• Choosing a Marker for Speedball

    paintball-1278901_960_720Woodsball and Speedball are different in many ways. The fields are different, the bunkers are different, and each game requires a different strategy. With this in mind, different games call for different equipment. You should know how to choose the right gun for the game you are playing. Speedball has many defining characteristics and you will want a gun that can perform the tasks you need it to.

    At AC Paintball in southern New Jersey, we have two main guns for rent, the Tippmann Custom 98 Marker, and Valken V-Tac SW-1. In this guide, you will find tips for choosing the right marker for your next speedball game. If you would like to book a game at AC Paintball, you can do so here: acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

    Rapid Fire Speed

    The most important aspect that should concern you with a Speedball gun is speed. While Woodsball allows you to spread out in a large field, Speedball fields are typically smaller. This means you will be closer to your enemy the whole time. If they start firing at you, you will need to be able to defend yourself. This is why firing speed is so important. When it is you against multiple enemies you will want your fun to be able to fire rapidly so you can hit more people.

    When choosing a marker, look at how many balls it can fire per second (bps). The higher the number the faster it will be able to shoot. Be aware that higher firing speed may cause call for sacrifice in other features as well the price. When renting your marker from AC Paintball, you should choose the Valken V-Tac SW-1. The Tippman model has more of a recoil. This means you will have to readjust your aim more often.


    When you push your speedball marker to the limit with rapid fire speed, you are more likely to experience other problems. This makes the gun a bit less reliable. While you do want a high fire speed, you don’t want to sacrifice reliability. You don’t want your marker to stop working in the middle of an AC Paintball game. You won’t be able to take out enemies or defend yourself. If your marker does malfunction during a game, communicate with your team so they can try to help defend you.

    tippmann-a5-300x300If you are looking for a reliable marker, Tippman markers are known for their durability. However, AC Paintball cleans and inspects all their markers regularly to make sure each gun will work properly for our customers.


    Accuracy is important in every paintball game. While accuracy may be a higher priority in Woodsball as you long distances, you will not want to forget this aspect when choosing a Speedball gun. If your gun’s accuracy is not good, you will have trouble hitting your targets. Some aspects that improve your accuracy is barrel length, barrel width, and cleanliness. You will need to be careful, though, as many of aspects will affect your firing speed.

    Size and Weight

    You will also want to take size and weight into consideration. A gun that is small and compact can be helpful as it will be easier to carry and maneuver. However, you can get away with a heavier and larger gun in Speedball more than you can in Woodsball. Think about what position you plan on playing. If you plan on running a lot, you will want to choose a lightweight gun. If you stay stationary more often, you may be able to handle a larger gun that focuses more on other aspects.

    Both AC Paintball rentals are similar and size and weight, but the Valken V-Tac SW-1 is a little bit lighter than the Tippman 98 model.


    While aesthetics won’t affect your game as much, it is worth a mention. When buying a gun, you may notice that speedball guns are typically more flashy and colorful. Black or camouflage guns help Woodsball players hide. Yet, Speedball the bunkers are man-made. This allows you to choose flashy guns with cool designs. If you want to stand out when playing at AC Paintball, choose a marker that will get you noticed.

    Both of our rental models are black, but the Tippman 98 has a unique design that is different from the average marker. It is sleek and sporty looking while the Valken V-Tac SW-1 is bulkier and square.

  • Paintball Mental Tips: Be More Daring and Bold

    “Fortune favors the audacious.” – Desiderius Erasmus

    silhouette-936715_960_720Paintball is a sport where the bold and daring thrive. Playing it safe may keep you in the game, but you won’t make much progress. To win an AC Paintball game you and your teammates need to take some risks. If you wait too long to make a decision, you may miss your chance at a making a game-winning move.

    Yet, it is easy to get caught up in playing it safe. With most sports, a good defense can be your best offense. The same can be true for paintball, but you should never neglect offense. If you want to be more daring with your paintball game, check out these helpful mental tips from AC Paintball!

    Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

    You may hear the phrase “step out of your comfort zone” over and over again, but the message rings true. To improve yourself and reach your goals, you will have to test yourself and push your boundaries. It can be scary to face a new challenge that you don’t know how to overcome. If you keep trying, though, the new task will become easier. Along the way, you will learn tips and tricks that help you succeed.

    You may just want to hide away in the woods away from the action. It may be safer there, but you will not see as much action. Next time you play at AC Paintball, try to be more adventurous. Take a position closer to the action. If you think you can’t do something, try to anyway. You may just prove yourself wrong and learn that you are stronger than you think.

    Don’t Be Afraid of Looking Foolish

    A common concern many new AC Paintball players have is looking foolish. If you don’t fully know what you are doing, you may fear people thinking less of you. To be bold, you need to rise above this fear. Everyone has their own quirks that can look foolish, especially when they first start out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or tips. The AC Paintball staff and many other players are happy to help. If you keep learning from your experiences you will continue to improve. With enough practice, you may become a role model for other players.

    paintball-1961040_960_720Hang Out with Other People Who are Bold and Audacious

    People tend to pick up habits of those they hang out with. They want to fit in and thus mimic certain characteristics or features. If you want to be more confident and adventurous, hang out with more people who are like that. You are likely to meet plenty of outgoing and audacious players at AC Paintball. All you have to do is start a few conversations. Soon enough, you will make paintball friends to inspire and support you.

    Fake It Till You Make It

    Another common trick you may have heard of is called “fake it till you make it.” Many people use this tactic to change their habits and become more successful. Pay attention to your body language. Do you stand with a powerful posture or do you close yourself off? If you feel shy, try to spread out and make yourself bigger. This can help trick your brain to be more confident. Don’t forget to smile and be friendly. This will attract more people to you. Pretty soon you may find yourself a happier person with more success.

    Claim Your Goals

    Finally, you will want to set goals, make a plan, and stick to that plan. Stop doubting yourself and overthinking your decisions. This takes away time that you could be eliminating enemies or capturing the flag. AC Paintball is a place for friends and family to have fun. Don’t let others distract you or get to you with negative comments. Focus on your goal and claiming your prize.

  • Tips for Building a Successful Paintball Team

    ac paintball ready to rollCreating a paintball team is a great way to socialize on a regular basis. Not only does it keep you healthy, but it keeps you happy as well. If you’re thinking about creating your own paintball team, there are a variety of aspects to think about. If the task seems overwhelming, fear not, because AC Paintball is here to help. With these helpful tips, you can build a successful paintball team and have fun with your friends.

    Finding Teammates

    The first step to creating a paintball team is to gather teammates. Usually, when you decide you want to build a paintball team, you may just have a friend or two ready to join you. If this is the case, you will have to do some recruiting to build your team. When playing at AC Paintball, always be on the lookout for players to add to your team. You may notice a skilled walk-on who often plays at our facility. If you are interested, invite them to play with you. If everything works out, they will join your team.

    When adding people, try to find players that already have or are willing to buy their own equipment. This shows commitment to your team. If you are thinking about adding someone new to paintball, they can rent AC Paintball’s equipment to give it a try. This way they won’t be wasting money if they decide not to play.

    You will also want to make sure that everyone plays well together. Before you invite them to join your team, give them a test run. See if they have good chemistry and mesh with the rest of your team. It is a good idea to add people with a variety of different skills. You will want a good mix of different playing styles to balance your team. This way you will always have someone to call on when you need a specific skill to carry out your plans and win the game.

    Organizing Your Team

    sideshotNext, you will need to organize your team. You need to decide what your group is going to be about and what your goals are. Do you want to compete professionally or are you just looking to have fun? After that, you will need to create a schedule. Find out when everyone is available. Then figure out what dates and times will allow the majority of your team to attend. Have some substitute players ready on call in case some of your teammates can’t make it. You may also want to consider making team shirts or uniforms.

    Choosing Roles and Responsibilities

    Your team will also have to choose roles and responsibilities. Try playing a few games at AC Paintball to assess everyone’s skills. Once you learn what everyone is good at, start assigning roles. Fast runners make good frontmen. Accurate shooters make good snipers. Players who are heavy-shooters make good backmen and defensive players. Well-rounded players make for a good infantry. You may also want to think about what strategies are best to use with the players you have.


    Once your team is organized and have their positions, you can practice at AC Paintball. Practice is the best way to specialize in your position and learn to work with your new teammates. The ability to communicate well and work with your team is a valuable skill in paintball. If you know what to expect from one another, you will better know how to adjust your game to each situation.

    Another good way to bring your team closer is to get together outside of AC Paintball. There are plenty of fun places to go in southern New Jersey. You can go out to eat, try a different sport, or just hang out at someone’s house. The more you get to know one another, the more you will learn to trust each other. The more you practice with each other, the more successful you will become.


  • Tips for Planning an AC Paintball Party

    writing-1209700_960_720Planning a party at home can be a hassle. You have to do all of the organizing yourself and end up with a mess to clean up. Why not move your party to AC Paintball in Williamstown, New Jersey? Whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding, or graduation, AC Paintball is a thrilling venue to host a party. We offer five different fields so that you can customize your party. Our friendly staff will help you plan your party so that you can make your day special.


    The first step in throwing a party is planning. While AC Paintball will help you in a variety of ways, there are some aspects you will need to take care of on your own. For instance, you will need to choose and invite the guests, set a budget, and pick a package. Keep in mind that AC Paintball’s group packages require 11 players.

    Morning sessions start at $399 and afternoon packages start at $499. Past 11 players each additional player is $39.95 for a morning session and $49.95 for an evening session. This includes field passes, complete rental gear package, free air, and 200 paintballs. If you supply 11 players we will allow the main celebrant or organizer to play for free. Don’t forget to have all your guests sign a safety waiver.


    If you want to make your party a bit more personal, why not add some extra decorations? You can make a sign or banner to congratulate the honoree. This will also be a great backdrop for taking group photos. Colorful balloons are a classic decoration that resembles paintballs. Centerpieces, table cloths, or streamers can also liven up the area.

    Be sure any other decorations you add are bright and colorful. You can also add some camouflage. If your celebrant in a big fan of something specific, you can work it into your decorations as well. If you have any questions, contact the AC Paintball staff for help.

    Games and Activities

    The main reason you are choosing AC Paintball is to play paintball. Yet, there are a variety of games to choose from. Be sure to plan some games ahead of time so you don’t waste your time deciding what game to play. VIP/President is a fun game to play when you have a special player. In this game, one team tries to eliminate the VIP while the other team protects them. Capture the flag is another favorite that almost everyone already knows how to play.

    paintball birthday eventIf you want to make the game extra special, try adding some bonus objectives. Hide some prizes throughout the field and have all the players collect them. You can make it a game where whichever team collects more tokens wins. You can also just make them bonus gifts for your guests to take home.


    You can’t play paintball on an empty stomach. Be sure to prepare snacks for yourself and your guests. Make sure you have some fruits, veggies, granola bars, and other healthy snacks. Everyone will need plenty of energy and fuel

    Since it’s a celebration, you will also want to have some fun snacks. Gumballs make great cupcake toppers that look like paintballs. You can make cookies that look like targets or put plastic army men in the center of a donut that looks like a bunker.


    Finally, you may want to leave your guests with something to take home as a memento. A water bottle is a good idea as some of your guests may forget to bring one to keep hydrated. You can even personalize it with the celebrant’s name. Dog tags are another great gift if you want to personalize your favors. Snacks and candy are always a popular idea. Mini squirt guns can also be a fun idea that fit the AC Paintball theme.


  • Adapting Your Paintball Game to the Weather

    field-1825871_960_720There are many variables that may affect your paintball game. Your health, your focus, and other players can all change how well you play. The weather is also an important aspect to consider. AC Paintball is located in southern New Jersey, which means the weather changes often. If you are planning to play at our facility, you will definitely want to check the weather beforehand. Then you will want to plan for your game accordingly with these tips.



    The first way you will need to prepare is deciding what to wear. This step is important to ensure that you are comfortable and safe while playing on AC Paintball’s fields. Consider the temperature when deciding how much length and how many layers you will need. In the fall you will want long sleeves and maybe a few layers. This will also give you more protection when getting hit so it doesn’t hurt as much. Yet, you will not want so many layers that it is difficult to move.

    When summer comes around you will want to wear shorts and a T-shirt. If you are new to paintball, however, you may want to consider longer, but light material so you have some more cover. Padding can also be helpful.


    For rainy days, consider a poncho or full rain gear to keep dry. Playing in wet clothing isn’t the most comfortable. You may also want to bring extra clothing to change into on rainy days. You will also want shoes with good traction to prevent slipping and falling. For the most part, clothing is a matter of preference, but you will want to make sure you are prepared.



    If you pick a rainy day at AC Paintball, you will want to keep everything as dry as possible. You will need to keep the inside of the marker completely dry. If water gets into the gun, it could ruin the accuracy, velocity, and range. Wrapping cling wrap around the barrel may help if your marker doesn’t have a lot of porting. Make sure the gun is dry before applying. You should also carefully dry your equipment between each game.

    In the rain, you should opt for a hopper with a lid rather than one with speed feed. However, if your marker does not have one you can improvise my making a cover out of the bag your paintballs came in. Be sure to inspect your marker for any other gaps or openings that water can get into. Some openings are there for a reason, though, so use your common sense when covering your marker. Having a roll of cloth hockey tape or vinyl electrical tape on hand is a good idea. You can add some under the grips of your marker to make sure it is sealed.


    When the air is humid, you should be ready for your goggles to fog up. If it’s not too humid you may only have to deal with some light condensation on the outside of your mask. However, in bad conditions, water will build up on the inside and make difficult to see. The best thing you can do to prevent this issue it to make sure your mask fits properly. You will also want to make sure it is properly sealed. Many AC Paintball players also use a coating of anti-fog solution, or a goggle fan to help fight fogging.


    You will also need to keep your ammunition dry. Paintballs begin to dissolve in water. It only takes a single drop to cause the paintball to soften. If one gets too wet it will lose its shape and become useless. The change of shape will affect how the paintball leaves the gun and flies through the air. Putting wet paintballs in your gun can also cause damage to the parts. Be sure to keep your ammo covered on rainy days at AC Paintball.


    When you play in the southern New Jersey heat, be sure to be ready for the sun to take a lot out of you. Try to pace yourself and conserve some energy at the beginning of your AC Paintball session. This way you will still have energy for your last game. The cold can also take energy from you and make it difficult to focus. Try to put a song in your head or use a mantra to keep yourself going.

    The rain will make it slippery and make it tricky to quickly take cover. Be careful and move more slowly so you don’t fall or slide past your bunker. It is comical to watch your opponents slip and slide, but remember to focus on your own footing. Playing in the rain is not necessarily a disadvantage; you just have to change your play and plan each move.


    Finally, you need to learn to use the elements to your advantage. If you play with experienced players, you may notice them getting closer to their target. This is because paintball markers are less accurate in the rain. You should follow their example, reduce your shooting distance to improve your precision. You may also want to buy some extra ammo from AC Paintball to ensure you don’t run out. Try not to get too frustrated and just play to your best ability.

  • AC Paintball Health Tips

    apple-2391_960_720While playing paintball is a great way to build your muscles and stay healthy, you need to back it up with other healthy habits. You need to take care of yourself before, during, and after a game, so that you don’t get hurt. At AC Paintball in southern New Jersey, we want our players to be happy and healthy. We support safe paintball and offer these tips to keep you and team energized.

    Drink Plenty of Water

    Summers in Williamstown, New Jersey can get hot. While you’re running around AC Paintball’s field, you will continually lose water through sweat. Losing even a small percentage of your body’s weight in fluid can significantly affect your game. Proper hydration will keep you running longer and feeling better.

    You need to hydrate before, during, and after each game. One to two hours before playing, you should drink a bottle of water. Right before the game, you should drink another half bottle of water. During your AC Paintball game, you should drink a half bottle of water every 15 minutes or so. After the game, be sure replenish any additional water you lost throughout the day.

    Eat Healthy Foods

    Along with drinking enough, you need to make sure to eat the right foods. Foods with protein will give you the energy you need to play multiple AC Paintball games. Whole grains will keep you feeling full longer so you can concentrate on the game rather than your stomach growling. Fruits and vegetables will give your body the nutrients it needs to function properly. Yogurt is a good source of calcium that helps your muscles. Fish or sushi will keep your eyes and brain functioning to the best of their ability.

    Wear Appropriate Clothing and Footwear

    Before you leave your New Jersey home, you will want to make sure you have proper clothing and footwear. The best clothing to wear is something that is easy to move in. You don’t want your outfit to be so tight you can’t move or so loose that you get your sleeve caught on something. Something light weight will make it easier to perform to the best of your ability.

    feet-1840619_960_720Be sure to check the weather before coming to AC Paintball and prepare appropriately. In summer, wear breathable clothing and be sure to bring sunscreen. In cooler temperature wear a few layers. You may also want to consider some padding to avoid injuries. Sneakers are the best and most appropriate choice for footwear.

    Have a Proper Warm Up and Cool Down

    The average AC Paintball game gives you a full body workout. Between running, crouching, squatting and more, you work more muscles than the average sport. With this in mind, you need to make sure your muscles are warmed up so you don’t get hurt. Before your game jog a few laps and do some dynamic stretches. This includes knee-highs, butt kicks, grapevines, etc. If you still feel stiff, try adding some static stretches.

    Just as important as a warm-up is a cool down. A cool down allows your body to gradually return to a resting state. After an intense game, your blood and heart will be racing. If you sit down and do nothing too fast, you may get dizzy and feel sick. A proper cool down includes jogging, dynamic stretching, and static stretching.

    Follow Safety Rules

    Paintball can be dangerous if you don’t follow safety rules. You should keep your helmet/safety gear on at all times and always keep your gun pointed low. Don’t be too reckless during play. Dangerous moves are not worth the injury.

    At AC Paintball, your safety is our priority. To view our official rules and regulations, please follow this link: https://acpaintball.com/ac-paintball-rules-and-regulations/. If you would like to schedule a game, you can do so here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • Making Paintball Your Hobby

    Everyone needs a hobby. If you want something relaxing you can try knitting or drawing, but if you want something more thrilling, you should try paintball. Choosing paintball as a hobby is a great way to get exercise, improve your mind, and have fun all at the same time. It strengthens you in various ways and can teach you some valuable life lessons. So if you are in the market for a new hobby, why not schedule a game at AC Paintball in Williamstown, New Jersey. You can bring your friends or family along as well.

    paintball-21021_960_720If you are considering paintball as a hobby, you may have plenty of questions. There are many aspects to consider. AC Paintball is here to help. After years of operation, we have heard many stories and opinions. From this experience, we can help you learn what to expect.

    Cost Expectations

    Paintball requires plenty of gear. You need a marker, ammo, power supply, a helmet, and optional padding. Markers can vary depending on the age, quality, and features. An average decent paintball gun will cost you around $100 – $300. Beyond that, you may want to consider attachments to improve the accuracy, speed, and distance of your marker.

    A helmet will cost you about $50 – $150. The cost of ammo will vary depending on quality and quantity. If you are a heavy shooter, you will need more ammo. You will also want to think about maintenance to keep your equipment in nice condition.

    If you are unsure about putting out the money before you know how much you like paintball, you can rent your equipment. View AC Paintball’s equipment and prices here: https://acpaintball.com/paintball-rental-equipment/. Frequent players should consider signing up for AC Paintball’s membership. Members can save with a discount on paintballs.

    Time Expectations

    With paintball, you can play as little or as often as you like. If you are busy, you can just play in your free time. On the other hand, diehard players may want to consider joining a league or playing weekly. If you are planning a special paintball event or want to play on a specific AC Paintball field, be sure to check availability and make a reservation.

    paintball-1278895_960_720Physical Expectations

    One of the first aspects beginners note is that getting hit with a paintball hurts. You can soften the blow with padding, but if you play often enough, you will get used to it. The more you strengthen your muscles, the more tolerant you will become.

    Another common worry is injuries. Paintball is a physical sport with plenty of activity and high-speed objects. However, paintball is actually safer than many other sports. Paintball records fewer injuries on average than sports like hockey, football, and basketball. AC Paintball also ensures safety by checking our equipment often. We also supply referees to supervise our fields.

    Social Expectations

    If you are looking for a hobby where you can make friends, paintball is a perfect choice. Communication is an important aspect of the game. You will talk to a variety of different people throughout each AC Paintball game. Sooner or later, you are bound to make a friend, especially when you share an interest in paintball. With all the action, cool gear, and strategy, you are sure to have plenty to talk about as well.

    Paintball can be fun for any type of personality. Extroverts will love having so many people to talk to and learn from. On the other hand, paintball can help introverts become more social. Even if constant interactions are not your thing, you can choose to play a more secluded position such as a sniper. You can be more social without getting overwhelmed.

  • Choosing a Marker for Woodsball

    pump paintball gunYour choice of paintball marker can make or break your game. Whether you are buying your own gun or renting one from AC Paintball, there are many aspects to consider. There are price, quality, accessories, features, and more. You will also want to consider what game and position you are going to play. If you play a lot of woodsball, you will want to choose a marker that complements the natural terrain.


    One of the most important details you will want to look at for in a Woodsball marker is distance. The further it can fly accurately, the better. Unlike AC Paintball’s speedball fields, the wooded fields are larger. When you enter combat, you are typically further away from your target.

    Both AC Paintball rentals have an effective range of 150+ feet. Most players find this range satisfactory for playing on our wooded field. If you want to increase your personal gun’s distance, you can buy specialized equipment. By changing the velocity and rotation of the paintball, you can get them to fly further.


    You will also want to look at accuracy. You have plenty of trees, bunkers, and brush to shoot around. If your shot flies off to the side, you will miss your mark. Your opponent will be alerted and start to shoot at you. Then you may be eliminated and become unable to help your team. An accurate marker will keep you in the game and make you feel like a champ when you hit every target.

    The Tippmann Custom 98 Marker and Valken V-Tac SW-1 are fairly matched in accuracy when firing single shots. If you want to improve your accuracy, though, a longer barrel will help.

    Rapid Fire Speed

    Your marker doesn’t just have to fire accurately, it has to fire rapid shots accurately. While this feature is more important in speedball, it can also be important in a woodsball game. If you are playing a backman or get caught in an ambush, you may need to lay down a lot of paint. Sometimes rapid fire is your only defense.

    The Valken V-Tac SW-1is more accurate when firing many shots. The Tippman has more of a recoil. When a marker has a recoil, you will have to readjust your aim more after each shot.

    valken paintball gunWeight

    Playing on a larger AC Paintball field means more running. Your level of activity is something to condiser when choosing a gun for woodsball. If you are playing a frontman or runner, you will run constantly. Having a light-weight gun will weigh you down less so you can run longer and faster. If you are playing a sniper or backman, you can get away with a slightly heavier marker. The Valken V-Tac SW-1 is smaller and lighter than the Tippman Tippmann Custom 98.


    Speedball uses more man-made structures while woodsball uses a more natural setting. This means you will encounter more elements. Southern New Jersey weather can be unpredictable, so you need to prepare for anything. You will want to choose a durable gun that can withstand water, dirt, and extreme temperatures.

    The Tippmann Custom 98 Marker is known for its durability. If you are renting from AC Paintball and tend to be rough with your marker, the Tippman is your best choice.


    Don’t forget to think about aesthetics when choosing your paintball gun. Bright and colorful designs look cool, but they will not help you while playing in wooded fields. They will make you stand out and easier to spot. Try to stick to dark colors or camouflage. This will help you stay hidden. AC Paintball’s rentals are both plain black. To learn more about rental equipment, follow this link: https://acpaintball.com/paintball-rental-equipment/.

  • Tips for Playing a Backman

    paintball-1961038_960_720The backmen play an important role in any AC Paintball game. They are the main defenders for both your team and any relics your opponent may be trying to capture. As with many sports, the quality of your paintball team’s defense can make or break your chances at success. When you play a backman, you need to be ready to support your team. Thus, you should know what to focus on and make sure to practice your skills.

    Focus on Defense

    As an AC Paintball backman you are in charge of protecting both your team and any important relics. When playing capture-the-flag, defend-the-castle or VIP, you will want to pay close attention to your post. You shouldn’t be wandering off to do other aspects. Learn how to scan the field and look for movement in the distance. Being watchful is a crucial skill for a backman. Even if there are periods without action, you need to stay focused on your goals. It only takes a few seconds for your other team’s runner to hit you or steal the flag.

    Protect Your Teammates

    Even if you are not playing capture-the-flag, you need to be able to protect your teammates. As they move up the field you need to be ready to provide backup for them. If they get stuck in an ambush, you may be their only chance of getting out without getting eliminated. You should create distractions and draw the enemy’s attention. This way your teammates can move across the field unnoticed.

    Practicing your shooting skill is also important. You will need to be able to shoot accurately to be able to defend your team. It is also helpful to learn to shoot with both hands. This way you can shoot from either side of a bunker and still keep most of your body protected. If you lack space to practice at home, consider buying an AC Paintball membership.

    Choose the Right Equipment

    Equipment choice is an important aspect for any paintball position. Your marker should complement your skills and responsibilities. As a backman, you will want to choose a gun that can fire quickly and accurately. If you plan on renting your equipment from AC Paintball, the Valken V-Tac SW-1 may be your best choice. It has less recoil than the Tippman model which will help when rapidly firing many shots. You will also want a harness or backpack so you have means for carrying extra ammunition.


    Prepare to Use a Lot of Paint

    When you plan to be a backman at AC Paintball, you need to prepare to use lots of paint. You need to protect the flag or your teammates at all costs. At times you may need to use the spray-and-pray shooting method to ward off the enemy. Out of all the positions, you will need the most paint. AC Paintball offers 500 paintballs for $19.95 or 2000 for $65.42. Players who buy membership can get a discount on these prices.

    Communicate Well

    You have one of the best views of the field. While you only have to look in one direction to see the entire field, other players have to watch their back. You can be helpful by watching your team’s back for them. If you know where they are and see trouble near them, warn them. Update them about the movements of the enemy.

    You are also in charge of telling the roamer when to take over for the front man. Walkie-talkies are one of the best ways to communicate. You can also use code words, or body signals when your teammates are close enough to see and hear you. Be sure to devise a communication strategy before playing at AC Paintball.

    Learn To Be a Leader

    Many teams like to put their most experienced player at the back as a captain. If you are a leader, you need to be able to make good decisions. Research strategies and learn how to outsmart your opponents. You may want to focus on movement. Know where to position both yourself and your teammates so that you can overwhelm the enemy. Learning to be a good backman will assist you in leading your team to victory.


  • Creative Ways to Make Your AC Paintball Party More Fun

    paintball birthday NJDo you have a birthday or a wedding coming up? Are you interested in throwing a thrilling and memorable party? If so, AC Paintball in Williamstown, New Jersey has just the venue you are looking for. While most party planners go bowling, to a sporting event, or out to dinner, you can show your out-of-the-box thinking by planning a paintball extravaganza instead.

    AC Paintball offers five different fields to various party packages. With some extra planning, you can make your special occasion a memorable one. Check out some of these ideas that will make your paintball party stand out.

    Different Games

    Many players choose to play common games like elimination or capture the flag. Shake things up by choosing a different game. If there is a person of honor in your party, VIP or President can be a fun game to play. One team tries to eliminate the VIP while the other team protects them.

    If there are two persons of honor, you can have each one be a captain. They can compete by stealing the other’s players. Rather than eliminating a player, a hit causes them to change teams. The captain who steals all their opponent’s teammates first wins.

    AC Paintball scenario games can be fun as well. You can play as your favorite characters from movies, books, or video games. You can even add mini challenges for teams to compete in a different way. For instance, have players collect tokens hidden around the course. If you want to make a point, you can try a boys vs. girls game or adults vs. kids game. There are plenty of options to choose from.

    paintball bacheloretteCoordinated Uniforms

    Coordinated outfits can help unify your team. It makes people feel special because they are part of something. You can get together beforehand and make T-shirts. Then you can head to AC Paintball to show off your skills and creativity.

    If you want something more than decorated shirts, you can role play in different costumes. You can do as princesses, superheroes or soldiers. There are endless possibilities. The choice is up to you.

    Just be sure that whatever outfits you choose are easy to move in and safe to play paintball in. Also, be aware that some party member may want to wear padding under or over their uniforms. AC Paintball is a “safety first” facility and is careful to monitor both our fields and equipment.

    Give Awards

    Giving awards can make everyone feel special. You can give prizes for various achievements. For example, MVP, team player, and best shooter. If you want to be a little more original, you can do prizes for silly things. For instance, craziest outfit, funniest playing style, or most talkative. If you want to make trophies, a simple solution is to paint plastic army figurines gold and glue them to a platform. If your party is a corporate outing, your coworkers can keep their awards at their desk to show them off.

    paintball birthday cakePaintball Themed Snacks

    After a few games, everyone will want to refuel. You can add a special touch by adding a paintball flare to your snacks. Whatever snacks you choose, make sure to fit the AC Paintball theme. Bright colors or camouflage can give your food character. Gumballs are great dessert toppers that look just like paintballs. If you lay out snacks in bins, use creative labels such as fuel or ammo. These touches will give everyone something to talk about.

    Take Photos to Remember the Day

    A great way to remember your AC Paintball party is to take a few pictures. Before and after photos are fun to compare. Comical photos are sure to make you smile when you look back on your outing later. If you are hosting a child’s birthday party, your kids may enjoy taking the photos in for show-and-tell.

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