Tips for Being a Middleman

paintball-1282159_960_720In paintball, there are many different positions and each player has their own specific role. Middleman is one of the most exciting positions to play. There is almost always something to do and you see a lot of action.

Middleman is an important role and there are many responsibilities you need to take care of. To help you be the best middleman you can be, AC Paintball has compiled this list of helpful tips to help you fulfill your role.

Be Alert

Every player on the AC Paintball field needs to be alert, but the middleman has to be ready for anything. The middle of the field is typically where teams will meet and begin to fire at each other. Be on the lookout for your opponents at all times and be ready to aim and fire quickly.

Play Both Offense and Defense

Middlemen are responsible for both providing cover fire for the frontmen and taking out opponents. When on the AC Paintball field, try to stay fairly close to the frontmen so you can get to them quickly if they need protection. Also, be ready to be aggressive and take out your opponents if you notice one nearby.

Be Flexible

Not only should you play both offense and defense as a middleman, but you should also be ready to take over other team members positions. If another important team member gets eliminated, someone will have to step up and fulfill their responsibilities.

At times you may have to take care of both your responsibilities as a middleman and the responsibilities of whichever position has been eliminated. This is why it is important to know the roles of your teammates are assigned as well as your own. When planning for your AC Paintball game, your team should also determine who is responsible for taking over each teammates responsibilities in case someone is eliminated.

Bonus Tip: Choosing a Middleman

When choosing who will be a middleman for your AC Paintball game, try to choose players who are evenly skilled in many areas of paintball. This will make it easier for your team to adapt and transition as players are eliminated.

Get Creative

paintball-1139966_960_720If you want to give your team the upper hand, you’ll have to get creative. It is easy to just focus on shooting and defending yourself, but if you add a level of strategy to your AC Paintball game, you can make things more interesting. Try to think outside the box. Some things you can do include creating ambushed, forming traps, and performing diversions.

Pay Attention to Communication

Another important role of middlemen is communication. You are between the frontmen and the backmen and are responsible for getting messages from one side to the other. When one side is giving you a message, be sure to listen carefully and ask your teammate to repeat themselves if you need. When telling the message to another teammate, make sure you are loud (if possible), clear, and concise. It may also help to repeat yourself to help ensure your teammate understands.

Choose a Balanced Gun

Every position should choose a gun with features that complement the role they need to play. For instance, a sniper should have a marker that can shoot far and a frontman should choose a light gun that is easy to run with. For a middleman, a well-balanced gun would be one of the best choices. If any features stand out, a gun that can shoot rapidly would be useful when trying to defend frontmen as well as eliminate opponents.


The best way to improve your skills is to practice. AC Paintball in southern New Jersey offers five different paintball fields for you to practice your middleman skills on. If you would like to schedule a game, you can do so here:

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