• 7 Ways to Practice and Improve Your Paintball Game At Home

    paintball-girl-1748134_960_720If you want to be a great paintball player, you need to practice. If you are an experienced player, you may still want to practice your skills on days you can’t make it out to AC Paintball in southern New Jersey to practice your skills. If you are a beginner, you may want to improve your skills before you play more experienced players at AC Paintball. No matter what your reasoning, there are multiple ways you can improve your skills at home, even if you can’t make it to AC Paintball.

    Set Up a Target Practice (If You Have Space and Equipment)

    Aiming is one of the most important aspects of paintball. If you can’t hit your target, they will likely hit you. If you have a large yard and some equipment, you can set up some target practice. Just make sure there are no restrictions where you live and make sure your family, friends, and pets stay out of your way and are safe.

    Try to hit your target with just one shot. This will help you make sure you hit your opponents out before they eliminate you and help you save ammo so you can play for a longer period of time at AC Paintball.

    Practice Snap Shooting

    One common way that experienced players practice when they can’t make it to AC Paintball, is snap shooting. Practice popping out from behind a bunker, shooting, then snapping back behind the bunker to hide. Be sure to learn the proper technique. Doing so will help you have a low profile for your opponents to hit you when you pop out.

    Use a Mirror to Practice Your Stance and Movement

    Using a mirror can help you practice your snap shooting as well as a variety of other aspects of paintball. If you have a large mirror and a large obstacle you can watch yourself and figure out how to improve.

    Some other aspects you can practice include posture and movement. Believe it or not, having the right posture and movement can greatly improve your game. Check out this AC Paintball blog for tips on shooting posture and movement, https://acpaintball.com/2017/08/16/ac-paintballs-tips-for-shooting/.

    Improve Your Physical Fitness

    If you and your friends are having lots of fun, you can spend the whole day at AC Paintball. With this in mind, you need to be in good shape and have good endurance, especially if you are playing on one of AC Paintball’s larger fields.

    While at home do plenty of cardio and endurance exercises like jogging, sprinting, suicides, and more. Once you improve your endurance, you can add padding or carry weights to make your exercises more like an AC Paintball experience.

    Practice Using Your Opposite Hand

    One useful skill to have when playing at AC Paintball is the ability to use both hands. This ability allows you to accurately shoot no matter where you are positioned. While at home, you can practice using your opposite hand for everyday tasks such as eating, writing, opening doors, and more. Once you get talented with this ability, you will become a more valuable player.

    meditation-1287207_960_720Practice Focusing and Visualizing

    There are ways you can practice your paintball skills without even having to move. Visualization is a popular technique both amateur and professional athletes use to improve their game and skills.

    Find a quiet place and visualize various parts of a paintball game. You can imagine yourself playing different positions, see various situations, and think about how to handle the adrenaline and various obstacles. If you know how to solve a problem beforehand, you will know exactly what to do during a game. Visualization can help improve your confidence and improve your focus during your AC Paintball game.

    Research Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

    Whether you are an amateur or a professional, there is always something new you can learn about paintball. When you have free time, it is a good idea to research various tips and tricks. This can improve your paintball knowledge and wisdom. Some people may think sports are all physical abilities and skills, but a large part of sports, including paintball, is actually strategizing and using your knowledge.

    Some good ways to learn more about paintball is to read AC Paintball’s blog and other articles. You can do so here, https://acpaintball.com/blog/. You can also watch videos or talk to other players and staff at AC Paintball in Williamstown, New Jersey. The more you learn, the better player you will become.

  • Thank You, GACCA For Visiting AC Paintball!

    AC Paintball in Buena Vista Township, PA is always happy to help host your company outings. Recently, some members of the Greater Atlantic City Concierge Association visited AC Paintball for a day of fun and friendly competition. Every year, the association offers its members chances to experience different places and activities in the southern New Jersey Area. This way, they can better help families, friends, and other vacationers create and plan their best vacation experience.

    Paintball (1)


    GACCA’s Visit to AC Paintball

    Like any job, the work the members do on a daily basis can get stressful.  According to GACCA member Isabella Angjelo, “All this work that the association performs 365 days per year can often become quite stressful, so every year they let off a little steam with South Jersey’s most entertaining and engaging paintball courses.”

    AC Paintball’s Fields

    While at AC Paintball, the Greater Atlantic City Concierge Association started off on our smaller Hyperball Field and worked their way up to the larger Pentagon Field. AC Paintball offers five different fields that your team can choose to play on. The speedball courses are good for small groups or even 1 vs. 1 games while the larger wooded courses are great for larger groups.  We also change up the layout of our bunkers periodically throughout the year so that you don’t get the same experience every time.

    Our Gear

    If you want to have a successful game, it is important to use the right equipment and gear. AC Paintball has carefully chosen our rental gear and tests our equipment regularly to ensure safety. You can view our rental equipment here https://acpaintball.com/paintball-rental-equipment/ or bring your own equipment if you prefer. Be sure to read our rules and regulations as well to ensure your marker meets our safety standards,https://acpaintball.com/ac-paintball-rules-and-regulations/.

    According to GACCA member Isabella Angjelo, “They [AC Paintball] provide top-of-the-line gear that you can rent for your game, or you can even bring your own! From corporate team-building to bachelor and bachelorette parties galore, AC Paintball is ready to give you and your teammates the greatest game you could ever play!”

    paintball birthday

    Making An AC Paintball Experience Extra Special

    There are hundreds of ways to make your outing to AC Paintball a bit more special and memorable. You can bring special snacks, dress up in special outfits, play different games and much more. All you have to do is get creative and use your imagination. If you have any questions about certain ideas being accepted, please feel free to contact AC Paintball through the contact page on our website, or by calling 609-561-3883.

    As for the members of GACCA, they decided to make their party special with some wine and other refreshments. According to Isabella Angelo,

    “After the members were covered in paint, they came back to a small reception, with gourmet cheeses provided by the AC Paintball team, and a full wine-tasting from Jersey’s own Bellview Winery! A shot down the AC Expressway will get you to Quarella family winery that has been offering over twenty estate-grown varietals and over two dozen wines to connoisseurs since 1946! From reds to whites, to the best ice wines in South Jersey, the Bellview Winery brings its “A” game all-year round.”

    If you would like to do the same as GACCA, you can visit Bellview Winery’s website here, www.bellviewwinery.com or call 856-697-7172.

    Thank You Again GACCA for Visiting AC Paintball!

    AC Paintball would like to thank GACCA again for visiting our paintball facility. It was a pleasure helping you host your outing and we look forward to seeing you at your next AC Paintball trip. We also enjoyed hearing about your AC Paintball experience. Isabella Angelo has this to say, “All in all, the GACCA enjoyed every minute of their outing, and will continue to detail their experiences to guest after guest about AC Paintball, and the famous Bellview Winery.”

    Add A Visit to AC Paintball to Your Vacation or Company Outing!

    If you plan on visiting southern New Jersey sometime soon and are looking for fun activities, why not test your skills at AC Paintball! Paintball is a great way to release stress and bond with your friends, families, or coworkers. You can check out our pricing guide here, https://acpaintball.com/ac-paintball-pricing-guide/ and then schedule your game here, https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • Tips to Help You Predict Your Opponent’s Plans

    paintball-1961040_960_720What is one of the best ways to gain the upper hand on your opponents? If you can predict what they are planning ahead of time, you can figure out a way to turn the game in your favor. You can avoid their ambushes, you can corner them, you can stop their runner before they capture the flag, and much more.

    Strategizing is a large part of paintball. If you can outthink your opponents, you can greatly improve your chances of winning. If you want to learn some tips and tricks to figure out what your opponents are planning, AC Paintball in southern New Jersey is here to help.

    Think About What You Would Do In Their Situation

    Put yourself in your opponent’s shoes. If you were in the same situation as they are, think about what you would do. Many times, what you would do is also what they are thinking about doing. Once you have an idea of what moves they may pull, or what strategy they will use, you can figure out how to reverse their plan to work in your favor.

    For instance, if they see that you are waiting for them to come out from behind a bunker, they may decide to just stay behind the bunker so they are safe. However, you can gain the upper hand by signaling a teammate to go around behind so that the opponent is surrounded.

    Pay Attention to What They Do In Other Games

    People have habits, even when it comes to sports. Chances are if you notice a player doing something multiple times in one AC Paintball game, they will continue to do the same in other games. Use this information to your advantage.

    For instance, if you are playing on one of AC Paintball’s wooded course and you can’t find them during the game, they may think they found a good hiding spot. They may continue to use that same spot until it stops working for them. If you can figure out where that spot is and surround them, you can force them to change their plans and put them on the run.

    Watch Them From A Safe Place

    Sometimes when you are moving around and constantly watching your back, you don’t have the focus or mind frame to try and figure out what your opponents are planning. If you are playing on one of AC Paintballs speedball fields, you may not be able to find a safe place to stop for a minute and observe. However, if you are playing on one of AC Paintball’s larger woodsball fields, you may have time to do so.

    1024px-thumbnailObserve things like their body language, how fast they are moving, and what direction they are moving. Do your best to figure out what they are doing. If you can easily eliminate them and you feel it is the best option, do so. If not, communicate with the rest of your team so they can decide what the next step should be. Just be careful not to stay in the same spot for too long. If one of your opponents is watching you, they may also be forming a plan to surround and eliminate you.

    Watch the AC Paintball Game Marshall

    An AC Paintball game marshall’s job is to fairly judge the game. This means getting closer to the action to get a better view. Knowing this can actually help you during your AC Paintball game. AC Paintball refs have seen many games and know how to observe patterns. They are fairly accurate at predicting when someone is going to fire. Therefore, if you watch the marshall, you may be able to tell what your opponents are up to. If a marshall comes near you during a game and you don’t notice opponents in the area, you may want to take a second look around.

    Stay On Your Toes and Be Ready To Adapt

    If your opponents put you in a tricky situation, you need to be ready to adapt. What you predict their actions will be, will not always turn out to be 100% accurate. Sometimes they will take the upper hand and put you on the run. However, you can combat this type of issue by improving your ability to think on your feet and adapt. The better you get at this skill, the better your chances will be of staying in the game.

    Capitalize on Unexpected Advantages

    Don’t be afraid to capitalize on unexpected advantages. While you want to keep the game honest and fair, you will also want to give your team the advantage whenever you can. Luck and chance are part of the game. If you don’t take advantage of certain situations, you may not give your team the game turning point they are looking for. Taking chances can be the difference between a win and a loss. However, if you are still concerned about unfair tricks, discuss the rules with everyone before your AC Paintball game. This way everyone can be on the same page.

  • Important Aspects That Affect the Outcome of a Paintball Game

    concept-1868728_960_720Everyone wants to win their AC Paintball game, but there are many elements that can affect your ability to do so. Each game will turn out differently. This is what makes paintball so interesting.

    While every little detail may affect your AC Paintball game in some way, some elements of the game will have more of an effect than others. By focusing on the larger aspects first, you can greatly improve your team’s chances at achieving victory. To help you think about what details you want to focus on, AC Paintball in southern New Jersey has compiled this list of some of the most important aspects to think about.


    The first step to success for almost anything is forming a well thought out plan. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will likely end up standing or wandering around while your opponents are busy eliminating you and the rest of your team. AC Paintball has a blog full of strategy tips and tricks that you can visit here: https://acpaintball.com/blog/. These blogs will help you organize your team and form a winning strategy.

    Combine Skill Levels

    Every paintball player on your team will have different skills. You may have professionals and beginners and then every experience level in between. If you bring a large group to AC Paintball, you will want to try and divide the skill levels evenly across your teams to keep the game fun and fair.

    While a single good player will make a difference during your AC Paintball game, a team is typically only as good as the team’s combined skill level. This is why it is important to support your teammates and help them improve their skills as well. If you notice a team member that could use some tips, help them out in a friendly and sportsmanlike manner.  


    Paintball is a sport where you need information to be successful. The better your team can communicate and stay on the same page, the better you will do.

    Some of AC Paintball’s fields are large. Therefore, communicating can get tricky. Before your game, make sure all of your teammates know the plan and how your team plans for communicating. Make sure they know what various code words and hand signals mean. You may also find it helpful to use Walkie-Talkies.


    Ego08One of the most important choices you will make before your AC Paintball game even starts is what equipment you are going to use. If you have a low-quality marker or goggles, you may struggle to defend yourself and eliminate opponents.

    AC Paintball offers two quality guns to rent. These are the Tippmann 98 Custom and the Valken V-Tac SW-1 Marker. These are reliable guns that are fairly even with features. To choose the right equipment, think about what you have to do during the game and what equipment features will help you accomplish your goals. You can check out AC Paintball’s blog for more tips.

    Team’s Ability to Adapt

    As stated before, every AC Paintball game is different. Over time, you will face different opponents, play different positions, and experience different elements. You might be surprised at how much the weather can affect your game. When the game changes for any reason, you need to be able to adapt and change your strategy. You need to constantly stay on your toes and be ready to think of plans to tackle new challenges. If your team can master this skill, you will become a more difficult team to beat.

    The Drive To Win

    Even if you have a great strategy and everything else listed above, you need the drive to win. If you want something bad enough, typically you will be able to find a way to get it. If your team seems to be lacking drive, but you still want to win, find a way to inspire them. You could promise to buy ice cream if you win, play some pump up songs, or just give a great speech. When you inspire people, they will play better and have more success.

    If this blog has inspired you to test or improve your paintball skills, why not schedule a game? You can do so here: https://acpaintball.com/paintball-rental-equipment/.

  • Tips to Avoid Getting Eliminated

    texture3If you had to explain paintball in the simplest form possible, you would likely tell someone two rules: eliminate your opponents by hitting them with paintballs and don’t get hit yourself. While countless players will give you tips on how to aim and hit your opponents, it is also important to remember that avoiding getting hit is also a large part of the game. To help you avoid getting hit AC Paintball in southern New Jersey has compiled this list of helpful tips to help you avoid elimination.

    Analyze How Important You Are In the Game

    The first aspect you will want to think about is how important it is for you to stay in the game. If your team is low on players left or if you are playing a certain position, you will want to be more careful not to get hit. However, if your team has the upper hand, you may be more willing to sacrifice yourself by pulling off a risky move that will help lead your team to a win.

    Be Stealthy When Moving

    Probably the most obvious way to avoid getting hit is to be stealthy. If you draw too much attention toward yourself, you will become a target for one or more of your opponents. When you move, try to make as little noise as possible. This can be difficult when playing on one of AC Paintball’s wooded fields. Unless you know someone will spot you, walk slowly and walk heel-to-toe. Walking sideways may also be helpful. Plan your path out ahead of time and chose dirt or grass paths over areas with leaves, twigs, and other foliage.

    Keep Moving

    Not only will you want to be stealthy while moving, but you will want to keep moving. If you choose to stay in the same spot for too long, there is a chance that your opponents will be able to surround you or corner you. Then you will have nowhere to go and it will be more difficult to avoid elimination.

    Staying in motion is also helpful when you know someone is trying to eliminate you. It is more difficult to hit a moving target than it is to hit a still target. Try to be unpredictable with your movement and you may just avoid getting eliminated from your AC Paintball game.

    Use the Bunkers

    hiddenshotAs you continue to move, it is a good strategy to choose a path and hop from bunker to bunker. At AC Paintball the positions of the bunkers are carefully thought out for players to use strategically. If you study the field before the game, you may notice a good path you can take during the game and use it to your advantage. To learn how to use each type of bunker to your advantage, check out this AC Paintball blog: https://acpaintball.com/2016/12/21/different-ac-paintball-bunkers-and-how-to-use-them/.

    Wear Camouflage

    Another way to be stealthy is to camouflage yourself, especially when playing on one of AC Paintball wooded fields. Bright colors will stick out against your surroundings and make it easier for your opponents to spot you when you are trying to hide. Pay attention to your equipment as well, if your outfit is camouflage, but your mask, marker or sneakers are bright, they may still give you away. If you can’t find camouflage equipment, choose black or another dark color.  

    Be Quick and Eliminate Opponents Before They Eliminate You

    Another way to ensure you stay in the game is by eliminating your opponents before they shoot you. While it is good to try to hide and avoid getting hit, if you don’t be aggressive at all, you won’t make any progress. Without you seeking out your opponents to eliminate them as well, it just becomes a more intense version of hide-and-seek.

    Awareness of your surroundings is an important aspect in paintball. You need to be able to anticipate your opponent’s in the area so you can be ready to shoot them before they get you. When you have free time, practice your reaction time and awareness so you can do well during your next AC Paintball game.

  • Halloween Twists to Add to Your October Paintball Party

    raven-988218_960_720Halloween is just around the corner. If you are planning on booking a party at AC Paintball sometime soon, you may want to consider adding a Halloween theme to make things a bit more interesting. There are multiple ways you can make your AC Paintball party a bit more festive. All it takes is a bit of research for ideas, a little initiative to make it happen, and some good friends to make your party fun.

    To help you get started planning, AC Paintball in southern New Jersey has compiled this list of spooky and fun ways you can incorporate a Halloween theme into your paintball game.


    Halloween is a time to dress up as one of your favorite characters. You can do the same for your AC Paintball game. You can dress up as zombies, ghosts, monsters or almost anything you want. Doing so can help add some authenticity to a scenario game or just make things more entertaining.

    There are a few aspects you will want to take into consideration when choosing your costume. Paintball is a game that requires a lot of movement. Whatever you decide to wear, you should be able to move around easily. Before leaving for AC Paintball be sure to test that you can run, jump, crouch, and move your arms in all directions. Pay attention to footwear as well. Sneakers are often the best option. Checking the weather and preparing appropriately will also be helpful.


    A large part of your AC Paintball experience is choosing which type of game you want to play. There are multiple basic games to play and even more ways to tweak them. For instance, if you wanted to make capture-the-flag more Halloween themed, you could use a witches broomstick instead of a flag.

    You could also create your own game based on trick-or-treating where you go around collecting candy or tokens and try to collect as much as you can before getting eliminated. Whoever collects the most wins. You could even set up a scenario paintball game based on your favorite Halloween or horror movie. Just get together with your friends and brainstorm some ideas. You are sure to come up with something great!


    female paintball playerOne way to make any AC Paintball more exciting is to give awards to your guests. Awards give people something to play for. It also gives them something to take home with them to remember your party. They will likely show it to their friends later and tell them all about the fun they had. It is a simple way to make your party a little more special and memorable. 

    With some brainstorming, you can think of some great Halloween-themed award titles. For instance, you can make a “Count” Dracula award for the person who eliminates the most opponents or has the highest kill “count.” Since werewolves are typically loud and howl at the moon, you could make a werewolf award for the best communicator on the field. A ghost award would be a great title for the best hider or the player who is the best at avoiding getting hit.


    After a few intense games at AC Paintball, your guests are going to want some snacks to refuel and gain more energy for more games. While it is easy to go crazy with the sweets at Halloween time, be sure to prepare some healthy foods. Oranges or tangerines can pose as small pumpkins with a bit of imagination. Grapes can be turned into eyeballs. You can also add stickers or paper cutouts to bags filled with various snacks.

    Once you cover healthy snacks, you can add some tastier and less healthy snacks as a reward. You can use a Halloween cookie cutter to make cookies or rice crispy treats. You can cover cupcakes, pretzels, or other goodies with black, orange, and purple sprinkles.

    Schedule an AC Paintball Game Now!

    Once you have a plan, the final step is to book or confirm your party date and time. If you have any ideas you are unsure about, contact AC Paintball in southern New Jersey to ask one of our staff members any questions you may have. To schedule a game, follow this link: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • Tips for Looking More Like a Pro When You Are a Beginner

    texture2When you first start out with any new activity, you likely won’t be as good as the professionals the first time you try. Paintball is no exception. Professionals have had years of practice and have learned dozens or even hundreds of tips and tricks. They know what aspects to pay attention to and how to look out for trouble.

    If you are a beginner among experienced players, however, you will likely want to play up to your teammates and opponents level. To do this, you have to do some research and learn some tips, tricks, and lessons beforehand. To help you accomplish this, AC Paintball in southern New Jersey has compiled this list of helpful tips.

    Choose Your Gear Carefully

    The first aspect you should understand is that your equipment can make a big difference. The first piece of equipment you should focus on is your marker. You will want one that is accurate so you are able to successfully eliminate your opponents. Next, you will want to find the right goggles. If the weather is rainy on the day you visit AC Paintball, rain can start to seep into your goggles if they are not tight to your head. This will affect your game by making it difficult to see. You may also want to consider a pair of goggles that are fog resistant.

    Also worth mentioning is clothing. Camouflage will help you hide while you are playing on AC Paintball’s wooded courses. Lightweight clothing will allow you to more easily throughout the day. Also, be sure to wear proper footwear. Sneakers typically work best.

    Aim Properly

    paintball-1278901_960_720If you can’t hit your target, you won’t be able to eliminate your opponents. This is why aiming properly is so important. When shooting, you should center your marker with your body. Look along the top of the barrel to see approximately where the paintball you are about to fire will go. It will also help you stay focused on your target while firing. If you change your focus, you may also change the direction of your aim.

    Also, be sure to test your marker before your AC Paintball game even starts. This way you can learn how to adjust your aim to help ensure you hit your target.

    Don’t Go Crazy with Rapid Fire

    When you are new to paintball, it is easy to get excited with your marker and want to fire rapidly at every opponent that comes your way. However, this is not always the best way to ensure you hit your target. Many markers recoil after you shoot them. This can throw off your aim. It is better to ensure that your first shot hits your target, rather than firing multiple shots that miss. Your supply of paintballs will also last longer this way.

    Be Aware

    The next aspect that can make a difference is your awareness. If you can sense opponents nearby and think ahead of how to deal with them, you can gain the upper hand. It is important to avoid tunnel vision. If you only focus on one thing, you may miss out on opponents nearby who are preparing to shoot at you.

    During your AC Paintball game, you should try to be aware of where your teammates, opponents and even the marshall is at all times. Marshalls typically move toward where they expect firing to happen so they can judge the event more accurately. If you see a marshall move to a certain spot, expect a battle to occur there and use the information to your advantage.

    Use Cover

    south jersey paintball fieldsIf you are standing out in the open, chances are, you won’t be in the AC Paintball game long. Be sure to use the bunkers. Don’t just stay behind the same bunker though. This will make it easier for your opponents to corner you. Try to keep moving from bunker to bunker. If you get stuck and can’t find a hiding space, run. It will be more difficult for your opponents to hit a moving target.


    One paintball aspect you will definitely want to research before you visit AC Paintball is the terminology. There are many different terms paintball players use to refer to different aspects of the game. If you don’t know what your teammates are talking about, you may struggle to help your team be successful.

    Once you know the terminology, be sure to use it and continually communicate throughout your AC Paintball game. Doing so will help your team work together well so you can win the game.

    Be Confident

    Finally, it is important to be confident. If you are timid, you will likely become an easy target. On the other hand, if you are confident, you will likely play better. You will also have to be a bit aggressive and daring. If you don’t take chances, your opponents will be able to predict your moves and use that information against you. Try to think out of the box and be unpredictable. Doing so will help you gain the upper hand in your AC Paintball game.

    Schedule an AC Paintball Game Now!

    Once you feel confident and ready to play, schedule a game at AC Paintball. You can test your skills and learn even more tips and tricks from the other players. Follow this link to schedule a game: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • Tips for Being a Middleman

    paintball-1282159_960_720In paintball, there are many different positions and each player has their own specific role. Middleman is one of the most exciting positions to play. There is almost always something to do and you see a lot of action.

    Middleman is an important role and there are many responsibilities you need to take care of. To help you be the best middleman you can be, AC Paintball has compiled this list of helpful tips to help you fulfill your role.

    Be Alert

    Every player on the AC Paintball field needs to be alert, but the middleman has to be ready for anything. The middle of the field is typically where teams will meet and begin to fire at each other. Be on the lookout for your opponents at all times and be ready to aim and fire quickly.

    Play Both Offense and Defense

    Middlemen are responsible for both providing cover fire for the frontmen and taking out opponents. When on the AC Paintball field, try to stay fairly close to the frontmen so you can get to them quickly if they need protection. Also, be ready to be aggressive and take out your opponents if you notice one nearby.

    Be Flexible

    Not only should you play both offense and defense as a middleman, but you should also be ready to take over other team members positions. If another important team member gets eliminated, someone will have to step up and fulfill their responsibilities.

    At times you may have to take care of both your responsibilities as a middleman and the responsibilities of whichever position has been eliminated. This is why it is important to know the roles of your teammates are assigned as well as your own. When planning for your AC Paintball game, your team should also determine who is responsible for taking over each teammates responsibilities in case someone is eliminated.

    Bonus Tip: Choosing a Middleman

    When choosing who will be a middleman for your AC Paintball game, try to choose players who are evenly skilled in many areas of paintball. This will make it easier for your team to adapt and transition as players are eliminated.

    Get Creative

    paintball-1139966_960_720If you want to give your team the upper hand, you’ll have to get creative. It is easy to just focus on shooting and defending yourself, but if you add a level of strategy to your AC Paintball game, you can make things more interesting. Try to think outside the box. Some things you can do include creating ambushed, forming traps, and performing diversions.

    Pay Attention to Communication

    Another important role of middlemen is communication. You are between the frontmen and the backmen and are responsible for getting messages from one side to the other. When one side is giving you a message, be sure to listen carefully and ask your teammate to repeat themselves if you need. When telling the message to another teammate, make sure you are loud (if possible), clear, and concise. It may also help to repeat yourself to help ensure your teammate understands.

    Choose a Balanced Gun

    Every position should choose a gun with features that complement the role they need to play. For instance, a sniper should have a marker that can shoot far and a frontman should choose a light gun that is easy to run with. For a middleman, a well-balanced gun would be one of the best choices. If any features stand out, a gun that can shoot rapidly would be useful when trying to defend frontmen as well as eliminate opponents.


    The best way to improve your skills is to practice. AC Paintball in southern New Jersey offers five different paintball fields for you to practice your middleman skills on. If you would like to schedule a game, you can do so here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • Tips for Communicating Across the AC Paintball Field

    soldier-160419_960_720Your team’s ability to communicate plays a large roll in the outcome of your AC Paintball game. Communication is an issue many teams struggle with not only in paintball but in other team sports as well. If players don’t let their teammates know what they are doing, they are more likely to run into problems that prevent the team from succeeding. Some paintball fields are large which makes communicating across it even more difficult, especially when your team is spread out and you need to make sure everyone knows what is going on.

    If you want to help your team achieve victory at AC Paintball, you should help make sure your team knows how to communicate well. To help you accomplish this, AC Paintball in southern New Jersey has compiled this list for communicating and relaying message across the field.

    What Is Important to Communicate?

    To start, it is important to know what type of information should be communicated. The three most common pieces of information are about movement and strategy changes, positioning, and kill counts. Your team should know what they are up against at all times.

    Movement and Strategy

    Your team should have an idea of what to expect moving forward. This way they can prepare themselves ahead of time and improve their chances of successfully executing their roles. Some examples of information you will want to let your teammates know include:

    • You want to move from one bunker to another.
    • You need backup.
    • You are out of paintballs.
    • You are going to deviate from the team’s original plans.



    It is also important to know where both your teammates and your opponents are at all times. During an AC Paintball Speedball game where the field is small and open, it can be fairly easy to see where everyone is. However, during a Woodsball game, it is more difficult to see everyone and communication becomes more crucial.

    A good way to communicate where you are on the field is by splitting the field into nine different areas and assigning numbers to those areas. You can picture a keypad on a phone and order the areas in a similar fashion. For example, the back left corner of the AC Paintball field would be zone 1, the back middle would be zone 2, the back right would be zone 3, midfield on the left would be zone 4 and so on.

    Kill Counts

    It is always good to know how many players are left on your team, and how many players are left on your opponent’s team. One of the simplest ways to do this is similar to how you would report a score for various other sports. You give two numbers. The first is how many players are left on your team and the second is how many are left on the opponents team. So if your team has 7 players left and your opponents have 6, you would say 7-6.

    Develop a System

    Once you know what information needs to be communicated, you need to know how you are going to communicate it. You need to figure out how you will get the message from one side of the AC Paintball field to the other.

    One way to do this is a sort of snake pattern. Determine a communication order ahead of time, based on where each player will be positioned on the field. Then have each position responsible for communicating the message to the next person in line until the message reaches the opposite end of the field. When using this method, be sure that players know the order of other teammates around them just in case someone gets eliminated.

    Make Sure Your Message is Short and Clear

    One problem that can often occur while trying to communicate with your team is players not fully understanding one another. It can be just like playing whisper down the alley where the message starts out meaning one thing, but as it is retold each time the message can be changed to be something totally different. You need to make sure your message is clear. Some good ways to accomplish this are to be loud (when appropriate), keep the message concise, and repeat the message.

    Don’t Give Away Important Info to the Other Team

    paintball-1282160_960_720While it is good to be loud to make sure your teammates can hear you, you also have to think about your opponents. You don’t want them learning important information that they can use against you. Therefore, you should develop a quiet communication system you can use to send messages across the AC Paintball field. Here are three common quiet communication systems you can use.

    Hand Signals

    Body language is a communication system that nearly everyone understands. If you point, you want someone to look at something, if you wave your hand in a certain direction you want the person to move in that direction, and if you hold up a fist or a flat vertical hand, you want someone to stop what they are doing. You can also create some unique hand motions for your team that only they will understand. Just make sure you don’t create so many that it becomes difficult to remember them all.

    Code Words

    Code words can be used a bit more loudly than the other communication systems. Their advantage is they mean something that is only understood by your team, at least to start. Your opponents can catch on to what code words mean, so you should only use them sparingly. When using code words pick something somewhat arbitrary that means something associated to paintball. For instance, the term “fox” could mean that you spotted an opponent hiding somewhere.


    Walkie-Talkies are one of the best ways to be fairly quiet while getting a message across the AC Paintball field. They are useful when the rest of your teammates are not within your viewing range. However, there are some things to watch out for. It is good to use it somewhat sparingly just in case a teammate is trying to communicate something important and you are preventing them from doing so. You will also want to be careful that you don’t accidentally hold the talk button down while crawling or leaning against something.

    Practice at AC Paintball

    Finally, you will want to practice. The best way to improve your communication system is to keep trying to use it and correcting issues that you find. Team building exercises can also be helpful to allow your team to get to know each other better. This way they are more comfortable talking to each other and understand how each other thinks. If you are ready to practice communicating with your team, schedule a session at AC Paintball now!

  • Tips for Choosing Paintball Goggles

    paintball birthdayWhen choosing gear for a paintball game, many players focus on choosing the right marker. While the marker is one of the most important choices to make, you should think carefully about your mask or goggle choice as well. After all, the mask does protect your eyes and the rest of your face. Protecting your face is more important than hitting your target. 

    Safety is a primary concern at AC Paintball. It is important to keep your mask on at all times while there is a game being played on the field. With this in mind, you want to make sure that you choose the right mask. That is why AC Paintball in Williamstown, New Jersey has compiled this list of tips for choosing the right goggles.


    Price is always something to consider when buying anything. Sometimes the price carries a lot of weight in your decision and other times it is less of a priority. When it comes to paintball goggles, the price should not be too much of a concern. You will want a priority mask that will protect your face when paintballs are flying towards you at high speeds.


    Unlike price, comfort should be high on your priority list, especially since you will be wearing it for the majority of your four-hour paintball session at AC Paintball. Here are some aspects you will want to consider when thinking about comfort.

    Cushioning– Some masks use foam and others just use a rubber gasket. Think about how often you play at AC Paintball and how important being comfortable is you and choose wisely.

    Weight– If your mask is heavy, it can take a toll on your neck after a while. You want to focus on hitting your target and not how much your neck is aching. If other aspects aren’t as important to you, definitely consider a lightweight mask.

    Fit– Think about how secure the goggles are to your head. Are they tight to your face or do they feel like they may fall down? Some brands have silicone beads on the strap to hold the sizing slider in place so the mask doesn’t continually loosen and start to slip off your face.

    When you have a comfortable mask, you can focus your game and be your best.

    Lenses and Frames

    pintball-918086_960_720There are many different types of goggles on the market. Each one provides a different view and various advantages. Lenses come in various sizes and can give you a wider or taller view. Some lenses are flat while others are curved. Some goggles have anti-fog lenses and others provide enough room for you to wear glasses under your mask.

    There are also different levels of coverage. Some just cover the face, others also cover the ears, and some come with a visor. Many AC Paintball beginners prefer a mask with more coverage. You should think about what features are most important to you and choose a mask that best matches those preferences.


    When paintballs are hitting you at high speeds, you want a mask that can stand up against that force without breaking. If you plan on playing at AC Paintball fairly often, you mask will also experience wear and tear over time. When choosing a pair of goggles pay attention to the material it is made of. The more durable mask you choose, the longer it will last.


    Aesthetics are usually low on the priority list, but it is still an aspect you will want to consider. Think about what type of game you plan on playing at AC Paintball. If you are going to play woodsball, you will want to choose a mask that is either camouflaged or a dark color. This way you won’t stick out when you are trying to hide. If you are playing speedball you have more freedom something bright and flashy that you can show off to your friends.

    AC Paintball’s Rentals

    If you don’t plan on playing paintball that often, AC Paintball offers two different mask models for rent. The first is Tippmann brand and provides a visor to help block the sun from getting in your eyes. The other is Valken brand and does not have a visor, but may give you more range of vision. If you have any questions or need help choosing the right equipment, a member of the AC Paintball staff would be happy to help you.