AC Paintball Tips for a Center Flag Game

paintball-2220450_960_720If you are getting tired of playing normal capture-the-flag at AC Paintball, why not try a different flag game. Center flag is a separate version of capture-the-flag that that puts a twist on a classic game and ups the ante. In a center flag game, there is only one flag that separate teams compete for. You can play center flag push and try to get the flag onto the other team’s home base, or you can just try to bring it back to your home base.

Whichever version you decide to play, a center flag game is a great way to start your AC Paintball session. You can get your blood pumping and get in the right mindset for four hours of paintball in southern New Jersey.

Put the Fasted Runners In Charge of the Flag

The first step to a successful center flag game is planning strategies and positions. Since the goal of the game is to be the first to get the flag, you should focus on the runners first. Figure out who the fastest runners on the team are and put them in charge of the flag. If you can’t figure out verbally who is the fastest, have a small race before you start. Your runner should be daring and willing to take risks as well. If no one on your team is willing to take a chance and run into a heavy fire zone, you likely won’t win the game.

If you are the runner, you can’t waste any time. When AC Paintball’s referee starts the game, get as close to the flag as you can. In center flag possession is key. The team that typically wins is the team who gets to the flag first. After you nab the flag, be ready to become a target. If by chance, no one notices you grab the flag, try to keep it hidden.

Be Sure To Give Runners Plenty of Back-Up

A runner won’t make it very far without backup. You should assign a majority of your team as middlemen so they can help protect the flag holder. People who like to shoot a lot are excellent for this position. Shooting often will help keep your opponents away so your runner can make it to the base. If you are playing center flag push, you will want to get a good amount of your players in the opponent’s zone. Otherwise, you will want to keep a majority in your home zone.

Use Best Shooters as Snipers

hiddenshotFinally, you will want to use your best shooters as snipers. The sniper should keep hidden and silent for most of the game. They are in charge of taking out important opponents, such as a runner with a flag. You don’t want to shoot at every opponent that comes your way; focus on key opponents. If an opponent doesn’t notice you, you can be the last defense to keep the opponents from winning.


Since two or more teams are fighting for one flag, your AC Paintball center flag game will be more intense than a capture-the-flag game. There is typically a lot more interaction with the other team. You have to move fast but watch your step. Use the bunkers often to keep yourself safe, but don’t stay at the same place for too long.

Traveling in groups of two or three works best as it provides backup, but doesn’t make your group a huge target.  You need to make fast decisions and be very aware. Be sure to bring plenty of ammo to protect yourself, your team, and to eliminate opponents. If you need more ammo, you can purchase more at our facility. If you sign up for an AC Paintball membership, you can save on paintball case purchases.

Be Tricky and Create Distractions

Another way to win your AC Paintball game is to get a little bit tricky. Try to confuse your opponent by passing the flag between teammates and not letting them know who has it. Have some teammates yell confusing messages such as “I got the flag” every once in a while. This can lead your opponents on the wrong track you the real flag holder and move more freely. If you keep your opponents guessing, you can better your chances of winning the game.

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