Tips to Avoid Getting Eliminated

texture3If you had to explain paintball in the simplest form possible, you would likely tell someone two rules: eliminate your opponents by hitting them with paintballs and don’t get hit yourself. While countless players will give you tips on how to aim and hit your opponents, it is also important to remember that avoiding getting hit is also a large part of the game. To help you avoid getting hit AC Paintball in southern New Jersey has compiled this list of helpful tips to help you avoid elimination.

Analyze How Important You Are In the Game

The first aspect you will want to think about is how important it is for you to stay in the game. If your team is low on players left or if you are playing a certain position, you will want to be more careful not to get hit. However, if your team has the upper hand, you may be more willing to sacrifice yourself by pulling off a risky move that will help lead your team to a win.

Be Stealthy When Moving

Probably the most obvious way to avoid getting hit is to be stealthy. If you draw too much attention toward yourself, you will become a target for one or more of your opponents. When you move, try to make as little noise as possible. This can be difficult when playing on one of AC Paintball’s wooded fields. Unless you know someone will spot you, walk slowly and walk heel-to-toe. Walking sideways may also be helpful. Plan your path out ahead of time and chose dirt or grass paths over areas with leaves, twigs, and other foliage.

Keep Moving

Not only will you want to be stealthy while moving, but you will want to keep moving. If you choose to stay in the same spot for too long, there is a chance that your opponents will be able to surround you or corner you. Then you will have nowhere to go and it will be more difficult to avoid elimination.

Staying in motion is also helpful when you know someone is trying to eliminate you. It is more difficult to hit a moving target than it is to hit a still target. Try to be unpredictable with your movement and you may just avoid getting eliminated from your AC Paintball game.

Use the Bunkers

hiddenshotAs you continue to move, it is a good strategy to choose a path and hop from bunker to bunker. At AC Paintball the positions of the bunkers are carefully thought out for players to use strategically. If you study the field before the game, you may notice a good path you can take during the game and use it to your advantage. To learn how to use each type of bunker to your advantage, check out this AC Paintball blog:

Wear Camouflage

Another way to be stealthy is to camouflage yourself, especially when playing on one of AC Paintball wooded fields. Bright colors will stick out against your surroundings and make it easier for your opponents to spot you when you are trying to hide. Pay attention to your equipment as well, if your outfit is camouflage, but your mask, marker or sneakers are bright, they may still give you away. If you can’t find camouflage equipment, choose black or another dark color.  

Be Quick and Eliminate Opponents Before They Eliminate You

Another way to ensure you stay in the game is by eliminating your opponents before they shoot you. While it is good to try to hide and avoid getting hit, if you don’t be aggressive at all, you won’t make any progress. Without you seeking out your opponents to eliminate them as well, it just becomes a more intense version of hide-and-seek.

Awareness of your surroundings is an important aspect in paintball. You need to be able to anticipate your opponent’s in the area so you can be ready to shoot them before they get you. When you have free time, practice your reaction time and awareness so you can do well during your next AC Paintball game.

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