• After the Game: How to Care for Paintball Equipment

    paintballchecklistYou’ve just finished a long and exciting day of paintball and it’s time to pack your gear up and head home. Never forget to take care of your equipment the proper way. A paintball marker and gear is a big investment, so it’s worth the extra time to clean and store it the right way to avoid future damage. Nothing is more disappointing than getting hyped for your next big day of paintball, only to arrive at the field and realize your gun isn’t in working order because you packed it up too hastily last time!

    The good news is, it won’t take too much effort to keep your marker and gear in good condition. Some simple maintenance is all it takes to keep your stuff functioning properly. Check out instructions for equipment care and storage tips after the paintball game below:

    After Game Care Instructions for Paintball Marker

    At the field:

    De-gas your marker in the target range. Turn the tank off and fire to ensure that all the air has been let out. Unscrew the tank and apply the thread saver to the bottle. Swipe the squeegee quickly across the barrel and the outside of the marker. Make sure all screws are still secure. If you want to pack up and head home now, this is all you need to finish at the field. The other steps can wait until you get home.

    At home:

    Take out the batteries from the marker and hopper and keep them in a safe place. Place electrical tape over the 9 volt terminals to prevent sparks.

    Every now and then it’s a good idea to do a more thorough cleaning at home to prevent any paint, oil, and dirt buildup. On this occasion, remove the tank and the barrel and squeegee the inside of the barrel thoroughly. Use only water; No soap, chemical cleansers, or abrasive wash cloths. Wipe the inside again with a dry towel and allow it to completely dry before reassembling. This should only be needed every few months or so, depending on how often you play. Remember not to take the marker apart more often than necessary, as it can be easy to lose a bolt or reassemble it incorrectly.

    Oiling, however, is something you want to do after every day of paintball. When everything is completely dried, oil the bolt and o-rings to prevent rust. Only use oil specifically designed for paintball guns because other types can cause damage.

    Use oil sparingly, but always use it. It is required for proper operation and can help extend the life of your marker. However, too much oil can gather over time and cause problems. The perfect amount is just a very light coat.

    Check out the owner’s manual for your marker to find any specific cleaning or storage instructions. There may also be a certain type of oil that should be used for optimal operation.

    Paintball Marker Storage Instructions

    Check to make sure the trigger is in safety mode and the barrel plug is in place before you unload and remove the air supply. Keep it in a safe, dry place, out of direct sunlight. The tank is especially prone to heat and sun damage because Co2 expands in high temperatures.

    After Care Instructions for Soft Paintball Gear

    Use a trash bag to keep your dirty gear and clothing in during the drive home. Dump them into the washer when you get home. Pack your elbow pads, knee pads, and other gear in a mesh bag if you have one because this will allow the items to dry completely. If you don’t, make sure to hang them up to dry as soon as you get home to prevent odor or stains.