Button down shirts…ties…well polished shoes…none of those matter when you bring your business group to AC Paintball. Every good company realizes that there is a lot of value in building community and teamwork skills inside of a business. It’s also a great idea to cut loose and forget about quotas and projects for awhile.

Whatever your motivation is to have a business group outing, AC Paintball can provide a safe and fun experience. There’s nothing quite like pegging your coworkers with paint as they flee from you.

What We Know About Corporate Outings

The owner of AC Paintball is Bill Hayes, a practicing lawyer for over three decades. Mr. Hayes has been both a member and owner of legal firms, so he understands the dynamics of high level corporate cooperation. As such, he can work with business owners to construct a fun and exciting (and educational if necessary) outing.

How Many People Can You Bring?

AC Paintball can accommodate your business no matter if it is large, medium, or small. We have tight and fast fields that would be perfect for squads of 10-15 players. Conversely we have sprawling forest fields that can handle hundreds of players at a time.

Will Your Players Be Safe?

AC Paintball operates under strict tournament standards and utilizes modern rental equipment. Guns are checked before every outing for proper operation and firing speed. All protective equipment and paintballs are secured from reputable brands and are maintained carefully. Even non paintball pros can rest easy knowing they will have a fun and safe time.

Quick Notes on Cost

We offer individual packages as well as group party rates. Any individual player that purchases a Morning Package ($29.95), Afternoon Package ($39.95) or All Day Flex Package ($49.95) is entitled to complimentary rental gear if needed. Our party plans include rental gear as well. However, we require all players purchase paintballs on-site to ensure consistency and quality. Paintball pricing is as follows:

200 Paintballs: $9.95
500 Paintballs: $19.95
Case price (2000) available to ACPaintball Club Members ONLY: $49.95
Case price (2000) w/o ACPaintball Club Membership: $65.42

If you can supply a party of 11 players we will allow the organizer to play for free (waived Package fee).

Learn more about pricing here.

How to Schedule a Game

If you have questions about a potential corporate paintball outing or would like to schedule a game right away use our contact form below. We will help you in any way we can. It’s our goal to give your crew an awesome experience that they will remember and that will benefit your working environment.