Important Aspects That Affect the Outcome of a Paintball Game

concept-1868728_960_720Everyone wants to win their AC Paintball game, but there are many elements that can affect your ability to do so. Each game will turn out differently. This is what makes paintball so interesting.

While every little detail may affect your AC Paintball game in some way, some elements of the game will have more of an effect than others. By focusing on the larger aspects first, you can greatly improve your team’s chances at achieving victory. To help you think about what details you want to focus on, AC Paintball in southern New Jersey has compiled this list of some of the most important aspects to think about.


The first step to success for almost anything is forming a well thought out plan. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will likely end up standing or wandering around while your opponents are busy eliminating you and the rest of your team. AC Paintball has a blog full of strategy tips and tricks that you can visit here: These blogs will help you organize your team and form a winning strategy.

Combine Skill Levels

Every paintball player on your team will have different skills. You may have professionals and beginners and then every experience level in between. If you bring a large group to AC Paintball, you will want to try and divide the skill levels evenly across your teams to keep the game fun and fair.

While a single good player will make a difference during your AC Paintball game, a team is typically only as good as the team’s combined skill level. This is why it is important to support your teammates and help them improve their skills as well. If you notice a team member that could use some tips, help them out in a friendly and sportsmanlike manner.  


Paintball is a sport where you need information to be successful. The better your team can communicate and stay on the same page, the better you will do.

Some of AC Paintball’s fields are large. Therefore, communicating can get tricky. Before your game, make sure all of your teammates know the plan and how your team plans for communicating. Make sure they know what various code words and hand signals mean. You may also find it helpful to use Walkie-Talkies.


Ego08One of the most important choices you will make before your AC Paintball game even starts is what equipment you are going to use. If you have a low-quality marker or goggles, you may struggle to defend yourself and eliminate opponents.

AC Paintball offers two quality guns to rent. These are the Tippmann 98 Custom and the Valken V-Tac SW-1 Marker. These are reliable guns that are fairly even with features. To choose the right equipment, think about what you have to do during the game and what equipment features will help you accomplish your goals. You can check out AC Paintball’s blog for more tips.

Team’s Ability to Adapt

As stated before, every AC Paintball game is different. Over time, you will face different opponents, play different positions, and experience different elements. You might be surprised at how much the weather can affect your game. When the game changes for any reason, you need to be able to adapt and change your strategy. You need to constantly stay on your toes and be ready to think of plans to tackle new challenges. If your team can master this skill, you will become a more difficult team to beat.

The Drive To Win

Even if you have a great strategy and everything else listed above, you need the drive to win. If you want something bad enough, typically you will be able to find a way to get it. If your team seems to be lacking drive, but you still want to win, find a way to inspire them. You could promise to buy ice cream if you win, play some pump up songs, or just give a great speech. When you inspire people, they will play better and have more success.

If this blog has inspired you to test or improve your paintball skills, why not schedule a game? You can do so here:

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