter because Co2 expands slower in colder temperatures. The primary solution is to shoot less and at a slower rate to give your marker more time to operate and help prevent a jam. Point your marker towards the sky when not shooting, which will keep the liquid Co2 in the bottle and out of the valve. Remove expansion chambers and never use heat packs on your tank, which can be counterproductive.

    If you play often in the winter and find that you have many issues with your Co2 tank, you can upgrade to a high pressure air tank (HPA). HPA tanks can be a bit of an initial investment, but won’t have any problems because of cold weather. In fact, these will increase efficiency and accuracy when shooting year round.

    3. Choose Cold Weather Clothing and Gear

    • Wear Under Armour, sweatshirt, and waterproof coat
    • Always wear flexible gloves and a hat
    • Upgrade to a thermal lens

    While this may be a bit of an obvious tip, remember to dress for the cold weather. You’d be surprised how many players come under-dressed because they figure they will quickly work up a sweat. Or worse, don’t know to wear layers and end up overheating in a heavy coat. Layers is the key concept to dressing for Winter paintball (actually, paintball year round). Running and shooting (and adrenaline) can cause you to become hot, but hiding or standing still will bring the cold right back in. Layers allow you to choose the perfect amount of clothing that you need.

    Wear thermal Under Armour, a sweatshirt, and a zip-up waterproof coat that allows for comfortable movement. Flexible gloves and a beanie or hat will help for the cold. Bring a change of clothes for after the game as snow or moisture on the ground will make the game wet and muddy. Upgrade to a thermal lens during the winter to avoid fogging up your googles.

    4. Prepare for Tactical Challenges

    • Watch out for icy and slippery patches
    • Wear waterproof boots with traction and ankle support
    • Bring extra socks

    The different conditions presented by winter– snow, sleet, ice, freezing air– can all pose a higher level of tactical challenges than the warmer weather. Moving around becomes more difficult as everything is slippery and wet. This offers a chance to improve your skills as you maneuver the new conditions. It is certainly a thrilling way to shake things up after a few months of playing in the dry summer heat. However, it can also pose more of a safety risk.

    Tread carefully and look out for slippery or icy patches. Wear waterproof shoes or boots suitable for the weather and make sure they have traction and ankle support. Always bring extra socks in case any moisture gets inside.

  • Paintball Strategy Tips for Beginners

    texture5Everyone is a paintball newbie at some point. There are many things that players can only learn from experience on the field. However, just because you are just starting out doesn’t mean you should always have to lose! I want to share some key pieces of paintball strategy advice to speed up your learning process. New players should not have to be at a disadvantage when facing more experienced players. Put these strategy tips into practice and surprise your teammates and opposing players!

    1. Don’t Give Away Your Position Too Soon

    Always evaluate the risk of giving away your position before you shoot. As soon as you fire, expect every nearby player to immediately spot you and shoot back. Paintball guns can be pretty loud! It’s worth it if you think you have a pretty good chance of shooting someone out.

    You don’t want to waste paint or risk revealing your position by firing at opponents that are too far away or covered. Stay quiet and work with teammates to move into a better position to increase your chances of actually shooting out the other player.

    Another reason to shoot at a nearby opponent is to cause a distraction so that a teammate can safely move into a new position. Your attempted shot may also keep that opponent in that position so that they become vulnerable. Teamwork is the name of the game!  Though you might get shot out in the process, your teammate is now in a much better position to eventually shoot that opponent out.

    2. Look for Opponents But Don’t Let Them See You

    You have a huge advantage if you spot a hidden player before they see you. Remember to scan the field quickly and quietly to search for opposing players. You will learn how to do this quicker and quicker with experience. Do not look down too long or become unconscious of your surroundings. It only takes a second for someone to notice you when you look away and then you may be quickly ambushed by the other team! Even if another player does spot you first, staying aware of the space around you will allow you some time to react and run or seek cover.

    3. Hide in Spaces with Good Coverage

    Seek out hiding spots with good coverage so that you never expose more of your body than you have to. Those that have played on the field previously may have an advantage when it comes to familiarity with the field. New players should always walk around the field before gameplay to look for good spots if the rules allow.

    When moving out of cover to scan the field, be careful not to reveal too much of your body. Nearby opponents are more likely to notice your full body than just your head and arms.

    Another smart strategic move is to frequently change up the ways you move out of position. If you suspect that an opponent has spotted you, don’t attack directly from your current position. Change it up and run around the bunker to shoot from the opposite side if opportunity allows. Surprising the other players by popping up from an unexpected position may be enough to give you the upper hand.

    dualsideshot4. Communicate and Use Teamwork

    Paintball is first and foremost a team sport and working together can make or break a game. Even highly skilled players can be bested by beginners that have superior communication. Talk before the game to establish some type of strategy or plan. Figure out who should defend certain parts of the field and where each player should hide. Even the simplest of plans can help you team work together more efficiently.

    During the game, communication can help your team execute plans. Let your nearby teammates know if you spot an opposing player or if you want to ambush someone. If you’re ready to make a run for it, let your teammates know so they can provide coverage for you. Tell your team when you shoot someone out so they can keep track of how many players are left.

    Sharing this collective knowledge is what puts your team ahead and helps you win. However, make sure to keep it discreet and quiet so that the other team does not overhear.

    5. Don’t Make Yourself Vulnerable to an Ambush

    Playing it safe and hanging back too much won’t result in a very fun game. However, moving too quickly or rashly can expose you to unnecessary ambushes and cause you to get shot out early. The worst case scenario is a wall of paint immediately fired in your direction. Even if you aren’t fired at instantly, you will probably be spotted by everyone on the opposite team. They will soon plan an ambush or drive you into poor position. If this does happen, be sure to yell for your teammates. Maybe they can help you out of the position or provide covering fire.

    A better idea is to take a few moments to think of a plan. Don’t play it too safe, but don’t move too recklessly either. Make a conscious decisions about your position and always try to think ahead. This is something that you will develop with experience, but at least staying aware of the possibilities during your first game will help you avoid the worst case scenarios.

  • Infographic: Paintball Welt Treatment

    Paintball welts are a common part of the game. Players have a range of feelings toward their injuries: Some consider them battle wounds and flaunt them with pride, others find them a minor annoyance, while others are very bothered by the pain and swelling. The intensity of welts varies depending on the range and angle of the shot and whether the person was wearing layers and protective padding. Always see a doctor if your welt increases in pain and swelling over time or does not heal after two weeks. However, the majority of paintball welts can be treated at home. Check out the following infographic to find out how to heal your paintball bruises:

  • Fun Group Paintball Events in South Jersey

    paintball birthdayIf you and your friends are looking for a new, exciting activity to try this fall, look no further than AC Paintball. Paintball is a great group activity to take part in with friends. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion or just try something new, paintball is a sure way to get everyone together and have tons of fun. Those that are looking to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle will find paintball a refreshing alternative to the usual group activities of sitting around and eating. And if you’re interesting in strategic online gaming, paintball is a great way to bring that to life.

    For those that are brand new to the world of paintball, we’ll give you some background: There are many different paintball games, styles, and field types that can provide an array of diverse experiences. The basic idea of each game is similar: try to shoot out members of the opposite team while avoiding getting shot out yourself. It will be tons of fun to strategize with the friends on your team while you work to take out the competition.

    Groups can choose to play privately or combine with other groups for bigger games. We’ll recommend the best game styles for your group size and skill level and you can choose to stay on the same field for the entire day or play on multiple fields.

    AC Paintball offers comprehensive group packages for a hassle-free day of fun. We provide everything you need to play, including rental gear, equipment, and supplies. Experienced players are welcome to bring their own gear, but that is definitely not required. Trained referees will teach your group how to play and offer tips to make the most of the game. Group members will gain access to the clubhouse to serve food, present gifts if needed, and hang out in between games.

    Here’s just a sampling of group events you can host at AC Paintball:

    • Birthday parties
    • Graduation celebrations
    • Bachelor and bachelorette parties
    • Friend and family reunions
    • Team-building for college clubs and sport teams
    • Church or youth group events
    • A break from the shore while on vacation
    • Or a “just because” day of fun with friends!


    AC Paintball is proud to offer fun, affordable group events and celebrations. We welcome you to learn more about group paintball below or schedule your game today.

    Group Paintball Packages

    All group packages include rental gear and equipment, unlimited air, 100 tournament grade paintballs per person, on-site transportation, private referee, and access to the indoor clubhouse to serve food or hang out in between games. All equipment is double-checked for safe operation before use. Bonus: One group organizer will play free in groups of eleven or more!

    Morning Package: $29.95 per person

    Play as many games as you’d like between 9 a.m.  to 12 noon.

    Afternoon Package: $39.95 per person

    Play as many games as you’d like between 12 noon and 4 p.m.

    All Day Flex Package: $49.95 per person

    Play as many games as you’d like between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m

    Group Paintball Events for All Skill Levels

    We welcome groups big and small and can accommodate all sizes and skill levels by offering a range of field types, obstacles, and games. Our speedball field is perfect for tournament style games of 5-20 players per team while our forest field is great for capture the flag style of 40 to hundreds of players.  If you have a smaller group, we can combine you with another group for more playing options or you can choose to play alone. At the same time, larger groups can split up based on skill level or game preference. Check out a little more about our fields below:

    Red Dawn Woods Field: Play capture the flag style on this standard woodsball field. It is medium-sized and perfect for beginners or those that want a shorter game.

    Blue Thunder Woods Field: Play capture the flag style on this large forest field. It offers two base camps of military-style tents stand 150 yards apart and can accommodate over 100 players. It’s great for intermediate players interested in a longer woodsball game.

    Black Ops Pentagon Woods Field: Play capture the flag style on a forest field with pentagon of military drop tank bunkers at the center. It is a large field that can accommodate over 100 players. It’s perfect for advanced players that want an extended, strategic game.

    White DMZ Woods Field: This is a mid-size forest field available for standard play. We are currently making plans for the White DMZ to feature our most challenging play on site with intense and impressive obstacles.

    Speedball Field: This is a tournament-standardized field suitable for 5-40 players. Tournament style is played in a very small, open space with obstacles and bunkers throughout. Ideal for players that want a short, fast-paced, and high-intensity game.

    Hyperball Fields: This is a smaller version of the speedball field that is suitable for tournament style games as small as 1-on-1.

    Book a Group Paintball Game Today

    AC Paintball offers affordable, comprehensive group events in southern New Jersey. Our facility is conveniently located on Route 54 in Williamstown, New Jersey. It is just off the Atlantic City Expressway for those visiting the Jersey shore, and only 40 minutes from Philadelphia. AC’s fields are also easily accessible from many other places throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, including: Cherry Hill, Philadelphia, Gloucester Township, Vineland, Mount Laurel, Pennsauken, and Wilmington.

    If you’ve got a group of friends that are ready to play, use this form to schedule a game for any day of the week. If you don’t know too many people interested in playing paintball, we still encourage individuals to come on out. Walk-on hours take place every Saturday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

  • After the Game: How to Care for Paintball Equipment

    paintballchecklistYou’ve just finished a long and exciting day of paintball and it’s time to pack your gear up and head home. Never forget to take care of your equipment the proper way. A paintball marker and gear is a big investment, so it’s worth the extra time to clean and store it the right way to avoid future damage. Nothing is more disappointing than getting hyped for your next big day of paintball, only to arrive at the field and realize your gun isn’t in working order because you packed it up too hastily last time!

    The good news is, it won’t take too much effort to keep your marker and gear in good condition. Some simple maintenance is all it takes to keep your stuff functioning properly. Check out instructions for equipment care and storage tips after the paintball game below:

    After Game Care Instructions for Paintball Marker

    At the field:

    De-gas your marker in the target range. Turn the tank off and fire to ensure that all the air has been let out. Unscrew the tank and apply the thread saver to the bottle. Swipe the squeegee quickly across the barrel and the outside of the marker. Make sure all screws are still secure. If you want to pack up and head home now, this is all you need to finish at the field. The other steps can wait until you get home.

    At home:

    Take out the batteries from the marker and hopper and keep them in a safe place. Place electrical tape over the 9 volt terminals to prevent sparks.

    Every now and then it’s a good idea to do a more thorough cleaning at home to prevent any paint, oil, and dirt buildup. On this occasion, remove the tank and the barrel and squeegee the inside of the barrel thoroughly. Use only water; No soap, chemical cleansers, or abrasive wash cloths. Wipe the inside again with a dry towel and allow it to completely dry before reassembling. This should only be needed every few months or so, depending on how often you play. Remember not to take the marker apart more often than necessary, as it can be easy to lose a bolt or reassemble it incorrectly.

    Oiling, however, is something you want to do after every day of paintball. When everything is completely dried, oil the bolt and o-rings to prevent rust. Only use oil specifically designed for paintball guns because other types can cause damage.

    Use oil sparingly, but always use it. It is required for proper operation and can help extend the life of your marker. However, too much oil can gather over time and cause problems. The perfect amount is just a very light coat.

    Check out the owner’s manual for your marker to find any specific cleaning or storage instructions. There may also be a certain type of oil that should be used for optimal operation.

    Paintball Marker Storage Instructions

    Check to make sure the trigger is in safety mode and the barrel plug is in place before you unload and remove the air supply. Keep it in a safe, dry place, out of direct sunlight. The tank is especially prone to heat and sun damage because Co2 expands in high temperatures.

    After Care Instructions for Soft Paintball Gear

    Use a trash bag to keep your dirty gear and clothing in during the drive home. Dump them into the washer when you get home. Pack your elbow pads, knee pads, and other gear in a mesh bag if you have one because this will allow the items to dry completely. If you don’t, make sure to hang them up to dry as soon as you get home to prevent odor or stains.

  • Infographic: Paintball Game Prep

    From testing equipment to packing the cooler, there are many tasks to remember when prepping for a day of paintball. This infographic will highlight the major steps it takes to get ready for your next game. These directions assume players own their own equipment. For new players or those that don’t own equipment, full rentals are available at AC Paintball.