Paintball Advice for Newbies

paintball birthdayYour first paintball game is likely to be an exciting and fun experience. Whether you’re hitting the field for a work event, bachelor party, celebration, or just want to give it a try, you are in for a great time. Often new players ask us for helpful information or insider tips before their first game. While you can probably learn a lot more simply from experience on the field, here are a few key pieces of information every newbie should know:

1. Don’t Be Fearful of the Paintball

Never be afraid of the paintball. Getting shot for the first time is more shocking than painful. It hurts a lot less than expected, especially when wearing layers and pads. Remember that distance is a key factor as well and many shots are fired from far away. After the initial sting, adrenaline and excitement from the game will take over and you won’t even notice (if you are very worried about it, you can check out this blog for more details and advice: “Does it Hurt to Get Hit with a Paintball?

It’s important to not let fear of the paintball keep you hidden in one spot the entire game. You will be very bored and probably still get hit regardless. Take a chance and make a move! Even if you get shot, you will have a lot more fun while doing so.

2. Never Remove Goggles While on the Field

I’ve got to get real for a second and give you some very important safety advice: Never remove your mask until you are in the safety zone. After the game, wait until all barrel plugs are in place. Getting shot in the face at a close range can be very painful and potentially dangerous. This is the number one cause of all paintball injuries. Do not ignore this advice and risk serious injury.

3. Don’t Call Yourself “Out” Before You’re Sure

Sometimes the paintball that hits you will bounce. The good news: you aren’t out unless it breaks and you have noticeable paint stain (generally the size of a quarter at most fields). If you feel yourself get hit, look to make sure the paintball actually broke before you call yourself out. Call over a referee for a paint check if you are unsure or can’t see the spot that it hit you. However, if you are covered in paint because a paintball broke near you (but not on you) you are still considered in the game at most fields.

sideshot4. Remember the Objective of Each Game

Pay attention to the rules and objective of the game because these can differ by type. Generally, woodsball is played capture the flag style and you’ll need to defend or rescue a flag while shooting other with paint and avoiding the shot yourself. This is probably the style you will play during your first game. However, there are many other game variations and special rules that may be played. Just make sure to follow along and remember the objective of the specific game.

5. Make Sure to Have Fun

Always remember to have fun! That is the primary reason everyone showed up to the field. Sure, paintball is competitive and you want to win, but don’t get so caught up in the strategy that forget to have fun. Don’t be so focused on your fears or anxiety of getting hit that you forget why you came. Also, if you are worried about looking like a newbie, don’t sweat it. Everyone is a newbie at some point! Take risks during your first game and you will learn, gain experience, and won’t be a newbie next time around.

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