• Tips for Introducing Your Friend to Paintball

    pokemon-1553995_960_720Introducing another friend or family is a great way to bond with them. You can get away from your electronic devices, get a good workout, and blow off some steam from daily stresses. Some of your friends may get nervous when they hear you ask them to join you though. However, if you can persuade them to give it a try, they may find out that they love it!

    The key is to make their first time playing as fun and enjoyable as possible. Try to make it even better than your first time. AC Paintball in southern New Jersey is here to help with these tips to help you accomplish this task.

    Explain What They Can Expect Their First Time

    Think about times in your life when you have had to do something completely new that you knew little to nothing about. You may have been nervous about unexpected problems popping up or making a big mistake. If your friend is a beginner, it is a good idea to let them know what to expect. Tell them about your first time playing, what you learned, and how they can avoid common mistakes.

    You can even choose an AC Paintball field and game type ahead of time. Show them the field and explain the specific of the game. By getting them into the right mindset, they will be more confident to give paintball a try.

    Attend to Their Concerns

    Your friend may have other concerns other than not knowing what to expect. Be sure to let them vent and help them quell any fears by being supportive. If they are nervous about the pain of getting hit, tell them to wear thick clothing or padding. AC Paintball also has rules and regulations in place to help ensure player’s safety.  You can also let them that they will get used to it.  Paintball may look dangerous, but it actually sees fewer injuries than other popular sports.

    If they are concerned about not being good their first time, let them know that many players make mistakes their first time. That is how you learn and get better. You can also give them some of your tips so they feel like they are ahead of the game. People tend to like doing things they are good at so if your tips make them play well, they may end up liking paintball more.

    Show Them Why You Think Paintball is Fun

    Think about why you like paintball so much. What aspects make it fun to you? Chances are if someone is your friend, you probably have similar tastes and interests. So if you show them what you like about playing at AC Paintball, they may learn to like it as well.

    paintball bacheloretteAlso, almost any experience is more fun when you are with someone who is enjoying themselves. Moods can be contagious, so if you smile and laugh, your good mood may rub off on them. Then they will associate that fun with playing paintball and want to play with you more often.

    Include Things They Like

    Think about your friend’s other interests and try to incorporate those interests into their first AC Paintball game. For example, if they are competitive, give them a challenge during the game. You can even add prizes or bets. If you have a little money to spare have the loser buy the winner dinner or ice cream after the game. If not, just play for titles such as MVP, Best Sniper, or something silly like a largest welt award.

    If they are stylish, let them design or choose a uniform to play in. If they like capture-the-flag or certain scenarios, try to work it into your game. Make up crazy rules to follow and personalize the AC Paintball game to their tastes.

    Bring Other Friends They Are Comfortable With

    One of the reasons you may be trying to get your friend involved is because you want someone familiar to play with. Likewise, adding other people your friend is familiar with will also help them feel more comfortable.

    Playing with people you don’t know can be intimidating for some, especially if they have to play against professional players. Try to play with others on your friend’s level. If you can’t find anyone else to join you and your friend, you can always make friends with other players and staff. The more friends you make, the more fun you can have playing at AC Paintball in Williamstown, New Jersey.

  • 7 Ways to Stay Cool on a Hot Day at AC Paintball

    refreshment-438399_960_720At AC Paintball in Williamstown, New Jersey a little heat doesn’t stop us from playing paintball. However, it is still important to take measures to cool down when the temperature hits 90 degrees and above. Doing so will help make sure you have the energy you need to play multiple games. There are a variety of ways to stay cool when it is hot as an oven outside and AC Paintball has compiled this list to help you do so.

    Stay Hydrated

    Your most important concern should be staying hydrated. During your AC Paintball game, your body will sweat a lot to try and cool you down. You need to continually replenish your body with water so that you don’t get dehydrated. This will also help you avoid cramps or feeling dizzy.

    It is a good idea to avoid caffeine and alcohol before playing out in the hot sun. If you want to help make sure your water stays cold bring a cooler or try freezing the water bottle ahead of time. Be careful not to overfill the water bottle if you choose the second option. Water expands when frozen and you don’t want to crack your water bottle.

    Eat Lighter Snacks

    Light foods will also help you keep hydrated. Some healthy options are fruits, vegetables, granola bars, and low-fat dairy. Unlike greasy and heavy foods, these foods will now weigh you down and make you feel sluggish. This will also help ensure you are energized and comfortable while you are running around AC Paintball’s fields.

    Wear Breathable Clothing

    Before driving to AC Paintball, you will definitely want to consider the weather and choose an appropriate outfit to wear. When it is hot, you will want to choose a fabric that can breathe like cotton or other athletic wear. You will also want to avoid black and dark colors as they attract more sun. Instead, wear bright and light colors.

    While you may want to wear short sleeves to help beat the heat, don’t forget to consider safety and your tolerance for getting hit with paintballs. If you are not used to playing paintball, longer sleeves and padding can help cushion the blow.

    Bring a Fan and Spray Bottle

    There is a reason why many amusement parks sell spray bottles with battery-powered fans. They are a great way to help you stay cool. Like your sweat, spraying water on your body helps to lower your body’s temperature. The fan helps circulate the air and provides a breeze to do the same. Even if you don’t have a spray bottle or battery-powered fan, simply fanning yourself with a piece of paper can help.

    Get a Cool Cloth

    paintball-1278899_960_720Many online sources and department stores sell cooling cloths that are hyper-absorbent and can help you stay cool. Before you come to AC Paintball, you can soak the cloth in water, roll it up, put it in its container, and store it in a cooler. Then when you need it you can take it out and hang it around your neck or lay it on your body. Within minutes you will cool down and be ready to go for another AC Paintball game.

    These cloths are typically affordable, but placing a wet towel, ice, or a cool drink on your neck can also work as an alternative.

    Come Out of the Sun Every Once In a While

    AC Paintball’s sessions are each 3-4 hours long. You can play quite a bit of paintball in that time. However, you don’t want to spend all four hours straight out in the blazing sun. You will want to come in and get out of the shade every once in a while to give yourself a break. If your games are short, you may want to take a break every two games. If your games are long, you may want to take a break after each game.

    Taking a break also provides a chance to snack, rehydrate, apply sunscreen and take care of any other needs.

    Choose an AC Paintball Morning Session

    Finally, you will want to take the time of day into consideration as well. The sun is usually the highest and hottest in the early afternoon. If you think too much heat will make playing difficult for you, you may want to choose AC Paintball’s morning session that runs from 9 am – 12 pm. This way you will be able to play while the sun is lower and finish before the sun gets too high. If you would like to schedule a morning session, you can do so here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • Best Strategies for Speedball

    new jersey speedball paintball fieldOne of the most popular games, if not the most popular game at AC Paintball is Speedball. We offer two speedball courses in southern New Jersey. The first is the Speedball Tournament Field which meets tournament standards, and various types of bunkers. The other is the Hyperball Field which is AC Paintball’s smallest field which makes for fast and intense games.

    Once you pick a field, you need to start strategizing. Every game is different depending on what field you choose, what game you choose, the layout of the field, and the players. You need to take all of these aspects into consideration when creating a plan. However, there are some basic strategies that apply to most speedball games. So, check out AC Paintball’s tips below!

    Make a Plan

    When you start making a plan, you will want to walk around AC Paintball’s field and pay attention to the layout of the bunkers. Figure out what each player will be in charge of and choose a path of bunkers each player can move to. Make a strategy for early in the game, mid game, and late game.  You may also want to create a backup plan.  This way you won’t run into each other or increase the chance of running into other issues.

    When everyone knows what they are in charge of and can follow a specific plan, you will increase your chances of winning the game. There is potential that you will need to make adjustments based on what your opponents do. As long as you communicate those changes, you can still be successful.

    Start Eliminating Early

    paintball-1282159_960_720AC Paintball’s speedball games move fast. You need to take action early in the game if you want to gain the upper hand against your opponents. To accomplish this, you will want to start eliminating as soon as possible. As soon as the game starts, try to catch your opponents off guard. Many of them may be focused on getting to their planned location.  However, if your team focuses on elimination instead, you may be able to decrease your opponent’s numbers. This can give you an advantage for the rest of the game.

    You may want to use your back players to focus on this task. That way the frontman and other players can focus on strategizing and moving up the field. This can also work as cover fire so your frontman can move safely up the field.

    Protect Important Players

    Since AC Paintball’s speedball fields are smaller, you have a better chance of getting hit. Therefore, you will want to watch your teammates back more often. If you have a specific player trying to pull off a risky move, make sure they have someone to follow them up the field as cover.

    Teamwork is an important part of paintball. If your team can work together and communicate, you will increase your chance of achieving victory. Your team’s ability to coordinate with each other can be the difference between winning and losing.


    Compared to most woodsball or scenario games, speedball involves more shooting. You will need to shoot often to both defend yourself and take out as many opponents as you can. Be sure you have enough supply of paintballs before starting a speedball game. If you join AC Paintball’s membership program you can save on every case of paintballs (2000 balls) you purchase.

    Another helpful shooting technique it to snap shoot from behind the bunkers. Stay behind your bunker and use it to take cover. When you notice a good chance to shoot, quickly poke your head out, aim, and fire. Then immediately take cover again. This will help you stay protected, but allow you to eliminate players.


    Not only will you want to shoot often, but you will want to move around often as well. If you stay in the same place for too long, you risk the chance of getting surrounded and eliminated. This is why it is important to plan a path ahead of time. Hop from bunker to bunker when you can do so safely.

    If you are ready to book a speedball game at AC Paintball, you can do so here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/. You can also check out our blog for more tips and helpful information: https://acpaintball.com/blog/.

  • AC Paintball Strategies for Rainy Days

    leaf-93163_960_720Even if you tell the rain to stay away on the day of your AC Paintball game, it doesn’t always listen. When this happens, you have to figure out how to adjust your game so you can help lead your team to victory. If you are fairly new to paintball, this task can seem overwhelming, especially if you haven’t mastered playing on a sunny day.

    Unless you have serious concerns, though, a little rain shouldn’t keep you from playing. By doing some research beforehand, the rain can actually help level the playing field for beginners playing against more experienced players. If you need some tips for adjusting your strategy for a rainy day in southern New Jersey, AC Paintball is here to help!

    Wear the Right Clothing

    Believe it or not, choosing the right clothes is part of strategizing. When you choose the right clothing and equipment, you can have an advantage over those who fail to plan. For rainy days you will want shoes that provide good traction. Sneakers are a popular choice. You may also want to wear something that will not soak up water, like a poncho or rain jacket. Check out the blog post below for more tips on preparing for a rainy day at AC Paintball.

    Planning for Playing Paintball in the Rain

    Move Slowly

    AC Paintball cares about our customers and their safety. With this in mind, you will want to take extra care when moving about the field. The ground gets slippery when wet, especially in spots with paint splatters. If you follow the clothing tips above, you should have a decent advantage over those who fail to prepare.

    Mobility is a key factor to success in paintball. If you can move around well, you can sneak up on opponents and dive behind bunkers more easily. Also, be aware that you may slide when diving behind a bunker. You don’t want to misjudge your momentum and get hurt or hit by an opponent. If you can learn to adjust to the terrain well, you will gain an advantage over many of the other players.

    Get Closer to Your Opponents

    When the rain gets on or inside your mask, it can be difficult to see. Getting water in your gun will also change how the paintballs leave your barrel and fly. Both of these factors will affect your ability to hit your target. The best way to ensure accuracy is to get closer to your opponent. This way you can see them better and the paintball will have less time to be affected by the elements. Also, be prepared for the rain to make a more intense, yet comical game.

    Stay Close to Your Team

    paintball-1449870_960_720Not only will you want to stay close to your opponents, but you will want to stay close to your team as well. On at sunny day at AC Paintball, some players prefer to spread out so they can cover more ground. However, when it rains, takes more time to get to your teammates if they need backup. Therefore, it is smart to stay close when it rains so you can keep an eye out for each other. Just don’t stand so close that you become an easier target for opponents.

    Use Bunkers More Often

    When it is a sunny day at AC Paintball, it is advantageous to move around more. If you don’t move around it is easier for opponents to take you out. However, in the rain moving around provides more chances to get hurt. While you don’t want to avoid moving at all, you may choose to move around less than usual. Be patient and let your opponents move towards you. When they come into view they will have to adjust their aim to hit you while you can adjust ahead of time and hit them first.

    Stay Confident

    Finally, stay confident. Many AC Paintball players do not care for rainy paintball because it is more difficult to move, see, and aim. The key is not to let the weather discourage you. If you let the rain be a problem, it will be. However, if you stay positive and welcome the challenge, you will find it much easier to succeed.

  • Woodsball vs. Speedball

    1024px-Skirmish_Exeter_Paintball01When you visit AC Paintball in southern New Jersey, there are many ways to customize your experience. There are five different fields, dozens of games, multiple party packages to choose from. You and your party will have plenty of choices to make.  One of those choices is between playing Woodsball or Speedball. Scenario paintball is another option, but is typically scripted and takes more planning.

    While Woodsball and Speedball work similarly, depending on what game you play, they also have many differences. The field, game dynamics, strategies, and equipment are all a bit altered. Below you will find some comparisons to help you choose which game you want to play while at AC Paintball.



    One of the first aspects you may notice is that AC Paintball’s Woodsball fields are larger than the Speedball fields. The Blue Thunder Woods Field is out largest field with two lines of military-style tents roughly 150 yards apart. The Black Ops Pentagon Woods Field also offers plenty of square footage and can accommodate large teams. The Red Dawn Woods Field is a bit simpler and smaller can be used for smaller groups that want to play Woodsball.

    AC Paintball’s Speedball fields are smaller. We have the Speedball Tournament Field which meets tournament standards. The Hyperball Field is our smallest, but also a fast field. It is the perfect choice for players who love action-packed games.


    Woodsball offers natural bunkers such as trees, brush, and bushes. AC Paintball also adds some additional bunkers to provide good places to hide. Speedball bunkers, on the other hand, are more artificial. This includes air bunkers, drop tanks, wooden spools, and more. In Woodsball the bunkers are typically more spread out while in Speedball they are closer together. Be sure to take this into account when planning a strategy.


    Team Size

    1024px-Scenario_paintballYour party size is one aspect you will want to take into consideration when choosing between Woodsball and Speedball. If you have a large team, you may want to choose Woodsball so you have more room to spread out. Small teams may be more interested in Speedball so the games do not take too long. While team size is definitely something to consider, you should team size should be a lower priority. AC Paintball will work to help accommodate your team on whichever field you choose.


    If you want a fast, action-packed game, go with Speedball. If you want a slightly slower, more strategic game, go with Woodsball. With a smaller field, Speedball games do not take very long. It is more difficult to hide and much easier to eliminate opponents. In a Woodsball game, players spread out more and hide which makes for a longer game.


    You will want to take your energy level into consideration. Would you rather have to move faster, but not far, or farther, but with a bit more time? In Speedball you need a quick reaction time to be able to jump from bunker to bunker without getting hit. Woodsball allows more time for you to move around as long as your opponents aren’t too close.



    The strategy is an important part of any AC Paintball game. The strategy your team uses can be the difference between winning and losing. Speedball’s strategies are typically a bit simpler. Unlike Woodsball, you don’t have to think as much about movement or hiding places. While you still should strategize, you are in such close quarters that there are fewer options.

    Level of Aggression

    Paintball_game_DVIDS158380With a faster game and closer quarters, Speedball can get pretty aggressive. If you are the type of person who loves competition, Speedball may be the right choice for you. Woodsball is a better choice for those who want things slightly more relaxed and laid back. Overall, being daring will serve you best for Speedball while being stealthy and thoughtful will help you more in an AC Paintball Woodsball game.


    Communication is a key to success. You need your team to be on the same page so your plan will work without any problems. Sometimes you need to change the strategy mid-game based on what your opponents do. In a Speedball game, it is easy to communicate with everyone because they are typically only a few yards away. On the other hand, conversing in Woodsball is difficult. You may not be able to yell because it may give away your position. If you choose Woodsball, be sure to have a backup plan or bring Walkie-Talkies.



    After you choose which type of game you want to play, you should take your equipment into account. You will want to pick a marker that will complement your skills and help you succeed in your AC Paintball game. For Woodsball, you will want to focus on choosing a gun that can fire long distances accurately. For Speedball, you will want to focus on rapid-fire speed so you can both defend yourself and take our many opponents.

    Choosing Your Game

    No matter which game you choose, you are sure to have fun playing with your friends and family at AC Paintball. If you still can’t choose, ask your party for preferences, talk to AC Paintball’s staff for help or check the availability of each field on the date you choose.  You can also come back twice and try both! You can schedule your AC Paintball game here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • 5 Ways to Relax Your Muscles after an AC Paintball Game

    paintball-1278895_960_720The aches and pains after a tough AC Paintball game can be satisfying. Most of the time it means you are getting stronger and building your endurance. It means you have played hard and should be proud of yourself. However, it can also make you feel stiff and if it lasts too long, it can make you miss out on other fun activities like more AC Paintball games. That is why it is important to take care of your muscles after any kind of exercise.

    Relaxing your muscles helps you feel better and helps improve your flexibility. There are a variety of ways to treat your muscles after a tough game. You will find just a few AC Paintball’s favorite ways below.


    AC Paintball has mentioned the importance of stretching in many other blog posts. That is because it is the simplest, effective way to keep your muscles healthy. You don’t need any special tools or other supplies to stretch. All you need is a bit of space to bend or twist your body until you feel a slight pull. Stretching offers a variety of benefits including:

    • Reducing pain and stress.
    • Increasing your range of motion and improving your performance.
    • Promoting muscle recovery and decreasing the risk of injury.
    • Increasing blood circulation as well as energy.
    • Improving posture and enhancing coordination.

    If you only choose to use one muscle relaxation method from AC Paintball’s list, it should be stretching.

    Massage and Meditation

    Getting a massage has many of the same benefits as stretching, except you do not have to do as much work. If your pain is bad or you want to ensure your muscles are worked in the right way, consider hiring a professional. However, you can just find a friend or family member who is willing to help. If all else fails, you can get some equipment and do it yourself. For instance, you can roll a tennis ball back and forth with your foot, or do the same with a larger ball on your back.

    Meditation can also be helpful while recovering from an AC Paintball game. If you can relax your mind, your body can focus on repairing your muscles.  Give yourself a chance to forget about life’s stresses, focus on your breathing, and just let yourself unwind.

    Go Swimming or Take a Hot Bath

    swimming-pool-2337949_960_720While swimming can count as exercise, it can also be therapeutic. Water changes the way you use your muscles. Your movements are less sudden and more fluid. When you elongate your body to make a stroke, you stretch your muscles out rather than push them together. If you stretch in the pool, the water will help you keep your balance for more difficult moves. The water can also help you relax your mind and boost your endorphins.

    If you don’t have access to a pool or can’t make it to one of New Jersey’s beaches, you can simply take a hot bath. The hot water will release tension and loosen up your muscles. It will also Increase blood circulation so your body can spread oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. You can also add some Epson salt or surround yourself with candles for some added aromatherapy.

    Heating Therapy

    Heat therapy works a lot like a bath. The heat helps dull the pain and reduce inflammation. There are a variety of methods you can use. You can get patches at a pharmacy or big box store. You can buy an electric heating pad or a massage pad that you place behind your back while sitting in a chair. Saunas or steam rooms can even be effective. Figure out which method works for you so you can be ready for your next AC Paintball game.

    Keep Up Healthy Habits

    If your body is too busy getting rid of a virus or dealing with more important health problems, it will take longer for your muscles to recover. That is why it is important to keep up healthy habits after a tough day at AC Paintball. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and stay hydrated. If you want, you can also take vitamins. Magnesium aids in muscle relaxation. Once you feel you have recovered enough, you can get your muscles back to normal with light cardio such as a walk or bike ride.

    With healthy habits, you are sure to perform well at your next AC Paintball game! Schedule your next session here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • 5 Ways to Get Energized for an AC Paintball Game

    girl-401179_960_720Energy is important for anything. We need the energy to accomplish daily tasks and make progress. If you want to win an AC Paintball game, you need energy. Most times, the game will go to whichever team has more drive and energy to accomplish their goals. It is smart to know what energizing techniques work for you. This way you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Below you will find some common techniques that players use to get pumped up for a game.

    Be Healthy

    Gaining energy begins with everyday tasks. You need to eat the right foods, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep. A few hours before your AC Paintball game you will want to stock up on carbohydrates. Some good sources include pasta, bananas, rice, potatoes, and cereal. You will also want to get an appropriate amount of protein and fat depending on your daily diet and nutritional guidelines.

    You will also want to stay hydrated. You can lose a lot of water through sweating on a hot summer day in Williamstown, New Jersey. You will want to drink water regularly to replace what you lose. Just don’t drink so much that you get sick. The night before your AC Paintball trip, you will want to be sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep to ensure you will be able to focus. You will also want to stretch to make sure you don’t pull a muscle while playing.

    Make an Energetic Playlist

    samsung-933156_960_720Music is a powerful tool that can change your mood in an instant. Have you ever felt gloomy, but the minute you begin listening to your favorite song you suddenly feel better? Just like making you feel happier, music can help energize you.

    Try making a playlist with some pump-up songs to listen to on your way to AC Paintball. Good pump-up songs have motivating lyrics, an upbeat tempo, and good base notes. The motivating lyrics will give you the inspiration to play better during the game. The upbeat tempo will help you set a pace to think about running around and think quickly. The base notes will make you feel powerful and brave.

    Meditate or Visualize

    If you have a busy life, daily stresses can take a toll on your mind and make you feel tired. Giving yourself some time to meditate the game can give you a chance to energize and focus. By visualizing the game beforehand, you can solve potential problems before you even encounter them. You can decide how you will react to certain events ahead of time so you don’t have to think as much later. It will also help you react faster. Many professional athletes use this technique to prepare for a big game.

    Give Yourself a Pep Talk

    It can also help to give yourself a pep talk. Telling yourself what you can do and what you are going to do can help build determination. If you want to succeed, you have to believe in yourself first. If you’re not sure what to say, take inspiration from your favorite sports movies like the Rocky Balboa Series, Miracle, etc. You can take your favorite lines or quotes and keep them in your head during the game. Use them as a mantra to keep you motivated when you get tired during your AC Paintball game.

    Get a Cool Uniform or Gear

    pintball-918086_960_720When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you play well. If you want to go all out for your AC Paintball game, buy a cool uniform or get some new gear. Just be sure to think about where you are playing, though. You don’t want to wear bright colors if you are planning to play woodsball.

    If you are going with a group, you can make shirts together to give your team a sense of unity. Being part of something bigger than yourself can also help energize and motivate you to do your best. With everyone energized and motivated, you are sure to reach victory!

    If you’re feeling motivated, why not schedule an AC Paintball game now! Just follow this link: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/.

  • Aspects to Consider When Buying a Paintball Marker

    Ego08Buying a new paintball gun is an important investment. It is the main tool you use during paintball to both defend yourself and eliminate opponents. With this in mind, you want to get one that does what you need it to do and compliments your play style.

    With hundreds of markers on the market, choosing the gun that will work best for you can get overwhelming. There are countless brands, models, and features to choose from. With this in mind, AC Paintball has devised this guide to help you think about various aspects you will want to consider when purchasing a gun.

    Where to Buy From?

    The first aspect you will want to consider is where to buy from. The last thing you want to do is get excited about a deal that is too good to be true and receive a marker that is not as good as you thought. A good way to avoid this buying from a sporting goods site you can trust. If you choose to look at markers on Amazon, Ebay, etc., be sure to carefully read through the reviews and use your best judgment.

    Overall, be sure to do research before deciding on a place to purchase your marker. If you need advice, talk to an experienced player or AC Paintball’s staff.

    Level of Commitment

    Another aspect you will want to consider is your level of commitment. If you plan on playing multiple times a week, you may want to invest in a better, more durable gun that will last you a long time. On the other hand, if you only play a few times a month, you may choose to use the rentals from AC Paintball instead. You will also want to consider becoming an AC Paintball member so you can save on paintball case purchases.


    A marker is not the only piece of equipment you will have to buy. You may also want to buy a mask, tanks, belt pods, add-ons, or padding. With this in mind, you will want to plan a budget. The marker should make up the majority of your budget, but you should leave some space to work with.

    USMC-06477The other aspects on this list should also help determine your budget. For instance, if you are a serious player, you may be willing to spend a bit more. Be sure to compare all the other aspects to determine if it is worth it to buy your own marker or if you should just rent your equipment from AC Paintball.


    Most of the time, if you want a good price, you have to sacrifice quality. Quality is not something you want to sacrifice. If you get stuck in an AC Paintball game with a malfunctioning gun, you won’t last much longer in the game. You will want a durable marker that you can depend on. One popular brand experienced players prefer is Tippman.

    What Facility You Play At

    Different facilities you may play at in southern New Jersey have different rules and regulations. You will want to check on their website or with their staff before buying your own gun. For instance, AC Paintball’s rule is that the marker cannot fire above 280 paintballs per second and cannot be fully automatic. This rule is in place for our player’s safety. One of our primary goals is to provide and safe and friendly place to play paintball.

    What Games You Like to Play

    The types of games you like to play at AC Paintball can also affect the type of gun you should use. For Woodsball you may want a marker that shoots longer distances accurately. Speedball requires a marker that can fire multiple shots quickly and accurately. If you decide to play a specific scenario game, you may want to pay closer attention to the aesthetics of your gun. Overall, you should think about your environment and what marker will help you succeed.


    Finally, you will want to think about what position you would like to play. You can be more successful if you think about what you need to accomplish in your position and what marker feature will help you reach your goals. For instance, a sniper may want a gun that can shoot long range. A frontman or runner will want a marker that is not too heavy. You can learn more about choosing the right equipment for your position with this AC Paintball blog: https://acpaintball.com/2016/07/18/paintball-equipment-guide-for-each-position/.

    With the right marker, you can be more successful and help lead your team to victory.

  • Tips for Recovering After a Day at AC Paintball

    While it is important to exercise to stay healthy, a proper recovery can be just as important. Recovery doesn’t end with your cool-down. You need to take care of both your mind and body for the next few days after your workout.

    AC Paintball’s packages include four hours of playtime. You and your friends can get quite a few games in. The longer and harder you play, the more you spend energy and work your muscles. Paintball can definitely take a lot out of you. With this in mind, you need to know how to take care of yourself after a long day at AC Paintball.

    Rehydrate and Refuel

    water-2105213_960_720The first step to recovering is to rehydrate and refuel. You lose a lot of water and energy during play, especially if it is a hot day at AC Paintball. Since our bodies are made of mostly water, it is important to replenish lost water and energy. Forgetting to refuel or rehydrate can cause you to feel weak or dizzy.

    You can check out AC Paintball’s, “What to Eat Before and After a Paintball Game” to learn more about what the best food and drink options are. You will want to focus on foods that have plenty of protein. Chocolate milk has douche the carbohydrates and protein of other drink options and is one of the best options to help you rehydrate after a game.  Be sure to bring some snacks to refuel between games as well.

    Light Activity

    If you really work your muscles, then just sit around all day, you will get stiff or get cramps. To avoid this, you should do some light activity during the next few days to keep your muscles loose. If you need to go to the store, walk there if it’s close enough. Go on a relaxing bike ride or play Frisbee on an Atlantic City beach.

    Take Care of Your Muscles

    Other than light activity, there are some other ways you need to care for your muscles. Stretching or getting a massage, can help you keep your flexible so you can still move around well for your next AC Paintball game.  Swimming in a pool, soaking in a hot tub, or taking a bath can also help you relax your muscles.

    Eating potassium-rich foods will also help. Potassium is part of every cell of your body and helps lower blood pressure.  Some good options include bananas, sweet potatoes, white beans, yogurt, broccoli, halibut, 100% orange juice, and cantaloupe.

    young-422332_960_720Reduce Stress

    If you are going to AC Paintball again or plan on exercising more a few days after your visit, it is important to recover quickly.  Stress can affect your ability to recover. Nerve-wracking activities can block your focus and use up the energy you need to recuperate.

    If you work yourself too hard too often, it can be difficult to fully recover. Then you may feel tired and stressed on a daily basis. This will affect your ability to work and focus on important tasks. If possible, you should try to avoid stressful activities. Instead, try to rest and relax.

    Get Good Sleep

    Sleep is necessary to recharge your body. When you sleep your body processes and stores information. It restores muscle tissues and completes a variety of other restorative processes. You should get 7-9 hours a night. Sacrificing too much sleep over multiple days can weaken your brain and body. You need your brain power for more games at AC Paintball.

    Once you feel rejuvenated you are ready to play another game at AC Paintball. You can schedule a game here: https://acpaintball.com/schedule-paintball-game/. Remember to stay healthy and have fun playing at AC Paintball in southern New Jersey!

  • Common Mistakes Beginners Make at AC Paintball

    “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” –Albert Einstein

    1024px-thumbnailEvery time you try something new, you are bound to make mistakes. This is how we learn. We try to approach challenges in different ways until we find out what works. Playing paintball is no exception. Many players make plenty of mistakes the first time they play at AC Paintball. However, if it is your first time, you can learn from previous player’s mistakes and improve your game before you even begin. Below you will find some common mistakes and AC Paintball’s tips on how to fix them.

    Not Listening to Rules and Directions

    When it is your first time playing paintball and you don’t fully know what you are doing, it is imperative to listen to directions. While AC Paintball’s staff explains how to use your marker and the rules of the field, you will want to pay close attention.

    You should always keep your mask on during play and be aware where your marker is pointed. These rules are in place for your safety. Our priority is to make sure your paintball experience is safe and fun. You can find more of AC Paintball’s rules here: https://acpaintball.com/ac-paintball-rules-and-regulations/.

    Not Planning

    The best way to avoid mistakes when you do anything is to research and plan ahead. You can save yourself a lot of headaches this way. When it comes to paintball, you will want to know your position and where you are going to go when the game starts. Walk around the AC Paintball field before the game to get an idea where everything is.

    You will also want to know what your team’s strategy will be and what your responsibilities are. Collaborating with your team ahead of time can pay off greatly during a game. When everyone knows what they are supposed to do, it is easier to accomplish your team’s goals. Then the whole team will have a greater chance at victory. Once you have a good strategy, it’s just a matter of following the plan and making a few adjustments here and there.

    Forgetting to Move

    It is easy for new players to find a good bunker for cover and just stay there for a long time. The bunker may keep you safe, but you won’t be able to contribute much. Eventually, an opponent may sneak around and eliminate you anyway. Most of the time, it is better to keep moving from place to place. This way your opponents can’t corner you and you can contribute more to the game.

    texture3Forgetting to be Offensive

    Just like staying in the same place, some new players forget to be offensive. You may think that peeking out from behind a bunker will cause opponents to start shooting at you. This may be true, but if you don’t look around, you won’t be able to find opponent’s to eliminate.

    It is important to remember to be offensive and shoot fairly often. Be a threat to the other team. Make them think carefully before they try to eliminate you. This can help give you an upper hand and be more productive during your AC Paintball game.

    Not Communicating

    Communication is important in any team sport. Your teammates need to know what you plan on doing so they can adjust accordingly. Talking to your team allows you to work together to reach your goals. The better you can work together, the better your chances will be at winning the game. Come up with a communication plan beforehand, or bring some Walkie-Talkies. This way you don’t have to yell the whole time and give away your position.

    Forgetting to Refuel and Rehydrate

    In the middle of all the fun, it can be easy to forget to replenish your energy and water. Playing paintball for four hours can take a lot out of you. Sweating will cause you to lose plenty of water and using your muscles will burn energy. After playing a game or two, it is important to take a break to snack and rehydrate. This will help you continue to play well when you’re playing your last few games at AC Paintball.