7 Reasons to Choose AC Paintball

summer paintball bachelor partyIf you are looking for something fun to do in southern New Jersey, there are many places and a variety of activities to choose from. You can relax on a variety of beaches or you can turn up the thrill and try paintball. While there are some other different paintball facilities in the area to choose from, there are a variety of reasons to choose AC Paintball.

Safe and Friendly Paintball

One of AC Paintball’s main goals is to provide a safe and friendly place for you and your friends or family to play paintball. We have a friendly staff that monitors our fields and host parties. Our referees are well-trained to make sure the game stays fair and everyone follows the rules. Check out our blog for extra safety tips, or contact us if you have any other concerns.

Quality Rental Equipment

AC Paintball also offers quality rental equipment. We inspect and clean our equipment before every outing. This helps us ensure that each piece meets our regulations and will work properly for you. We offer two marker models for rent, Tippmann Custom 98 and the Valken V-Tac SW-1 as well as other modern protective equipment. If you ever notice an issue with any of our equipment, alert a member of our staff and we will help you take care of it.

Different Fields to Choose From

Not every paintball game is the same, so why use the same field for every game? If speedball is your thing, play on our Speedball Tournament Field that meets tournament standards. If you want more room to spread out try one of our three wooded fields, the Black Ops Pentagon Woods Field, the Blue Thunder Woods field, or the Red Dawn Field. For speed lovers, we suggest the Hyperball field. At AC Paintball you can choose from a variety of games and a variety of fields.

Group and Party Packages

children-2142646_960_720Whether you are hosting a bachelor party, birthday party, or corporate outing, AC Paintball can accommodate you. Paintball is a great way to bring a team together as well as release pent up stress. We offer either morning and afternoon sessions or all day flex-passes. You can keep your party private or allow walk-ons to join your game. We also offer an added value group discount where the celebrant or one party organizer plays for free.

Military and Member Discounts

Did you know that the military often uses paintball to train their personnel? AC Paintball provides discounts to military members. Active police officers, emergency first responders, active military personnel, and reserve military personnel can receive 50% of field admission by presenting the proper ID. AC Paintball Club members can save 10% on field admission purchases and receive a discount on cases of paintballs.


If you are planning on exploring New Jersey, you will want to choose a paintball location that is near other sites and attractions. AC Paintball is located on near the intersection of Jackson Road and 12th Street in Williamstown, New Jersey. Atlantic City is about a half hour’s drive from our location. There are also plenty of other restaurants, attractions, and other entertainment around as well.

Visit Our Emu Farm!

If you have someone in your family or group that isn’t interested in paintball, they can hang out and watch out emus. Before Attorney Bill Hayes opened AC Paintball he developed an Emu farm on site. With extra land, Bill decided to add paintball courses to the site. Don’t worry, though, we keep our emus away from the paintball fields in a special area.

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