• 9 Paintball Tips For Kids

    paintball birthday eventPaintball isn’t just for adults. Kids can be talented and skilled players too. At AC Paintball in southern New Jersey, our player age limit is 10 and up. We also host many children’s birthday parties throughout the year. Whether you or your child has been invited to an AC Paintball party or has just become interested in paintball, AC Paintball has some great tips for you.

    Dress Appropriately

    When you play paintball, it is important that you dress appropriately. Before you even leave your home, you will want to make sure you have an appropriate outfit for your day at AC Paintball. Make sure your clothing is easy to move in. You may also want to consider some padding to soften the blow when you get hit by a paintball. You will also need footwear that is easy to run in. You will be doing plenty of running during your day at AC Paintball.

    Don’t forget to check the weather forecast as well. If it rains you may want dry clothing to change into afterward. Being prepared for the weather will help you be comfortable so you can play better.

    Check Your Gear and Equipment

    Once you choose your gear at AC Paintball, you will want to check your gear. Make sure your mask is securely on your face, but not too tight. Make sure any padding you are using is secure as well. Bringing gloves can help you grip your gun and also protect your hands.

    You will also want to test your marker to make sure it is functioning properly. Testing it will also help you determine where a paintball will go when you shoot it and allow you to adjust your aim. Just make sure you are testing your marker in a safe area of the AC Paintball field and not aiming at anyone without protective gear.

    Warm Up

    You may be eager to jump right into your AC Paintball game, but it is important to warm up first. Stretch and jog a few laps before the game starts to help make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Also, make sure you have a healthy snack for fuel and drink enough water to stay hydrated.

    Be Aware of Your Surroundings

    When playing paintball, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. By being aware of your surroundings, you can more easily sneak up on your opponent’s and avoid getting hit. You should both look around and listen for movement. When looking, try to keep your vision lower to the ground, about knee level. This will improve your chances of spotting an opponent as some may be crawling on the ground. Then listen for rustling foliage, footsteps or people talking.

    The more aware you are of your surroundings, the more time you have to react and create a plan to avoid harm or surprise your opponents.

    Communicate, But Know When To Be Quiet

    Paintball is a team sport. If your team struggles to communicate about plans of action, it can be difficult to win the AC Paintball game. Your team should have a plan before going into the game. Then, if you have to adjust that plan based on your opponent’s plan, you should tell your teammates what you plan on doing. Then you can figure out how to pull off this plan together.

    However, it is also important to be quiet. If you yell across the AC Paintball field to your teammates, you will give away your position on the field as well as your plan. Instead, you can use hand signals, Walkie-Talkies, codewords, and other communication techniques. If the timing isn’t right, stay completely quiet.

    new jersey speedball paintball fieldKnow How To Use the Bunkers

    There are many bunkers available to use around all of AC Paintball fields. If you think strategically, you can use them to your advantage. Before the game figure out how you can use the bunkers to get from one place to another safely.

    Also, know how to shoot at someone from behind a bunker without getting hit back. Try to keep as much of your body behind the bunker as possible, and only poke your head out from behind for a few seconds at a time. This will decrease your chances of getting hit.

    Don’t Be Afraid, Take Some Chances

    If you are new to paintball, the game can seem pretty intimidating. Paintballs fly at you at high speeds, and everything is fast-paced. Don’t be afraid, though. Yes, getting hit with a paintball may sting quite a bit, but it will heal and you will get more used to the impact. You may be tempted to play things safe at first and that is okay, but you may find that you can be more successful when you take more chances. Keep trying and trust in your abilities and you will improve.

    Don’t Tire Yourself Out Too Quickly

    It can be easy to get excited about playing paintball with your friends and family. You may want to run as fast as you can and shoot as much as you can right away. This can tire you out quickly, though. AC Paintball sessions are 4 hours long and your equipment will begin to feel heavy if you use all of your energy too early. Pace yourself and take a few breaks to help ensure you still have some energy by the end of your AC Paintball session.

    Be Friendly and Have Fun!

    Finally, the most important tip is to have fun! Your day at AC Paintball should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. Try to relax, be yourself, and make some good memories with your friends and family.

  • Renting vs. Buying Your Paintball Equipment

    The equipment you choose in paintball can make a big difference in how well you play the game. Different equipment models work better for different games and for different players. There are many choices out there when it comes to equipment, but one of the first decisions you need to make is how you are going to get your equipment. Do you want to rent your equipment or buy your own equipment?

    AC Paintball’s Equipment

    AC Paintball in southern New Jersey offers all of the paintball equipment you need for rent. We offer two different markers. This includes the Tippman Custom 98 Marker and the Valken V-Tac SW-1 Marker. You can rent either of these guns for $10. We also offer goggles, tanks, and pod belts. You can view them here: https://acpaintball.com/paintball-rental-equipment/.

    Knowing What You Want

    To help you decide if you want to rent or buy, you should first figure out what you want. If you don’t know what you want, you can narrow down your choices by simply renting one of AC Paintball’s rentals. This will allow you to get a feel for a marker and determine what you do want in a gun. If you like AC Paintball’s rental guns and eventually want to get one for yourself, you can get the same or a similar model.

    If you do know exactly what you want and are looking for specific features, you can make your decision based on if AC Paintball’s guns offer what you are looking for. If they do have features you are looking for, it may be easier to rent your marker. If it does not, you can look into buying the marker that is right for you.  You can learn more about AC Paintball’s marker models here: https://acpaintball.com/2016/04/28/tippmann-custom-marker-vs-valken-marker/.

    How Often You Play

    Another aspect that can help you determine whether you rather buy a marker or rent from AC Paintball is how often you plan on playing. If you only play at AC Paintball a few times per year, it is more cost effective to rent your equipment. However, if you play often, buying your own gun may provide more benefits. If you want to make the most cost-effective choice, research the equipment you want and compare the price to how often you play at AC Paintball.

    If you do play at AC Paintball often and are looking for even more savings, consider joining our AC Paintball Club. Members enjoy discounts on paintball cases as well as 10% off of field admissions (not applicable with qualified group discounts).

    Moving and Storing Your Equipment

    You will also need to consider what it will take to move the equipment around and store it. If you have a lot of your own equipment, it can take up a lot of space. Do you have room at home where you can keep your paintball organized or will you have to rent a storage unit and pick it up before your AC Paintball trips? If you choose to buy your own equipment, this is something you will want to plan for.

    Meanwhile, if you rent from AC Paintball, the equipment is already there and ready for you. You just have to focus on wearing the right clothing and maybe bringing some snacks, a towel, and sunscreen.

    Making a Decision

    If you have considered all of the topics above and still can’t make a decision, AC Paintball is here to help. Overall, if you are new to the game and don’t know how often you will play or what kind of gun you want, you are best off renting for now. Once you figure out what your needs are, it will be easier to make a decision.

    On the other hand, if you do decide to buy your own marker, make sure you can use it at the facility where you plan on playing. If you plan on playing at AC Paintball the limit is 280fps and the marker cannot be fully automatic. If you have any questions, please search AC Paintball’s website or ask a member of our staff.

  • Defense Tips for Paintball

    USMC-06477In many sports, offense gets the glory. In hockey and soccer fans admire the player who scores the most goals. In basketball, they admire the player who makes the most baskets. In volleyball, the hitters who get the most kills get all of the attention. In paintball, it is typically the player who eliminates the most opponents.

    While offensive positions are more fun and get the glory, defensive positions are just as important, if not more. The quality of your team’s defense can be the difference between winning and losing. Therefore, you will want to build the best defense possible. To help you improve your defense, AC Paintball in southern New Jersey has compiled these tips.

    Be Patient

    If you are playing defense during a game like capture-the-flag or defend-the-castle, one strategy you may use is hiding somewhere near the object you are defending. This may be in the bushes or behind a nearby bunker. Then you can create a surprise attack on any opponent who enters the area.

    When you use this strategy, it can be tempting to go toward your opponent and attack your opponent before they get closer. Yet, if you do so, you may give your position away to them and they may hit you and get to your flag. Therefore, when using this strategy, you need to be patient and wait for your opponents to come to you.

    Take Quick Peeks

    hiding-1209131_960_720Even if you are playing an offensive position at AC Paintball, you will need to know how to be defensive at times. One tip both offensive and defensive players can use is to take quick peeks. If you poke your head out of a bunker or from behind a tree for too long, your opponents will likely shoot at you. Don’t give them that chance. Only keep your head out for a few seconds.

    If you need to see home, peak out again, but do so from another spot. If you stay in the same spot, your opponents will expect you to keep peeking from the same spot and be ready to pull the trigger right away.

    Keep Your Profile As Small As Possible

    The larger the target, the easier it is to hit. If you can keep your profile as small as possible, you can make it more difficult for your opponents to hit you. When shooting from behind an AC Paintball bunker, figure out which angle will leave as little of your body exposed as possible. Each bunker is a little different, so try out different positions and shooting angles.

    Stay on the Move

    If you stay in the same spot for too long, your opponents will likely surround you and give you no place to run to. Therefore, hoping from bunker to bunker can keep you safer during your AC Paintball game. It is also more difficult to hit a moving target than it is to hit a stationary target.

    Bonus tip: Try to scope out the AC Paintball field before your game and figure out how you can move from bunker to bunker. This will help you make faster decisions during your game.

    Have Enough Players on Defense

    When you ask your teammates what position they want to play, chances are, many players will want to play offense. However, if most of your players are playing offense, lack of defense can become your team’s weakness. If your opponents figure this out, they can quickly take advantage of this fact and take control of the game.

    Plan out how many people you need on defense ahead of time so you can make sure it is covered. It may also be helpful to have certain players lined up to take over for defensive players who get eliminated.

    Have Your Team Spread Out

    DSC06586If your team travels in large groups, you become a bigger target. Your opponents will have a decent chance of eliminating someone simply by aiming toward the group. This can also become a weakness for your team. Instead, tell your team to spread out across the AC Paintball field. This will allow you to cover more ground and keep more of your teammates in the game for longer.

    Help Cover Teammates Under Fire

    A team that is united is stronger than a group of individuals who just happen to be playing together. As a team, you need to watch each other’s back and help each other when someone is in need. If you notice a teammate getting ambushed, try to cover them. You may put yourself in danger, but you will also give your teammate a better chance of staying in the game.

    Also, be sure to communicate. If someone plans on running in to capture the flag, follow them and help watch out for snipers. If they are able to reach the flag and take it safely back to your team’s base, you will be part of your team’s victory.

    Visit AC Paintball to Try Out Your Defense Skills

    Ready to try out some of these defensive tips? Book an AC Paintball game now! Just follow this link: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/. We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • AC Paintball Trip Planning Guide

    DSC06452So, you’re thinking about taking a trip to AC Paintball in southern New Jersey. You are in for a fun time, but first, you should do a bit of planning. You want to make sure you know what to expect and have everything you need to make your trip great. If you have never been to AC Paintball before, you may not know what to expect or what to bring. Therefore, we have compiled this guide of tips and tricks to help you prepare for your trip.

    Pick A Day

    The first step you need to take care of is picking a day and scheduling your visit. If you are visiting with other friends and family, be sure to check which days everyone is free. You will also want to decide if you rather do a morning session or an evening session. Then you can go to AC Paintball’s website and book your game here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.


    Then you will want to plan for traveling. Does everyone know how to get there? How long will it take each person to get there? Does anyone need a ride? These are all things you will want to consider to make sure everyone gets there on time.

    What to Wear

    When deciding what to wear make sure to watch the weather and prepare appropriately. For the most part, you will want to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in. You will also want to wear shoes that have good traction and are easy to run in. Sneakers are the most popular choice. If it is supposed to rain, you may want to bring extra clothing to change into after your AC Paintball game.

    Things to Bring

    You will want to make sure you have everything you need for the day. One of the most important things is water. You will likely sweat a lot and need to replace the water in your body. It is also a good idea to bring some snacks in case you start to feel low on energy.

    Sunscreen is important for summer games. You don’t want to get hit with a paintball if your skin is sunburnt. A towel can help you dry off both yourself and your equipment. Keeping your equipment dry will help you grip it properly so you can play better.

    young-man-1281295_960_720Mental Preparation

    If you are new to paintball, the fact that paintballs will be flying toward you at high speeds can be a bit intimidating. If you are a bit nervous you may need to prepare yourself mentally for your AC Paintball game. There are a variety of ways you can accomplish this. You can listen to a song that inspires you, give yourself positive affirmations, or just try not to think about it too much. Most times, overthinking things will only make you more nervous.

    Even if you have played before, you will want to get yourself pumped up for the game. You can use the techniques listed above to start, but another technique you may want to consider is walking the field. Once you arrive at AC Paintball, walk around the field and get to know where everything is. Picture yourself playing and try to get in the right mindset.

    Physical Preparation

    Nobody wants to get hurt while playing at AC Paintball. The best way to avoid injury is to properly prepare your body. Before you leave your home, make sure you eat healthily to ensure you have the energy to make it through the day. Then, once you arrive at AC Paintball, you will want to stretch and warm up. This will make sure you don’t pull a muscle and that you are able to move about in different ways.

    If you plan on playing at AC Paintball more often than just one time, you can also work on building up your muscles at home. When you build up your muscles, getting hit will hurt less, and you will be able to endure games more easily.

    What to Expect

    When you visit AC Paintball, you can expect to have tons of fun with your friends and family. If you need any help or have any questions our staff will do our best to help you.

    You can also expect to get plenty of exercise as you roam around AC Paintball’s fields. You will learn some new skills along the way or put your current skills to the test. Sound like fun? Start planning your trip to AC Paintball now!

  • Tips for Playing Past Your Tiredness

    sleep-2603551_960_720Playing a sport can get tiring, especially if it’s paintball. You need energy to play well. If you want a better chance of winning, you need to prepare yourself in many ways. You need to eat and drink right, get good rest, and train to improve your skills. Even if you do all this, there are still times where you play for so long, you just get tired.

    If you let the tiredness overwhelm you, you decrease your chances of winning your AC Paintball game. Yet, if you can push past your tiredness, you can rise above and become a better player. To help you do so, AC Paintball is here to help with these tips to help you keep going when the game gets tough.

    Minimize Stress

    Stress will wear you out fast. If you have many different aspects to worry about, your attention will be divided. Then you won’t be able to complete each task as well. If you want to play well during your AC Paintball game, try to focus on the game and nothing else. Don’t think about what you have to do at work, your family issues, or upcoming appointments. Just check out, relax and have some fun.

    Don’t Waste Energy Being Cranky

    Paintball is a mental game as much as it is a physical game. You have to strategize, make decisions, and be alert at all times. If your brain isn’t ready to work, your body won’t be ready either.

    As your AC Paintball game wears on, tiredness may make you lazy and cranky. You may want to blame other people when things don’t go your way or complain about weather conditions. If you make a big fuss, though, you will only waste more of your energy and become more tired. Instead of arguing, let the things you are upset about go and focus on what you have to do. Try to be happy and find the motivation to improve your mood.

    Find Motivation

    There are many different ways you can motivate yourself to play better. You can use a technique called mind over matter. Google defines this technique as using your willpower to overcome physical problems.

    So, how do you find the willpower? Try to find something more positive to focus on. Think about how good it will feel to win, or challenge your opponents to a winner buys dinner bet. Focus on the prize.

    Another popular technique is using music or a mantra. Music makes us feel and can change our mood in an instant. During your AC Paintball game, choose a song that gets you pumped up and keep it in your head. Alternatively, you can use a simple mantra that you keep repeating in your head. Some examples include, “I can do it!” or “Don’t give up!”

    Drink and Eat

    thirsty-man-937395_960_720If you get dehydrated, it can contribute to your tiredness. If you let it go too far you may even feel dizzy or faint. This is no way to play paintball. Be sure to keep drinking throughout the day.

    Eating also provides you with energy. Before you leave for AC Paintball, pack some healthy snacks so you can grab a bite to eat between games.

    Recuperate and Train for Your Next Game

    Once you make it through your day at AC Paintball, you can rest, recuperate, and prepare for your next game at AC Paintball. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep before, or maybe you didn’t clear your schedule and couldn’t focus. Rest up and figure out how you can prevent the same issues before your next visit. You can practice yoga to relax or try some brain training techniques to help you focus.

    Once you’re ready to schedule your next AC Paintball game, you can do so here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • Small Group Paintball vs. Large Group Paintball

    summer paintball bachelor partyPaintball is a very adaptable game. As long as you aren’t playing an official tournament, you can pretty much change the rules, game, and winning conditions however you want. You can also adapt the game based on the number of players you have.

    An AC Paintball game can change a lot based on the number of players. Therefore, you will want to choose how many people you choose to invite carefully. Here are some comparisons to help you decide if you rather play with a small group or a large group.


    Every trip to AC Paintball in southern New Jersey takes some level of planning. You need to figure out what days everyone is free, figure out how everyone is getting there, and make sure everyone knows how to prepare for the trip. The more people you have in your group, the more difficult this task will become.

    If you are good at organizing trips and enjoy it, you can easily consider hosting a large group trip to AC Paintball. If organizing is not your forte, however, you may want to find someone who is willing to help you or just stick to small group games.

    Evening Out the Teams

    Another part of planning is making sure the teams are even. It is a good idea to figure out the skill level of each member of your party and divide up the players so each team is evenly matched. This will help make your AC Paintball game more fun for everyone.

    There are positives and negatives for both group sizes in this aspect. A group of four can be difficult to make even if one player has a lot of experience and the other three don’t. However, if two people are experienced, it is simple to put one experienced member on each team. On the other hand, a large group can be difficult to divide evenly because it is hard to judge every single player’s skill level beforehand.  However, you have a better chance of randomly placing skilled players on both teams.

    Game  Length and Speed

    The number of players can also affect the speed of the game. The more people that have to be eliminated, the longer your game will take. Keep in mind that longer games can be fun for those still playing, but can get boring for those who have been eliminated early in the game. Also, long games can be more fun, but also more tiring. Be sure to choose the right AC Paintball field and game type to keep your games at an appropriate length.


    DSC06655Your strategy will also be affected based on how large your team is. Take movement, as an example. If you have a lot of players, you can travel in groups so that teammates can help protect one another. However, if you have a small team, it is probably safer for each player to travel individually to cover more ground.

    Larger teams also mean you have more opponents to eliminate. Your AC Paintball game can quickly become a game of numbers. A team of two doesn’t have much chance of winning against a team of six. Therefore, you may want to use a strategy that works to eliminate as many opponents as quickly as possible.


    Communication is also part of the strategy and you should keep this in mind. If you have a large group, you should come up with a system that makes it easier for everyone to communicate with each other. If even one person doesn’t get the message, it can mess up the rest of your game plan.

    With a small group, you have fewer people to worry about getting the message to, but it can also be more difficult to communicate at long distances. Unlike large groups, you don’t have as many players who can drop what they are doing to focus on spreading a message to the other teammates.  Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing the size of your group and what AC Paintball field you choose.

    Book Your AC Paintball Game Now!

    Whether you decide to play with a small group or a large group, AC Paintball would be happy to host your game. Once you have your group organized, you can schedule your game here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/. We look forward to seeing you and your group soon!

  • Deciding How Much Padding To Wear

    DSC06611 (1)Paintball is a sport where small balls of paint fly toward you at high speeds. It can sting a bit when you get hit, especially if you are not used to it. With this in mind, many players at AC Paintball in southern New Jersey wear padding. Padding provides more of a cushion so so the impact of paintballs hitting you don’t hurt quite as much.

    The question we will be looking at today, however, is just how much padding you should wear. There are both positive and negative aspects of wearing more padding. So, to help you decide, AC Paintball has come up with these questions you can ask yourself.

    How Experienced Are You?

    If you are not used to playing paintball, your muscle tissue may still be soft. This means it bruises more easily. The first few times you play at AC Paintball, getting hit may sting quite a bit. However, the more you play, the more you will get used to it. Your muscle tissue will get stronger and you won’t bruise as easily.

    If you are new to paintball, you may want to consider wearing more padding. Then, as you visit AC Paintball more often, you can progressively wear less padding as you get stronger and the impact doesn’t hurt as much.

    What Will the Weather Be Like?

    Another aspect you will want to consider is what the weather will be like on the day you visit AC Paintball. Padding can help keep you warm when the weather is cold, but will also make you sweat more in the summer. Your level of comfort can greatly affect your ability to play well. Therefore, you will want to plan ahead and dress appropriately.

    bandage-1235337_960_720Do You Have Any Injuries?

    Do you have any injuries from your previous games at AC Paintball? If you have a bruise or other injury, letting it get hit over and over will not aid in the healing process. It is important to protect areas where you have been hurt so that you don’t aggravate your injury. Some areas you will want to pay extra attention to include your head, face, neck, elbows, knees, and hands.

    How Much Do You Plan On Moving Around?

    Some people are aggressive players that love to be in the middle of the action. If you are one of these people, you may plan on running around a lot. Using too much padding can hinder your ability to move around easily. The thickness of the padding can block your range of motion and the weight can tire you out faster. If you plan on moving around a lot, you may want to wear a bit less padding.

    At the same time, more padding also means more cushioning if you plan on diving or crawling. You will want to consider what kind of movements you plan on using. If you are just running, less padding may work just fine. On the other hand, if you plan on diving to the ground or sliding behind a bunker, more padding will help protect you.

    It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

    When it comes down to preparing for your AC Paintball trip, it is better to be safe than sorry. Start by wearing extra padding. You can always take some off if it is too difficult to move around. Yet, if you don’t have it with you, you may end up wanting it and not have it. If you can, try to add padding in layers so you don’t have to make the decision between a lot of padding or none at all.

    If you need more help, please feel free to contact AC Paintball. Our staff would be happy to address any questions you may have.

  • Tips for Detecting Opponents in Your Area

    DSC06586Playing offense in a paintball game is exciting. You get credit for taking out opponents and you get to be in the middle of the action. While it is easy to focus on the exciting offensive part, it is also important to play defensively as well.

    You should always be on guard. It only takes a second or two for your opponent to pull the trigger, hit you, and eliminate you from the game. So, what is the best way to help make sure you stay in your AC Paintball game? Detecting opponents near you. If you can see danger before you encounter it, you can avoid it. To help you do so, AC Paintball in southern New Jersey has compiled this list of tips.


    While most players, at AC Paintball, will try to stay as quiet as possible, it is difficult to stay completely silent. Leaves make noise when moved or stepped on. Some clothing can be noisy when your opponents move. Your opponents will also need to communicate with each other. With this in mind, your ears can be a great tool to keep you protected and in the game.

    In your free time, practice listening. Research ways you can improve your skills and test yourself to see if you can determine what direction sounds are coming from. Before you know it, you will be ready for your next AC Paintball game.

    Scan the AC Paintball Field

    Think about a hunting or herding dog. They have to stay alert and pay attention to many things at once. They are trained to carefully scan their surrounds to look for movement in the area. You can use the same technique to help you be successful in your next AC Paintball game.

    When scanning, be sure to pay attention to how much time you have to do so and where you are when you do so. If you get caught up in scanning the field for too long, you may not notice your opponents sneaking up on you. Stopping on a path out in the open to scan the field will also leave you vulnerable. Be sure you find a safe place to watch before scanning the field and know how much time you have to spare.  

    Keep Your Vision Low

    paintball-1282164_960_720Not everyone stays standing during an AC Paintball game. They crouch behind bunkers, crawl on the ground, and even lay flat at certain times. This means that keeping your focus low will improve your chances of catching movement. Just be sure that you don’t get tunnel vision and keep looking down. You should be aware of all of your surroundings.

    Watch the Ref or Marshall

    Many referees and marshalls are trained to go toward where they predict firing will occur. This helps them judge the situation better. If you see a ref walking toward you and you are not aware of any opponents in the area, you will want to take a second look around. You may also want to consider trying to safely move out of the area or preparing to react and fire back quickly in case your opponent misses their shot.

    Have a Teammate Help Keep Watch

    You can only look in one general direction at a time. Depending on the type of mask you are using, your range of vision may be narrowed even more. This means that it can be helpful to have a second pair of eyes to help you watch out for your opponents at AC Paintball.

    Traveling near one or two of your teammates can improve your chances of spotting opponents and allow you to watch out for one another. Just don’t travel in groups that are too large. Doing so makes your team an easier target.

    Be Ready To React

    Finally, you need to be ready to react. If you notice an opponent in your area, you have two options. You can fight and try to shoot at them or you can run and try to get away. Every situation will be different, so practicing making quick decisions will be beneficial to you during your next game. You can learn more tips and tricks for decision making by checking out AC Paintball’s blog on our website.

  • Choosing a Paintball Marker That Complements Your Style

    pump paintball gunThere are many different aspects to consider when choosing the marker you want to use for your AC Paintball game. This includes if you want to rent or buy your own gun, the game you are playing, what position you are playing, and more.

    Yet, what if you are looking for a regular use marker and not just one you are going to use for a specific game or day? In this case, you should look for a marker that complements your style. How do you accomplish this? AC Paintball is here to help with these tips.

    How Much Do You Like To Shoot?

    Some players take their time to aim and shoot so they can conserve paintballs by hitting their target on the first shot. Other players prefer to take rapid shots. Unfortunately, some markers have more of a recoil. This affects where you have your marker aimed after the first shot is fired.

    If you are someone who prefers to take multiple shots quickly, you will want to look for a marker that doesn’t have as much of a recoil. However, if you enjoy trying to hit your target with a single shot, you may want to focus on other features such as distance, weight, and aesthetics.

    Endurance Vs. Power

    When you play paintball, do you move around the field a lot or do you stay in the same area? If you are always on the move, you will want to choose a lighter weight marker. This will help you endure carrying it around during lengthy games at AC Paintball.

    If you are more of a sniper who likes to stay in the same area, you should focus on power. The marker may be a bit heavier, but it will be able to shoot more accurately at targets that are far away.


    Many players would love to have a flashy marker that they can show off to their friends. Yet, if you want to play in AC Paintball’s wooded fields, a basic camouflage pattern or dark color will help you hide from your opponents.

    If you prefer a fast-paced speedball game, though, you can go for a flashy marker. You can choose your favorite color or personalize it in a variety of ways to make it yours. You can also make an AC Paintball scenario paintball game more fun by customizing your marker to look more like the one your character uses.


    There are many different types of paintball markers out there and different facilities have rules to regulate which ones you can use. At AC Paintball in southern New Jersey safety is a priority. The maximum velocity we allow is 280 fps and your marker cannot be fully automatic.


    One of the most important aspects players pay attention to is the price. If you plan on buying your own marker, it is a good idea to do some research and set a budget before making your purchase. It can be easy to get caught up in wanting to buy the best gun or overwhelmed by your options. Go to the store with a plan.

    If you don’t want to buy your own marker, AC Paintball offers two different models to rent. The first is the Tippmann Custom 98 Marker. The other option is a Valken V-Tac SW-1 Marker. Both of these models are $10 to rent at AC Paintball.

    Need More Help? Talk to Your Friends at AC Paintball

    If you need more help deciding which paintball marker to buy, your friends at AC Paintball would be happy to help. Both out staff members and regular players can give you some advice to send you in the right direction.

  • What Is the Best Season to Play Paintball?

    forest-1950402_960_720Paintball is a fun sport that you can play year round. So, when is the best time of year to book a game? Well, the answer depends on your personal preferences. Each season has its own pros and cons that can help or hinder you during your AC Paintball game in southern New Jersey. Check out some of these pros and cons below!



    If you prefer playing in temperatures that are not too warm or too cold, Spring may be the best time for you to schedule your AC Paintball game. This is probably the greatest pro that attracts players to play in the springtime. It is also a great time to burn off some calories that you may have put on during Winter.

    Game-wise, there is plenty of foliage to hide behind if you choose to play a game on one of AC Paintball’s wooded fields. If you learn how to utilize this coverage properly, you can gain the edge over your opponents.


    One of the greatest cons of springtime paintball is the chance of rain. Rain can really make your AC Paintball game difficult. If water gets in your mask it can block your vision and the ground is slippery. This makes it difficult to move. The rain also makes the ground soft, so you leave footprints and it makes it easier for your opponents to track you. It is possible, however, to avoid the rain if you pay close attention to the weather forecast before scheduling your AC Paintball trip.

    A few other cons worth mentioning is insects and allergies. However, there are ways to help deter these obstacles as well. You can bring bug spray or wear long sleeves so the bugs don’t bother you as much. If you have allergies, be sure to take some allergy medication and maybe bring a pack of tissues along.



    Summer has many of the same pros and cons as spring. The weather is nice, except for the heat. However, like the cons for spring, there are ways around it. You can wear lighter clothing or bring a misting fan. Light clothing will make it easier for you to move about the field and allow you to move into various positions.

    Summer doesn’t bring as much rain as spring. Therefore, the ground is harder and easy to move on. You won’t leave as prominent tracks, making it easier for you to hide. There is still plenty of foliage to hide behind at this time of year as well. Choosing to visit AC Paintball in the summer also gives you a chance to visit and relax on a nearby beach after your game.


    The main con for summer paintball is the heat. You will likely sweat a lot which will make it difficult to grip your gun if you don’t wear gloves. The heat can also just take a lot more out of you and make you tired faster. You will also want to be sure to apply sunscreen often.

    In the summer, the sun is high. The sun can produce glares which can make it difficult for you to see and aim properly. Like the spring, there is also still a fair amount of insects in the summer.



    Fall is similar to spring but still has some key differences. The weather is nice, but a bit cooler than spring. There might not be quite as much rain as spring, but there can still be a decent amount. Fall is a good time to wear sweatshirts which give you a bit more padding than the tanks or tees you wear in the summer. Yet, they are still fairly easy to move around in.


    When fall arrives in southern New Jersey the leaves begin to change colors and then fall to the ground. Easily fall can provide great scenery for you to play your game, but soon there will be less foliage for you to hide behind.

    The dead leaves on the ground will also make it difficult to move around. When you step on the leaves, they will make a loud crunching sound which can give your position away if you are trying to hide. If you decide to visit AC Paintball in the fall, try to stay on the paths where there are usually fewer leaves. You may also want to think about playing on one of our speedball courses instead which have fewer trees.



    paintball bacheloretteWinter is not the most popular time of the year for paintball, but that means there is more availability for you to get the day and time slot you want. While the weather will likely make things more difficult, there are many players who love a good challenge. If you really want to test your skills and endurance, a winter game may be best for you.

    Some other positives are little to no bugs and less sweat. You also don’t have to worry about applying sunscreen as often as you do in summer.


    Weather is typically the biggest con in the winter. Most people prefer warm weather to cold weather. Cold weather also means you have to wear more layers of clothing to keep warm. This makes it difficult to move around and can affect your game.

    There is also no foliage to hide behind if you choose to play on one of AC Paintball’s wooded fields. Wind is another issue that can affect your ability to aim and can be annoying to deal with. However, if you are up for the challenge, you can learn how to adjust and improve your skills as a paintball player.  

    Schedule Your AC Paintball Game Now!

    Ready to schedule your AC Paintball game? You can do so here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/. No matter what season you choose, you are sure to have fun playing with your friends and family at AC Paintball.