AC Paintball is proud to offer a wide variety of playing fields. Our goal is to offer a full day experience that keeps players interested and having fun. The nature of our obstacles is such that we can design and change fields periodically throughout the year, meaning players can keep coming back for more! Our field sizes range in size and scope from large forest fields perfect for full team games to smaller hyberball courses ideal for small teams or even 1 on 1.

Here is a brief listing of our current fields and what they offer:

Hyperball Field

new jersey hyperball paintball field

Our hyperball course is our smallest and fastest field. We use a wide variety of obstacles to allow for strategic planning and cover movement. Players can use corrugated plastic pipes, large wooden spools, barrels, and a center bunker area to make their moves.

Speedball Tournament Field

new jersey speedball paintball field

Our Speedball Field is a marquee field that meets tournament standards. This course is perfect for team play and is highly strategic in nature. We have utilized a wide variety of obstacles, including air bunkers, drop tank carrier military bunkers, giant spools, barrels, and more.

Black Ops Pentagon Woods Field

pentagon paintball field

The Black Ops field is extremely popular. The course features lots of square footage, able to accommodate large teams (Even groups up to 100 players). The focus of the field is a pentagon of military drop tank bunkers. The construction and layout of the field make it perfect for attack/defend and capture-the-flag style games.

Blue Thunder Woods Field

The Blue Thunder Course is perhaps our best large team field. This large forested area features two lines of military style tents roughly 150 yards apart. In between is a series of wooded obstacles. The opposing camps allow for unique team cooperation and makes for excellent standard play or capture the flag.

Red Dawn Woods Field

The Red Dawn Woods Course is the closest wooded field to the entrance of the facility. As such, it is extremely easy to access and monitor. The Red Dawn Field is perfect for quick matches and operates as more of a simple and standard course than our other offerings.