• Aspects to Consider When Buying a Paintball Marker

    Ego08Buying a new paintball gun is an important investment. It is the main tool you use during paintball to both defend yourself and eliminate opponents. With this in mind, you want to get one that does what you need it to do and compliments your play style.

    With hundreds of markers on the market, choosing the gun that will work best for you can get overwhelming. There are countless brands, models, and features to choose from. With this in mind, AC Paintball has devised this guide to help you think about various aspects you will want to consider when purchasing a gun.

    Where to Buy From?

    The first aspect you will want to consider is where to buy from. The last thing you want to do is get excited about a deal that is too good to be true and receive a marker that is not as good as you thought. A good way to avoid this buying from a sporting goods site you can trust. If you choose to look at markers on Amazon, Ebay, etc., be sure to carefully read through the reviews and use your best judgment.

    Overall, be sure to do research before deciding on a place to purchase your marker. If you need advice, talk to an experienced player or AC Paintball’s staff.

    Level of Commitment

    Another aspect you will want to consider is your level of commitment. If you plan on playing multiple times a week, you may want to invest in a better, more durable gun that will last you a long time. On the other hand, if you only play a few times a month, you may choose to use the rentals from AC Paintball instead. You will also want to consider becoming an AC Paintball member so you can save on paintball case purchases.


    A marker is not the only piece of equipment you will have to buy. You may also want to buy a mask, tanks, belt pods, add-ons, or padding. With this in mind, you will want to plan a budget. The marker should make up the majority of your budget, but you should leave some space to work with.

    USMC-06477The other aspects on this list should also help determine your budget. For instance, if you are a serious player, you may be willing to spend a bit more. Be sure to compare all the other aspects to determine if it is worth it to buy your own marker or if you should just rent your equipment from AC Paintball.


    Most of the time, if you want a good price, you have to sacrifice quality. Quality is not something you want to sacrifice. If you get stuck in an AC Paintball game with a malfunctioning gun, you won’t last much longer in the game. You will want a durable marker that you can depend on. One popular brand experienced players prefer is Tippman.

    What Facility You Play At

    Different facilities you may play at in southern New Jersey have different rules and regulations. You will want to check on their website or with their staff before buying your own gun. For instance, AC Paintball’s rule is that the marker cannot fire above 280 paintballs per second and cannot be fully automatic. This rule is in place for our player’s safety. One of our primary goals is to provide and safe and friendly place to play paintball.

    What Games You Like to Play

    The types of games you like to play at AC Paintball can also affect the type of gun you should use. For Woodsball you may want a marker that shoots longer distances accurately. Speedball requires a marker that can fire multiple shots quickly and accurately. If you decide to play a specific scenario game, you may want to pay closer attention to the aesthetics of your gun. Overall, you should think about your environment and what marker will help you succeed.


    Finally, you will want to think about what position you would like to play. You can be more successful if you think about what you need to accomplish in your position and what marker feature will help you reach your goals. For instance, a sniper may want a gun that can shoot long range. A frontman or runner will want a marker that is not too heavy. You can learn more about choosing the right equipment for your position with this AC Paintball blog: https://acpaintball.com/2016/07/18/paintball-equipment-guide-for-each-position/.

    With the right marker, you can be more successful and help lead your team to victory.

  • Tips for Recovering After a Day at AC Paintball

    While it is important to exercise to stay healthy, a proper recovery can be just as important. Recovery doesn’t end with your cool-down. You need to take care of both your mind and body for the next few days after your workout.

    AC Paintball’s packages include four hours of playtime. You and your friends can get quite a few games in. The longer and harder you play, the more you spend energy and work your muscles. Paintball can definitely take a lot out of you. With this in mind, you need to know how to take care of yourself after a long day at AC Paintball.

    Rehydrate and Refuel

    water-2105213_960_720The first step to recovering is to rehydrate and refuel. You lose a lot of water and energy during play, especially if it is a hot day at AC Paintball. Since our bodies are made of mostly water, it is important to replenish lost water and energy. Forgetting to refuel or rehydrate can cause you to feel weak or dizzy.

    You can check out AC Paintball’s, “What to Eat Before and After a Paintball Game” to learn more about what the best food and drink options are. You will want to focus on foods that have plenty of protein. Chocolate milk has douche the carbohydrates and protein of other drink options and is one of the best options to help you rehydrate after a game.  Be sure to bring some snacks to refuel between games as well.

    Light Activity

    If you really work your muscles, then just sit around all day, you will get stiff or get cramps. To avoid this, you should do some light activity during the next few days to keep your muscles loose. If you need to go to the store, walk there if it’s close enough. Go on a relaxing bike ride or play Frisbee on an Atlantic City beach.

    Take Care of Your Muscles

    Other than light activity, there are some other ways you need to care for your muscles. Stretching or getting a massage, can help you keep your flexible so you can still move around well for your next AC Paintball game.  Swimming in a pool, soaking in a hot tub, or taking a bath can also help you relax your muscles.

    Eating potassium-rich foods will also help. Potassium is part of every cell of your body and helps lower blood pressure.  Some good options include bananas, sweet potatoes, white beans, yogurt, broccoli, halibut, 100% orange juice, and cantaloupe.

    young-422332_960_720Reduce Stress

    If you are going to AC Paintball again or plan on exercising more a few days after your visit, it is important to recover quickly.  Stress can affect your ability to recover. Nerve-wracking activities can block your focus and use up the energy you need to recuperate.

    If you work yourself too hard too often, it can be difficult to fully recover. Then you may feel tired and stressed on a daily basis. This will affect your ability to work and focus on important tasks. If possible, you should try to avoid stressful activities. Instead, try to rest and relax.

    Get Good Sleep

    Sleep is necessary to recharge your body. When you sleep your body processes and stores information. It restores muscle tissues and completes a variety of other restorative processes. You should get 7-9 hours a night. Sacrificing too much sleep over multiple days can weaken your brain and body. You need your brain power for more games at AC Paintball.

    Once you feel rejuvenated you are ready to play another game at AC Paintball. You can schedule a game here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/. Remember to stay healthy and have fun playing at AC Paintball in southern New Jersey!

  • Common Mistakes Beginners Make at AC Paintball

    “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” –Albert Einstein

    1024px-thumbnailEvery time you try something new, you are bound to make mistakes. This is how we learn. We try to approach challenges in different ways until we find out what works. Playing paintball is no exception. Many players make plenty of mistakes the first time they play at AC Paintball. However, if it is your first time, you can learn from previous player’s mistakes and improve your game before you even begin. Below you will find some common mistakes and AC Paintball’s tips on how to fix them.

    Not Listening to Rules and Directions

    When it is your first time playing paintball and you don’t fully know what you are doing, it is imperative to listen to directions. While AC Paintball’s staff explains how to use your marker and the rules of the field, you will want to pay close attention.

    You should always keep your mask on during play and be aware where your marker is pointed. These rules are in place for your safety. Our priority is to make sure your paintball experience is safe and fun. You can find more of AC Paintball’s rules here: https://acpaintball.com/ac-paintball-rules-and-regulations/.

    Not Planning

    The best way to avoid mistakes when you do anything is to research and plan ahead. You can save yourself a lot of headaches this way. When it comes to paintball, you will want to know your position and where you are going to go when the game starts. Walk around the AC Paintball field before the game to get an idea where everything is.

    You will also want to know what your team’s strategy will be and what your responsibilities are. Collaborating with your team ahead of time can pay off greatly during a game. When everyone knows what they are supposed to do, it is easier to accomplish your team’s goals. Then the whole team will have a greater chance at victory. Once you have a good strategy, it’s just a matter of following the plan and making a few adjustments here and there.

    Forgetting to Move

    It is easy for new players to find a good bunker for cover and just stay there for a long time. The bunker may keep you safe, but you won’t be able to contribute much. Eventually, an opponent may sneak around and eliminate you anyway. Most of the time, it is better to keep moving from place to place. This way your opponents can’t corner you and you can contribute more to the game.

    texture3Forgetting to be Offensive

    Just like staying in the same place, some new players forget to be offensive. You may think that peeking out from behind a bunker will cause opponents to start shooting at you. This may be true, but if you don’t look around, you won’t be able to find opponent’s to eliminate.

    It is important to remember to be offensive and shoot fairly often. Be a threat to the other team. Make them think carefully before they try to eliminate you. This can help give you an upper hand and be more productive during your AC Paintball game.

    Not Communicating

    Communication is important in any team sport. Your teammates need to know what you plan on doing so they can adjust accordingly. Talking to your team allows you to work together to reach your goals. The better you can work together, the better your chances will be at winning the game. Come up with a communication plan beforehand, or bring some Walkie-Talkies. This way you don’t have to yell the whole time and give away your position.

    Forgetting to Refuel and Rehydrate

    In the middle of all the fun, it can be easy to forget to replenish your energy and water. Playing paintball for four hours can take a lot out of you. Sweating will cause you to lose plenty of water and using your muscles will burn energy. After playing a game or two, it is important to take a break to snack and rehydrate. This will help you continue to play well when you’re playing your last few games at AC Paintball.

  • Tips for Making Decisions in Paintball

    1200px-Paintball-27527-2Playing at AC Paintball in Williamstown, New Jersey is a great way to practice your decision-making skills. Decision-making is an important skill in both life and paintball. A big life decision can change your future entirely.  A strategic decision in paintball likely won’t affect your life, but it will affect the outcome of the game.

    It’s important to know how to make good decisions so you can become a more valuable player. You can lead your team to more victories and help other players improve their skills. When playing paintball, there are a variety of aspects to consider. Follow these tips and you can improve your decision-making skills for your next AC Paintball game!

    Think Ahead of Time

    Thinking ahead of time allows to carefully plan your decisions before you even have to make them. You can visualize different events that may occur and think about what the best course of action will be. This way, if you notice your visualization occurring during a real AC Paintball game, you already know what you want to do. You don’t have to take extra time to figure out how you want to react. Researching some statistics online may also help you plan. You can learn which tactics work often and what ones don’t.

    Your team will also want to plan a strategy ahead of time. Figure out what positions each person will play and where they will go. Having this planned ahead of time will also help you make decisions. If at any time you think it is appropriate to deviate from the team’s plan, be sure to communicate your new plan with your teammates.

    unknown-1769656_960_720Be Smart

    You shouldn’t just make decisions based on what you feel like doing. You need to think about your options and consider the consequences. Making random decisions likely won’t end well. For instance, if you just start firing your maker because you feel like it, you may hit one of your teammates. You will also give away your position to your opponent who will likely start firing at you.

    If you are new to the game and don’t know what the smartest choices are, talk to a more experienced AC Paintball player. Experienced players have seen more games and know what to expect. They have learned what works and what doesn’t. Ask them for tips and just keep practicing. The more you play, the more you will learn.

    Think Fast

    Making smart decisions is important, but in paintball, you need to make smart decisions quickly. Paintball is a fast moving game. You need to stay on your toes and make your decisions quickly. It can be easy to feel pressured when you have to make decisions so quickly. This is a skill you have to take the time to practice to get good at.

    One way to make a faster decision is to just go with your gut. You may find that many times it is right. If you don’t have the time to consider all your options, do what feels right. Sometimes you just have to take a chance and find out what you are capable of.

    Be Safe

    Another big aspect you should take into consideration when making your decisions is safety. No victory is worth sacrificing a player’s health.  AC Paintball’s priority is to make sure all our players are safe and have fun. You can find some of our rules here: https://acpaintball.com/ac-paintball-rules-and-regulations/. AC Paintball will also provide a referee to help make sure all players are playing fairly.

    Be Tricky

    Once you get good at making decisions you can start getting tricky. You can try to predict what your opponents are planning to do and use that knowledge to your advantage. If you think they will move to a certain spot, be hidden nearby so you can surprise them. This technique can also work the other way. Think about what your opponents expect you to do, then do the opposite. Keep them guessing. Just be sure that you keep the game fair and still follow AC Paintball’s rules.

  • AC Paintball Tips for a Center Flag Game

    paintball-2220450_960_720If you are getting tired of playing normal capture-the-flag at AC Paintball, why not try a different flag game. Center flag is a separate version of capture-the-flag that that puts a twist on a classic game and ups the ante. In a center flag game, there is only one flag that separate teams compete for. You can play center flag push and try to get the flag onto the other team’s home base, or you can just try to bring it back to your home base.

    Whichever version you decide to play, a center flag game is a great way to start your AC Paintball session. You can get your blood pumping and get in the right mindset for four hours of paintball in southern New Jersey.

    Put the Fasted Runners In Charge of the Flag

    The first step to a successful center flag game is planning strategies and positions. Since the goal of the game is to be the first to get the flag, you should focus on the runners first. Figure out who the fastest runners on the team are and put them in charge of the flag. If you can’t figure out verbally who is the fastest, have a small race before you start. Your runner should be daring and willing to take risks as well. If no one on your team is willing to take a chance and run into a heavy fire zone, you likely won’t win the game.

    If you are the runner, you can’t waste any time. When AC Paintball’s referee starts the game, get as close to the flag as you can. In center flag possession is key. The team that typically wins is the team who gets to the flag first. After you nab the flag, be ready to become a target. If by chance, no one notices you grab the flag, try to keep it hidden.

    Be Sure To Give Runners Plenty of Back-Up

    A runner won’t make it very far without backup. You should assign a majority of your team as middlemen so they can help protect the flag holder. People who like to shoot a lot are excellent for this position. Shooting often will help keep your opponents away so your runner can make it to the base. If you are playing center flag push, you will want to get a good amount of your players in the opponent’s zone. Otherwise, you will want to keep a majority in your home zone.

    Use Best Shooters as Snipers

    hiddenshotFinally, you will want to use your best shooters as snipers. The sniper should keep hidden and silent for most of the game. They are in charge of taking out important opponents, such as a runner with a flag. You don’t want to shoot at every opponent that comes your way; focus on key opponents. If an opponent doesn’t notice you, you can be the last defense to keep the opponents from winning.


    Since two or more teams are fighting for one flag, your AC Paintball center flag game will be more intense than a capture-the-flag game. There is typically a lot more interaction with the other team. You have to move fast but watch your step. Use the bunkers often to keep yourself safe, but don’t stay at the same place for too long.

    Traveling in groups of two or three works best as it provides backup, but doesn’t make your group a huge target.  You need to make fast decisions and be very aware. Be sure to bring plenty of ammo to protect yourself, your team, and to eliminate opponents. If you need more ammo, you can purchase more at our facility. If you sign up for an AC Paintball membership, you can save on paintball case purchases.

    Be Tricky and Create Distractions

    Another way to win your AC Paintball game is to get a little bit tricky. Try to confuse your opponent by passing the flag between teammates and not letting them know who has it. Have some teammates yell confusing messages such as “I got the flag” every once in a while. This can lead your opponents on the wrong track you the real flag holder and move more freely. If you keep your opponents guessing, you can better your chances of winning the game.

  • AC Paintball’s Between Game Checklist

    female paintball playerAt AC Paintball in southern New Jersey, you can choose a 4-hour morning session or a 4-hour evening session. This gives you plenty of time to get multiple games in. You likely won’t want to play for four hours straight, though. You will want to take decent breaks in between to rest and prepare for the next game.

    We want our players to stay healthy, be happy, and have fun. To accomplish this, there are a variety of different tasks to complete between games. By following the checklist below, you can make sure you have a great experience at AC Paintball!


    While it is not necessary to congratulate the other team, telling the other players “good game” shows good sportsmanship. You can compliment both your teammates and your opponents on great plays they made during the game. This is a great way to make friends at AC Paintball. The more friends you make, the more fun and success you will have. You can learn something from everyone, whether they are a beginner or a pro.


    The best way to transition from exercise to resting is by taking some time to cool down. Stretching after an AC Paintball game is the best way to stay loose. You don’t want to just sit down right away. You will likely get stiff or dizzy. Start with some dynamic stretches that allow you to slowly return your heart rate to a normal pace. If you feel stiff, add in some static stretches as well.

    Care for Any Scratches of Bruises

    While paintball is a fairly safe sport that sees fewer injuries than soccer, hockey, and football, you may get some scratches. If you dive behind a bunker or don’t pay attention, you may end up with some bruises. These are minor injuries that don’t call for leaving the game if they are not bothering you. Between games is the time to wash them off and apply bandages. If you need help, talk to AC Paintball’s staff.

    Rehydrate and Refuel

    When you play paintball, you lose a lot of water through sweat. Our bodies are made up of about 60% so it is important to replenish any water you lose often. Be sure to drink plenty of water between games, but don’t drink so much that you upset your stomach.

    apple-15687_960_720You will also need to re-energize. When preparing for your trip to AC Paintball, be sure to pack some healthy snacks to refuel. Some good options include fruits, veggies, and nuts. Try to keep it light and don’t eat too fast. You don’t want to weigh yourself down and be sluggish during your next game.

    Dry Off

    It’s always a smart idea to bring a towel to AC Paintball. Whether you are drenched in sweat or rain, drying off will make you feel better. If it is raining you can use the towel to cover your ammo and equipment. You don’t want to go into your next game with wet equipment. Wet hands make you lose your grip. A wet mask makes it difficult to see. Waterlogged paintballs do not work properly. To help ensure success, be sure to keep everything as dry as possible.

    Apply Sunscreen

    If you visit AC Paintball on a hot and sunny day, you will not want to forget the sunscreen. All of our fields are outside so you will be exposed to the sun for a few hours. Getting burnt will NOT make your paintball experience more fun. Make sure you apply often to protect yourself from the sun.

    Check Your Equipment

    If you want to be extra safe, you should also check your equipment. Make sure your marker is functioning properly and that no parts are loose. Make sure you have enough ammo to last a full game. If you need any help, one of AC Paintball’s staff will be happy to assist you.

    Take Pictures

    While not necessary, taking pictures allows you to capture the day as a memory. You can share the photos with your friends and family to show them all the fun you had at AC Paintball. Between games is the best time to gather your party together to get a group photo.

  • How Paintball Can Help You Improve At Other Sports

    runner-808932_960_720When you play a sport for a school or club, you may only focus on developing skills that are important to that sport. This is a smart strategy when starting out because you can prioritize practicing the skills you need the most. However, if you have been playing for many years, you may find more improvement by practicing other sports.

    Although every sport calls for a basic level of athleticism, every sport works differently. You use different muscles and develop some slightly different set of skills. For example, soccer focuses on your feet, while handball focuses more on your arms.

    Even though sports focus on different aspects, trying a different sport can improve your ability to play your own sport. Paintball has many different skill improvement areas to offer. When practicing paintball at AC Paintball, you can help develop a variety of skills found below.

    Running and Moving

    Many sports like outdoor volleyball, hockey, and running require the ability to navigate tricky terrain. If you want to improve your ability to move fast while watching where you step, playing Woodsball is great practice. AC Paintball has three main Woodsball fields to offer: the Black Ops Pentagon Woods Field, the Blue Thunder Woods Fields, and the Red Dawn Woods Field. You never know where there will be fallen branch or a rock that you may step on. You have to watch where you step but still move fast and quietly.

    Paintball also allows you to practice skills like diving, sliding and rolling. If your opponent is shooting at you, you may need to utilize these tricks to get out of the way. Learning these skills can be useful for athletes playing sports like baseball and football.


    exercise-841167_960_720Almost every sport calls for a certain level of conditioning. Whether your game lasts a long time or you have to play many games, being able to endure is important. Paintball is a great sport to play if you want to build endurance. All AC Paintball’s fields are outside and exposed to New Jersey weather, so you will be exposed to the elements and weather. When you are exposed to harsher conditions than normal, playing in normal conditions becomes easier.

    Paintball also works all your muscles. Carrying a gun builds up the muscles in your arms. Running, jumping, and bending in various ways builds your leg and core muscles. By strengthening new muscles you may find increased ability with your skills. You can enhance your skills as an athlete and perform better.


    Good aim is needed in sports like basketball, soccer, and hockey. You need to be able to aim for the basket or goal, usually while moving. With paintball, aiming is one of the most important skills you need, if not the most important. If you can’t aim well, you can’t eliminate your opponents and will likely be taken out yourself when they retaliate. There are many times when you have to aim while running. You have to constantly be judging your target’s speed and adjust the angle of your marker accordingly. At AC Paintball you can improve your aiming skills while having some fun.

    Decision Making

    Every athlete needs good decision-making skills. You need to know when to move, where to move, when to pass, and who to pass to. The list of decisions goes on. In paintball, decision-making is a critical skill. A bad decision can result in the elimination of you or a teammate. With this in mind, there is more pressure to make that right decision than in other sports. Playing paintball can help you learn to make good decisions under pressure. This is an important skill to have when your team is down with only a few minutes left.

    Team Communication

    When you play a team sport, communication is crucial. If your teammates don’t know your plans and you don’t know theirs, you can end up making preventable mistakes. You could collide or miss a pass. In paintball communication skills can be the difference between winning and losing. If you don’t tell your team where you are, what your plans are or that you need backup, you will likely run into trouble.

    Paintball forces players to count on one another. Scheduling a few games at AC Paintball is a great way to teach your team to communicate and bring them together. To book a game, follow this link: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • 7 Reasons to Choose AC Paintball

    summer paintball bachelor partyIf you are looking for something fun to do in southern New Jersey, there are many places and a variety of activities to choose from. You can relax on a variety of beaches or you can turn up the thrill and try paintball. While there are some other different paintball facilities in the area to choose from, there are a variety of reasons to choose AC Paintball.

    Safe and Friendly Paintball

    One of AC Paintball’s main goals is to provide a safe and friendly place for you and your friends or family to play paintball. We have a friendly staff that monitors our fields and host parties. Our referees are well-trained to make sure the game stays fair and everyone follows the rules. Check out our blog for extra safety tips, or contact us if you have any other concerns.

    Quality Rental Equipment

    AC Paintball also offers quality rental equipment. We inspect and clean our equipment before every outing. This helps us ensure that each piece meets our regulations and will work properly for you. We offer two marker models for rent, Tippmann Custom 98 and the Valken V-Tac SW-1 as well as other modern protective equipment. If you ever notice an issue with any of our equipment, alert a member of our staff and we will help you take care of it.

    Different Fields to Choose From

    Not every paintball game is the same, so why use the same field for every game? If speedball is your thing, play on our Speedball Tournament Field that meets tournament standards. If you want more room to spread out try one of our three wooded fields, the Black Ops Pentagon Woods Field, the Blue Thunder Woods field, or the Red Dawn Field. For speed lovers, we suggest the Hyperball field. At AC Paintball you can choose from a variety of games and a variety of fields.

    Group and Party Packages

    children-2142646_960_720Whether you are hosting a bachelor party, birthday party, or corporate outing, AC Paintball can accommodate you. Paintball is a great way to bring a team together as well as release pent up stress. We offer either morning and afternoon sessions or all day flex-passes. You can keep your party private or allow walk-ons to join your game. We also offer an added value group discount where the celebrant or one party organizer plays for free.

    Military and Member Discounts

    Did you know that the military often uses paintball to train their personnel? AC Paintball provides discounts to military members. Active police officers, emergency first responders, active military personnel, and reserve military personnel can receive 50% of field admission by presenting the proper ID. AC Paintball Club members can save 10% on field admission purchases and receive a discount on cases of paintballs.


    If you are planning on exploring New Jersey, you will want to choose a paintball location that is near other sites and attractions. AC Paintball is located on near the intersection of Jackson Road and 12th Street in Williamstown, New Jersey. Atlantic City is about a half hour’s drive from our location. There are also plenty of other restaurants, attractions, and other entertainment around as well.

    Visit Our Emu Farm!

    If you have someone in your family or group that isn’t interested in paintball, they can hang out and watch out emus. Before Attorney Bill Hayes opened AC Paintball he developed an Emu farm on site. With extra land, Bill decided to add paintball courses to the site. Don’t worry, though, we keep our emus away from the paintball fields in a special area.

  • 7 Golden Rules of Paintball

    rules-1752406_960_720Almost everyone knows the golden rule of life, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s a simple rule to understand that anyone can follow. In paintball, there are similar rules. While you may not need to know every single official rule in the paintball rule book, it’s always important to know the basics. Whether you are about to play your very first game or you are a professional, you should always follow AC Paintball’s golden rules.

    Be Safe

    Your first priority when playing at AC Paintball should be safety. While risky plays may lead you to a win, no game is worth a major injury. You should always make sure your attire is suitable and your equipment is working properly. Take the weather into consideration when planning what you will wear. If you are not used to paintball you may want to opt for longer sleeves, layers, or some padding. Be sure to wear suitable shoes for running and never remove your mask while on the field.

    AC Paintball regularly checks their rental equipment, but it doesn’t hurt to double check your equipment before playing. On rainy days, make sure all of your equipment stays dry. If you ever notice a malfunction, exit the field with your arms raised so the other players know not to fire at you.

    Think Before You Act

    Paintball isn’t just a physical sport, but a mental sport as well. You need to make sure your head is clear before an AC Paintball game. Pay attention to what you are doing at all times. If you get overly excited, it is easy to forget to pay attention. Make sure you take an extra second or two to aim your marker. You don’t want to accidentally fire your marker and injure someone. Before you make any risky moves, analyze the situation and think about the consequences.

    Plan Your Moves

    texture3While planning may seem boring to some, good planning pays off in the end. If you charge into one of AC Paintball’s fields without a plan, you will likely find difficulty. While you figure out what you are doing, your opponents will be shooting at you and taking charge of their goals.

    It’s a good idea to get to know the field before the game. This way you will know where the bunkers and obstacles are. You will want to keep moving during the game, as well. Don’t stay hidden behind the same bunker the whole with. Good planning will help you be more successful.

    Listen and Communicate

    Communication is an important tool in paintball. As a team sport, you need to know what your teammates are planning and vice versa. You rely on your teammates and they rely on you. If at any time during the game you change your plan, be sure to let your team know so they can adjust accordingly. It’s also important to listen to the Marshall or team leader. They usually have important information that you will not want to ignore.

    Play Fair

    No one wants to play with a cheater. If you play unfairly you will take the fun out of the game. At AC Paintball in southern New Jersey, we focus on fun and friendly paintball. We want our players to enjoy spending time with their friends and family. Be sure to read through AC Paintball’s rules ahead of time and discuss any other rules you may want to enforce with the other participants. AC Paintball also provides referees who monitor the games and help keep each game fair.

    Be a Supportive Teammate

    urban-885208_960_720Think back to when you may have played other sports you may have played in the past. What made your experience more enjoyable? It was likely the people you were playing with. Playing with supportive teammates if more than playing with aggressive teammates. If you act like you don’t want to play with your teammates, they won’t want to play with you either.

    If you are an experienced player, offer tips to help out newer players. When someone comes under fire, back them up and defend them. Continue to encourage them so they will want to get better. Offer compliments if someone makes a smart move. Being supportive will lead both you and your teammates to have a good time.

    Keep Practicing and Don’t Give Up

    No one is the best the first time they do something. Whether you are new to the game or a professional, it is important to keep practicing. Every time you play, there is a chance to learn a new. Don’t get down on yourself if you make mistakes. Everyone makes them. Look at each mistake as a learning experience. If you don’t give up, you will continue to improve and eventually become a role model for other players.

    If you want to continue practicing, consider an AC Paintball membership. Members receive discounted prices on paintball sessions and equipment. If you want to schedule a game, you can do so here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • Choosing a Marker for Speedball

    paintball-1278901_960_720Woodsball and Speedball are different in many ways. The fields are different, the bunkers are different, and each game requires a different strategy. With this in mind, different games call for different equipment. You should know how to choose the right gun for the game you are playing. Speedball has many defining characteristics and you will want a gun that can perform the tasks you need it to.

    At AC Paintball in southern New Jersey, we have two main guns for rent, the Tippmann Custom 98 Marker, and Valken V-Tac SW-1. In this guide, you will find tips for choosing the right marker for your next speedball game. If you would like to book a game at AC Paintball, you can do so here: acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

    Rapid Fire Speed

    The most important aspect that should concern you with a Speedball gun is speed. While Woodsball allows you to spread out in a large field, Speedball fields are typically smaller. This means you will be closer to your enemy the whole time. If they start firing at you, you will need to be able to defend yourself. This is why firing speed is so important. When it is you against multiple enemies you will want your fun to be able to fire rapidly so you can hit more people.

    When choosing a marker, look at how many balls it can fire per second (bps). The higher the number the faster it will be able to shoot. Be aware that higher firing speed may cause call for sacrifice in other features as well the price. When renting your marker from AC Paintball, you should choose the Valken V-Tac SW-1. The Tippman model has more of a recoil. This means you will have to readjust your aim more often.


    When you push your speedball marker to the limit with rapid fire speed, you are more likely to experience other problems. This makes the gun a bit less reliable. While you do want a high fire speed, you don’t want to sacrifice reliability. You don’t want your marker to stop working in the middle of an AC Paintball game. You won’t be able to take out enemies or defend yourself. If your marker does malfunction during a game, communicate with your team so they can try to help defend you.

    tippmann-a5-300x300If you are looking for a reliable marker, Tippman markers are known for their durability. However, AC Paintball cleans and inspects all their markers regularly to make sure each gun will work properly for our customers.


    Accuracy is important in every paintball game. While accuracy may be a higher priority in Woodsball as you long distances, you will not want to forget this aspect when choosing a Speedball gun. If your gun’s accuracy is not good, you will have trouble hitting your targets. Some aspects that improve your accuracy is barrel length, barrel width, and cleanliness. You will need to be careful, though, as many of aspects will affect your firing speed.

    Size and Weight

    You will also want to take size and weight into consideration. A gun that is small and compact can be helpful as it will be easier to carry and maneuver. However, you can get away with a heavier and larger gun in Speedball more than you can in Woodsball. Think about what position you plan on playing. If you plan on running a lot, you will want to choose a lightweight gun. If you stay stationary more often, you may be able to handle a larger gun that focuses more on other aspects.

    Both AC Paintball rentals are similar and size and weight, but the Valken V-Tac SW-1 is a little bit lighter than the Tippman 98 model.


    While aesthetics won’t affect your game as much, it is worth a mention. When buying a gun, you may notice that speedball guns are typically more flashy and colorful. Black or camouflage guns help Woodsball players hide. Yet, Speedball the bunkers are man-made. This allows you to choose flashy guns with cool designs. If you want to stand out when playing at AC Paintball, choose a marker that will get you noticed.

    Both of our rental models are black, but the Tippman 98 has a unique design that is different from the average marker. It is sleek and sporty looking while the Valken V-Tac SW-1 is bulkier and square.